Monday, March 28, 2016

Album Review: Apocalyptic Lovers- Redemption, Volume 1

 One day you will be
Wrapped inside me...
But for right now,
I just changed frequency!

 And, you will too, once you hear this band! They need to be on EVERY frequency!

I've been slacking again. For that, I apologize. Damn real life issues! But, I've been jamming this album good and loud ever since the band sent it to me. We had the band on the show a while back, and they were among the best guests we've ever had, and their music kicks ass. 

Originally from Youngstown, OH, Apocalyptic Lovers formed in 1991 and gained success playing regionally, but they also took a trip out to the City of Angels. That earned them a writeup in Entertainment Weekly, which led to overseas distribution of their music. Now, the band has reformed and plans on releasing a 10 volume collection of EPs featuring new material and updated classics. The first will be released on April 16, 2016. Its a bold move, but they have assembled a crew of heavy hitters in order to put this venture together and have it be as big and bold sounding as the move itself. The 8 tracks on Volume 1, Redemption was produced by legendary producer, Michael Wagener. You might remember him from his work with Ozzy, Megadeth, Metallica, Dokken, Extreme, Motley Crue and more. 

And, it shows. The album explodes to start, kicking you in the face with Better Days. A heavy technical onslaught that shows influence from classic Ozzy albums among others. You are greeted by brutal guitar and powerful backup vocals right off the bat. It takes you back to the days when the music was not only fun to listen to, but it was also made you feel good, and musical talent was respected and expected. Another song that puts things into perspective is the slow and heavy groove, Who The Hell Are You. Something I'd like to ask the record executives that didn't sign these guys in the 90's. They are so much better than the cookie cutter glam bands that were forced on us at the tail end of the glam metal era. We won't even talk about grunge. Unfortunately, the band and the fans who would have loved them were Left in the Cold, (Another badass song) by these idiot record companies.

The musical skill on display here is top notch. Each member is a master at their instruments. Singer, Robert Kane has a very powerful and broad vocal range. Guitarist, Sean Magee is an axe slinger who could duel with anyone. Drummer, Dave Hope has the strength of Thor in his arms and legs. But the most unique thing about Apocalyptic Lovers is that they have TWO bass players. Mike Nagy and George Allen both play bass, and rhythm guitar, and they alternate on stage. And, all 5 members of the band can sing. 5 part harmonies are constantly on display on the album.

Like I said, all of the talent is showcased on all the songs, but one is particularly showcased. A song with a brutal groove, called simply The Groove. The band has commercial appeal too, and even in today's dark ages of rock and metal. 

If you like good metal from an extremely talented band, you owe it to yourself to pick up this album when its released. This band would have dominated the arenas and stadiums in the 80's, and they can do it again. You'll want to pay attention to them. 

Buy the album!

Follow them here:

They even have a very good looking video for their song Change of Frequency. Click here for the YouTube page. 

I'm going back to listen to the album again. It ROCKS!

Mike Nagy, Bass/Guitar/Vocals- George Allen, Bass/Guitar, Vocals- Rob Kane, Lead Vocals- Dave Hope, Drums/Vocals- Sean Magee, Guitars/Vocals

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