Saturday, April 2, 2016

Double D BBQ: Best Pulled Pork I've Ever Had.

Best pulled pork I've 
ever had. Period!

And, that's saying a lot. I don't usually do this on my blog. I don't endorse local businesses mainly because the majority of my readers are nowhere near Florida. That being said, I am making an exception for Double D BBQ in Rockledge, Florida. Why? Just read, dammit!

I come from a BBQ family. My dad was the greatest BBQ cook on the planet. He worked at Fat Boy's in Merritt Island for years, and he helped open the BBQ restaurant in Indian Harbor Beach on the left side of the causeway if you're heading east, next to the Circle K. 

I grew up eating sliced pork that was cooked for hours, then basted and cooked even longer. I know the process, and I've cooked it that way on my own for years. My brother, Paul also knows this style of BBQ. My perfect BBQ plate is sliced pork, with baked beans, cole slaw, a potato of some sort, and garlic bread. That's FLORIDA BBQ! My uncle Bob is an award winning BBQ cook. His way of cooking BBQ is similar, but comes out much different. BOTH are awesome.

But, I left Florida in 2000, and moved back in 2015. During the time I was gone, I was exposed to pulled pork BBQ. I liked it, but it wasn't the same. Nothing is like sliced BBQ pork that's pink in the middle, dipped in BBQ sauce. Nothing will ever top that for me, but I have had some great pulled pork in restaurants in the Carolinas. The Smoke House on Hilton Head Island, SC for example. That was the best pulled pork I'd ever had...until today.

Today, I was driving home after a very long day at work. I wanted some BBQ. I was STARVING! I did NOT want some of the same BBQ that I've had from chains, or even the restaurant my dad helped open. I wanted something different. I was actually looking for one of the roadside stand BBQ places. I couldn't find any, so I decided to get some BBQ from one of the restaurants in Melbourne. I turned off I-95 onto Barnes Blvd, and despite the horrendous road construction, I saw s sign for Double D BBQ. I decided THAT was the place.

I went in, and despite the modern strip mall that the place is in, it looked like what you'd expect a BBQ restaurant to look. Kind of dark with wooden trim. I was impressed already. Next, the waitress guided me to my seat. THEY HAVE PEANUTS!! Between the time I sat down and the time I got my food, I probably ate 100 peanuts. Like I said, I was STARVING! 

The waitress was very friendly, and I looked over the menu. I ordered "This Little Piggy" which the word "little" is an under exaggeration. Its a HALF POUND of pulled pork, along with their home made mac and cheese. It also comes with fried sausage rings that were awesome. 

The mac and cheese is served around the pork, with the sausage rings on top. This is a HUGE plate. I also ordered a side of garlic bread. I like to put my pork sliced or pulled on garlic bread, douse it with sauce, and go to town. Let me tell you...It's the best pulled pork I've ever had. Period. THIS pulled pork had a twinge of bite to it. Cayenne pepper added. It gave the pork a little punch in the mouth. I LOVE spicy food, and while I've had hot BBQ sauce before, this was better because it was added to the meat! Everything about this meal was incredible/ I'm 6'4" 225 pounds, and I honestly couldn't finish all of it. (I ate the majority of it though) The kicker? This enormous plate of food was $10.95! I've eaten BBQ plates from other restaurants the same price and left hungry. You're not leaving this place hungry, and you're not going to break your wallet coming here either.

Next, as I was driving home, my wife called me and asked about dinner. I told her that I had already eaten, and I told here where, and what I had. She wanted the same thing. She called in the order and had me turn around and go pick it up for her. Which I did because I try to be a good husband. Her reaction was similar to mine. GREAT FREAKING BBQ!

Not me but I had a similar reaction when I got my food.

THIS IS THE BEST PULLED PORK I'VE EVER HAD!!!! And, I will be back to try other dishes!

I know that the majority of my readers live out of state and out of country, but if any of you do come here, you owe it to yourself to come try this restaurant. And if you are a reader of mine and live here, GO EAT THERE! 

The address, phone number, Website and Facebook page:

634 Barnes Blvd, ST #110
Rockledge, FL 32955

(321) 298-6995

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