Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Take on Voting For Donald Trump

It really isn't that
hard to figure out.

I don't do a lot of political posts because I don't see how I could possibly say anything that hasn't already been said. But, whether what I am about to say has been said already or not, I feel it needs to be said in my words. At least, I'll be able to post a link on Facebook rather than getting into an endless game of back and forth.

All the people who are out there saying they will never vote for Donald Trump because they are mad because their guy didn't get the nomination are nothing short of suicidal.  Its mostly the so called conservative right wingers who are saying this. The same people who out of principle didn't vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. You know, the people who enabled Barack Hussein 0bama to be elected a second time. Thanks, guys!

I am a Tea Party conservative myself, and I voted for Ted Cruz in Florida's primary. But, let's face it...People are sick and tired of politicians. The Republicans ran on defeating 0bama's policies, and were elected in landslides that gave them control of both the house and senate. And instead of DOING what they PROMISED to do, they bent over, and let 0bama ram whatever monstrosity he dreamed up in that wannabe dictator brain of his right up our collective asses, with no lubrication, no dinner, no kiss, no nothing. So, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and any other conservative candidate who likely would have made a good president were swept (unfairly) away and lumped in with all the other lying politicians who only care about their power and paychecks once another option presented itself. Enter Donald Trump. 

Like it or not, Trump's success is the result of the frustration and anger of the US citizens.  He is someone who is not a 'business as usual' politician. He will not be able to be bought like every other Washington DC office occupier. Say what you want to about him, but he is the nominee. He has more votes than any other Republican in decades...and he accomplished this with 16 other candidates collecting votes as well. This was not the result of collusion, dirty deals, or any other shady political tactic. This was simply the will of the people.  

Now, I get it. He isn't a conservative. You have your principles But, now is NOT the time to stay home and have your principles like you did in 2008 and 2012. Granted, McCain was a poor candidate, but he got the nomination due to dirty deals! But Romney losing the election to 0bama was the result of millions of Republicans who stayed home. You standing up for your principles got us another 4 years of 0bama, and they will get us 4 to 8 years of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. MY principles will not let me sit out, or vote for some third party candidate. That will guarantee another communist liberal wannabe dictator becomes president, and will also result in the House and Senate being lost to them as well. You know what else? The Supreme Court will be lost forever because there will likely be at least 4 justices retiring or dying over the next 4 to 8 years. Let's take a look at what will be made the law of the land if that happens:

  • The second amendment will be repealed.
  • So will the first, as it us heavily under assault now.
  • We will be taxed into oblivion, and the cost of everything will go through the roof.
  • Fringe minority agendas will be imposed on everyone (Like trans gender men using the ladies room) and any opposition to it will be deemed 'hate speech'
  • 0bamacare will not be repealed. It will be be expanded.
  • Illegals will continue to flood into the country
And, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Look at what is happening in Venezuela right now...That country was a wealthy nation not even 20 years ago. A socialist tyrannical government came in, and now, people are starving in the streets. THAT is what the liberals have in mind when they say they want to "fundamentally change" the United States. Sorry, but that's not a country that I want to live in. I'm already a criminal because I can't afford health insurance.

The fact of the matter is, you don't know what kind of president Donald Trump will be. He might be a dud, or he might turn out to be a great president. I think one thing that signals that he may be a great president is the fact that BOTH the liberals AND the Republican establishment hate him. One thing is certain...We DO know what to expect from Hillary or Bernie. Hillary has even said she is going to continue the policies of 0bama if elected. We've seen their vision over the last 7.5 years, and I've had enough of that bullshit. I think you have too. So, unless you would be okay with 4-8 more years of this super destructive regime, I suggest you support the Republican nominee. And, if Hillary (who is FAR more corrupt than 0bama) wins due to you principled angels staying home, you will have NO right to complain about the further destruction of this country. Because YOU will have enabled it. Support the nominee. Support Donald Trump!
....You know, speaking of the bathroom issue, I thought liberals were all for a woman's right to privacy. Guess not. 


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