Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sitting During the National Anthem: My Take


Ok, I had to weigh in on this Colin Kaepernick story, not because every other blogger on the planet has. It just became personal. And, obviously your first reaction would be to assume that I am going to post about the flag waving U-S-A patriotism. You'd be wrong. But while I do agree that you should stand and show respect during the song, this post isn't necessarily about patriotism.

Before I get to how this became personal, I just want to say that any multi millionaire who is bitching about oppression needs his head examined. He says black people are being oppressed, cops suck, black lives matter, etc. But, I guarantee he voted for 0bama twice, and plans on voting for Killary. Two of the most corrupt pieces of crap to ever be voted into office. Two of the people who champion policies that have done more harm to the black community than any slave owner could have ever done. Two people who want to disarm law abiding citizens and rob them of their GOD GIVEN rights to protect themselves, while the places that have the toughest gun laws also have the highest murder rates. (Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, etc) Kaepernick is so stupid that he doesn't even realize that the overwhelming majority of black people who are murdered are killed BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.  

The people these idiots are protesting gave up a lot more for a hell of a lot less than these spoiled brats.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's move on. Linebacker, Brandon Marshall of Denver sat out the National Anthem, and he got hurt during the first quarter of their first game. He also lost a major sponsor because of it. There was also a rookie in Philadelphia that was planning on doing it, but realized he could have been killing his career before it even got started. Not to mention the fact that Kaepernick lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert of all people. In a classy move by the NY Giants, during a preseason game, they all stood side by side at the sideline during the anthem. 

Thank you, Giants
Now, here is my take on the whole situation: This is all for attention and nothing else. It takes the focus off of the team as a whole, and makes it all about themselves. Can any non 49er fan tell me one single preseason move that the team made? (other than benching that worthless Kap...) I can't. And, the reason is because all the sports media talked about was what Kap was doing. He should have gotten cut from the team.

Now before you go off telling me that its his right to do this because its America, let me stop you right there. No, he does NOT. He has the right to do his job. He is NOT paid to be a political activist. If he wants to be an activist, why doesn't he do it on his OWN time? You know, on social media, or even  by organizing a rally. They won't. Its much easier to just sit down, and not say anything. He, and any other player who does this are not doing their job. They are doing this to piss off the fans (customers) and you know damn well that if you or I went on political rants at our jobs in front of customers, we would be fired, and rightfully so. Why should these spoiled brats be any different?

So, how did this become personal? There are rumors that the Miami Dolphins, the team that I've put 30+ years into, suffering through mediocrity and failure, is planning a protest today. If they do this, they will lose not just me, but MANY fans. Stephen Ross and Adam Gase could put a stop to this. They had better. So, what will I do then? Its simple. My #2 team, the Carolina Panthers will become my #1, and the Dolphins will be down there with the Jets and Patriots. The Panther's owner, Jerry Richardson would not allow this to happen. Neither would coach, Ron Rivera or Cam Newton.

I've always been one of the biggest subscribers to the philosophy that once you pick a team, you stick with them no matter what, but this isn't about the team. Its about respect, and the lack thereof that these jerks have for their fans.


EDIT: Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins, Kenny Stills, and Michael Thomas all took a knee. It wasn't the entire team. I'm going to stay with them, but it makes it hard to deal with.
Its up to you, Phins.

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