Thursday, May 5, 2016

17 Year Old Blues Guitar Wizard, Jimmy Bez

 "In fact, if guitarist Jimmy Bezreh sticks
 with it, he could have the title 'Guitar God' 
attached to him by the time he is 25."
...Prophetic words from Yours Truly

....And, he is doing just that.

In early 2014, I reviewed a great band from Boston called 21st Century Fugitives. At the time, the oldest member was 17, I believe. Maybe younger. I was very impressed by them as a whole, but I was particularly blown away by guitarist, Jimmy Bezreh, who was 14 or 15 years old at the time. His skill on their album was better than many guitarists twice his age. The band is still together, and playing shows, but Jimmy Bez has branched out on his own, leading an incredible blues band, called simply 'The Jimmy Bez Blues Band.' 

Jimmy has stunned audiences in Boston with his incredible talent. His stage presence, ability, and even his lead vocal ability would make you swear that he was a grandson of one of the Allman Brothers. Except, his brand of blues is a little bit different. There is a guitar shredder in his soul as well. Listening to the lead guitar riffs and solos on his EP, Lies of a Sinner, you'd also swear that maybe he took lessons from Paul Gilbert. 'Shred' is an appropriate term to use for his brand of soloing. Its a very unique blend of the blues, combined with virtuoso. 

This pic reminds me of something cool. Not sure what though.

He started winning awards at age 12, and has been gaining recognition and respect ever since. He's been played on the radio, and gotten rave reviews from everyone who hears him play. In fact earlier this year, he was chosen to represent all of Boston in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, where he tore it up!

This isn't your stereotypical blues music where the band plays the same overused blues lick over and over again. I'm not much of a blues fan, and I would never go see that. However, I would go see different sounding songs with a genuine axe slinger and skilled song writer. Jimmy Bez is both. I'd go see his show in a heartbeat. I've listened to his EP at least 10 times so far, and will likely keep jamming it.
The first song on the EP, Don't Let Me Die in Vain starts off with a slow blues jam, then punches into a powerful lick. His scratchy voice comes in, and you honestly wonder how this one young man managed to get so much gift crammed into his soul. This 5 song EP consists of 4 original songs that he wrote all the parts and lyrics to, and an amazing cover of Have You Ever Loved A Woman. Track 2, I Don't Belong is more upbeat, and catchy. He doesn't belong in empty bars playing for free. He belongs in a packed house! Track 3, Keep Me Back is a little on the funky side. Keeping him back would be a crime. Ok, I'm done with my lame word play, I promise. Track 4 is the title track. Lies of a Sinner. Its more of a heavy groove. Of course, it would be a bit redundant to say that the guitar is incredible. The whole EP is full of WOW.

Making that Les Paul Scream!

I can't stress enough how much I want Jimmy Bez to hit it big. Like I said in my review of his other band, he is light years ahead of where I was as a guitarist at 17 years old. Hell, he's probably better than I am now at 42! So, if you get a chance, go see the Jimmy Bez Blues Band in concert. And, purchase their EP when it comes available.

Genuine prodigies don't come around very often. Catch Jimmy Bez while he still is one!

Soundcloud (Previw the EP)
Jimmy Bez Blues Band's Website

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