Saturday, July 2, 2016

Album Review: Thrillkiller, Showdown

Its a Showdown 
In the Prime time! 

Rob Bradley is a freaking ROCK STAR! Rob, the singer of Thrillkiller has one of the best voices I've heard, and the musical arrangement on the band's first full length album are nothing short of mind boggling. Thrillkiller is a blend of rock, metal, jass, funk, fusion, and pop. A perfect blend, combined with the musicianship of the top maestros. 

The band released a 4 song EP featuring 4 of the tunes on this album, as a teaser. I reviewed it at the time, and the accolades I gave the band in that review still apply, just moreso. This band is one that will appeal to musicians and non musicians alike. Translation: RADIO! Somebody sign these guys!

The album starts off with my favorite song by them, Passion Killer. A hard driving groove with a chorus that will stick in your head. In fact several of the songs have that, like In Too Deep, The Fever, and Time. Another thing that record companies look for. Once again, Somebody sign these guys! This is a band that I won't get sick of, and its a band that once signed, some snotty producer won't be able to change the vision that the band has in order to make it more 'commercial.' Meaning, Thrillkiller is perfect as is, and radio ready.

Showing the band's incredible diversity, track 6, A Reason starts off almost like a boy band harmony song, but with real music behind it. It then builds into a slow driving jam, with stunning vocal harmony, and mind blowing guitar by Maxim Sobchenko. But you can honestly say that about EVERY song. Want to hear a song that sounds like a mix of vintage Iron Maiden, Rush? Track 10, Social Disease. Bass player, Sebastian Ochoa puts on a performance worthy of Geddy Lee and Steve Harris, with the flare of Billy Sheehan, and drummer, Matt Bittman is there lock step with him. Boma Jack joined the band as the drummer after the album was recorded. Speaking of Geddy Lee, Rob Bradley's vocals reach the stratosphere in a vintage Geddy vibe. This song will melt your brain. 

Boma Jack, Rob Bradley, Sebastian Ochoa, Maxim Sobchenko

Thrillkiller has their own style, resembling no other. They come from an area known for producing incredible prog metal bands, and they have set the bar extremely high. But, we the fans are better for it. Hopefully, Thrillkiller gets signed, makes it big, and has multi platinum albums, with sold out stadium tours. Maybe that would reignite the fire in musicians to be the absolute best they can be, and for that to reflect in their music. 

You will like this album. Buy it! Here's how:


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