Sunday, September 11, 2016

Geezer Blasts Doors Off Nursing Home With Volume II

They got me
Feelin Freakie! 

Following the 2015 release of  Geezer's self titled first album, the retired rockers from Miami stormed back with the follow up. I'm told that much planning, debate, and consideration went into the naming of the band's sophomore effort. The name they decided on was Volume II. What wisdom. An elegant name that reminds of how great life was before the internet, and when we had to replace a set of encyclopedias every couple years. We could all learn a lesson from them. 

Volume II picks up where the self titled album left off, and chronicles the band's growth as musicians and song writers. The first track, Feelin Freakie is a punk anthem that would make The Ramones proud. They also do a superior version of the Katy Perry hit, I Kissed a Girl. Perry, in a 'hot mic' moment was heard considering hanging music up after hearing Geezer's version of her song. Other incredible covers are She's The One by The Ramones, and We Are The Road Crew, an amazing tribute to the late great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, who Harvey once babysat. We also get to hear Leonard Geezer on vocals in Boom Chicka Pop. He rules the mic. Smile Sara Smile is a driving groovy tune, and when I hear it, I know everything is okay.

Everybody loves Geezer

Guitarist, Leonard Geezer is emerging as a guitar icon. Bassist, Calvin Sizemore has been taking lessons from Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, who he considers a cool kid. It shows in his budding ability. And, of course, singer, Harvey Geezer, the enigmatic frontman is is crunk as ever. Unfortunately, drummer Victor Farnsworth has passed away. The official story was that he was chasing a bunch of teenagers who were searching for Pokemon Go off his lawn, and he fell into traffic. That is true, but he wasn't trying to chase them away. He was trying to give them Geezer CDs! The band is currently seeking a replacement, but they aren't letting this slow them down. They aren't a Sad Banana about it, and are still playing shows with guest drummers until a suitable replacement can be found. 

This is one of the best sophomore releases that I've ever heard from a band. If you want a bunch of high energy tunes that will make you feel good and freakie, than Volume II by Geezer is for you, and get their CDs and awesome merchandise! Find them on tour, and on social media:

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