Sunday, January 17, 2016

Star Wars: Who's Fault Is It?

Everything bad that happened can be
blamed on ONE specific character.
Prepare your jaw to drop!

Its true. Everything bad can be blamed on one specific character. The Empire, the Emperor, Darth Vader, the Death Star, all the misery, and even up to events that take place in the new films. I'm not talking about George Lucas, or anybody like that. Just characters in the story. One specific character can be blamed for EVERYTHING bad that happens. NO SKIPPING TO THE BOTTOM! Just read the whole post. This one isn't very long.

You could easily say that everything was Palpatine's fault. And sure, he is an evil SOB who pulled the strings like puppets and such but he was enabled. He had help. Had it not been for this one character, he would not have been able to achieve his plans.

Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader: Nope. Not him either. Sure, his turning to the Dark Side helped The Emperor achieve his plans, but had this one character not been there, it likely would not have happened.

Count Dooku: Not the Count either. He was the first Jedi to turn, but he was too old by the time The Emperor was able to put his plans into action. Dooku was eliminated.

You'll never guess. But, it will all be clear soon. Let's look at a couple more suspects shall we?

Qui Gon Ginn: You could argue that Qui Gon's insisting that Anakin be trained led to everything crashing down. The things that happened to Anakin are a result of this one character doing his or her dirty deeds.

So, who is this mysterious super villain? You probably can't think of someone so evil that he brings down the whole galaxy, can you? Well, this character isn't evil. 

Scroll down for the revelation:

Keep scrolling...

And the character that every single bad thing in the Galaxy far far away can be blamed on is.....

None other than: Jar Jar Binks.

Whaaa? Mesa causing everything???

That's right. The clumsy, super annoying Gungan who would never hurt a fly yet everybody hated is personally responsible for the death and destruction. All of it. Every single bit. And this isn't one of those Jar Jar Sith Lord theories. What you are about to read is FACT, and actually happens in the movie.

How? Well, I'll tell you. Its simple really. In Episode 2, Senator Amidala went into hiding. As she did, she left that idiot in charge, thinking he wouldn't do anything serious. She probably thought that even if he did try to do something, nobody would take him seriously. Well, she was wrong. He went before the senate, and raised the notion of giving absolute power to Chancellor Palpatine. Had he not done that, and kept his mouth shut, Palpatine would not have received the power, and thus wouldn't have been able to become the Emperor. Sure, if not for Jar Jar, he would have found another way, and if that had happened, we would be talking about a different stooge, but lucky for us, Jar Jar did it, and we get to bash him.

So, hating Jar Jar is justified. His blunder resulted in FAR more death, destruction and misery than Neville Chamberlin's blunder prior to World War II. It caused planets to be destroyed. It caused a prosperous republic to become poor with all the wealth given to or stolen by the ruling class.

Now, pick your jaw up off the floor, and share this post. Your friends need to know that Jar Jar is responsible for everything bad n Star Wars. Have a nice day!

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