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Seattle Seahawks Fans: Butthurt Dynasty

"The World Is Yours!"
(That quote was for Cam Newton... 
Not Seattle)

When Pete Carroll took over as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, everyone wondered if he could be successful. He had lackluster stints as the Patriots and Jets coach, (Although most Seahawks fans probably don't even know this) and a great stint at USC. But, was he good enough to build an NFL team from the ground up, and take them to the top? Obviously, yes. They destroyed the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, and went to a second one. They were actually favored to beat the Carolina Panthers in the regular season meeting this year. But, the Panthers after a 14 point comeback in the 4th quarter showed that they were the better team. They met again in the NFC Divisional Playoff game, and although the Seahawks did make a game out of it, the Panthers had the game too far out of reach at halftime. For you Seahawks fans, thats not one, but TWO losses to the Panthers this year, one in your impenetrable Century Link Field.

Every team loses. This is a fact. Just ask the loyal fans of teams like the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, and even my beloved Miami Dolphins. We lose all the damn time. But when we lose, we don't throw hissy fits and blame everyone not wearing a Dolphins jersey. We blame the Dolphins because they suck. Plain and simple. But, Dolphins fans, and fans of every other bad team still support the teams 100%. 

But, the Seahawks fans don't see it that way. Most don't even remember when the Seahawks were a bad team because they either weren't born yet, or they were Cowboys or Patriots fans at the time. Most don't even know that the Seahawks were once an AFC team. I once got into an argument with one of the 12th man's finest because I made the comment that Dan Marino's last playoff win was against Seattle in the Wild Card Playoff game in 2000. He called me a complete idiot, saying that the Seahawks could never play the Dolphins in the playoffs because the Seahawks are NFC, and Miami is AFC. They get downright hostile when things don't go their way. 

All that was just an introduction into what this post is all about. Seahawks fans have raised the bar for stupidity this year, and their irrational hatred is centered around one person. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. It all began in week 6 of the 2015 season, when the Panthers came to Seattle, and stunned the 12th man in an amazing comeback win. This was the win that started convincing people that the Panthers were for real. There were grumblings from the fans after that loss, but nothing could have prepared us for their reactions after losing in the Playoffs. 

Not so loud now, are we?
Strangely enough, the butthurt began after a WIN! In the Wild Card game at Minnesota, the Seahawks beat the Vikings in a comeback win. It was cold, and the game was the early game that day. And, that's what the Seahwks fans had a problem with. The fact that it was the early game, and the Seahawks started playing at 10AM Seattle time. But, they WON! And, they had 6 days to get ready to play the Panthers in Carolina. But, once again, it was the early game. This time, of course, they lost. But, like I mentioned earlier, they made a game out of it in the second half. That doesn't exactly fit the fans narrative that they were messed up because of the time difference. I could see if the Panthers blew them out, which they did in the first half, but the Seahawks held the Panthers to ZERO points in the second half, and only lost by a touchdown. That doesn't sound like a worn out team to me. That sounds like a team that made adjustments in the second half and came out to win. But the Seahawks fans didn't take solace in that. They took to the internet, and blamed the NFL for rigging the game against them because of the time difference. Newsflash: MANY West Coast teams have played early and won. The 49ers have done it many times. The Raiders did it to Miami a while back. The Chargers, Broncos, all of them have done it. And, in the Playoffs, no less! And the times when they lost, I didn't hear one fan complaining about the early game time. And, another newsflash...The game times for each game were set prior to the Playoff teams being known.

Memes like this popped up all
over the internet after the loss
But, that wasn't all. Fans of teams that the Panthers beat have been crying foul all year. Some wrote letters to Cam Newton because they didn't like his antics. A Packer fan tried to tell the world that he paid $500 for a banner that Cam snatched from him, and threw it awayOne fan got it right though. A Seahawks fan even got in on the letter writing campaign because Cam snatched a 12th Man flag and threw it away...A flag that had been left behind by a pissed off Seahawks fan, and was handed to Cam by a Panthers fan! But where is the hate for the 12'th Man member who abandoned the flag in the first place??? Hmmm.

As a result, haters have been taking to social media blasting Cam, and coming up with punishments that they feel are appropriate for him for his antics. Fines, suspensions, firing, waterboarding, decapitation, being forced to listen to Hillary Clinton speeches for 24 hours straight...anything you can think of. But, the Seahawks fans haters are the worst by far. Click here for another letter to Cam from a Seahawks fan. She calls him classless among other things. What I love especially from Seahawks fans is that they call him classless, but support the antics of Richard Sherman, and Marshawn Lynch. Apparently acting like an idiot and saying "I'm just here so I don't get fined." is okay, but dancing after a touchdown and giving TD balls to kids is not. And, you wouldn't believe some of the hate for the recipients of the TD balls. So called adults cussing out kids online. Its disgusting. But, Cam delivered the perfect response, saying if the fans of Panthers opponents don't like what he does, maybe their team should stop him from getting into the end zone! BOOM!

You mad Bro?

But this is the worst, and most pathetically hilarious. One of the 12th Man's finest, a fan named Andrew Tilton started a Change.org petition to have Cam banned from entering CenturyLink field when the Panthers come there to play next year. Below is the text from his petition:

As of now, it has 800 signatures. But, if you read the comments, most start with "I only signed this to tell you that you're an idiot." or something similar. The best quote from  it is: "You couldn't even keep Cam out of the End Zone. How are you going to keep him out of an entire stadium?" 

So, the Seahawks fans are so butthurt that they want to win at all costs, even if it means banning their opponent's players? Why stop there? Why not have the entire game scratched from the schedule, and just giving the Seahawks the win because Cam is so eeeeevil? Can you imagine if that actually happened? Some of these same people were bitching, saying the Patriots should have an asterisk by their record because of cheating. But, they want the NFL to basically HAND them a game because they don't like the quarterback?

This just goes to show what happens when you have a fanbase that hasn't cared for a long time, and when the team finally becomes relevant, they think they deserve to have the world handed to them on a silver platter. These people actually believe that the Seahawks are a dynasty that belongs in the same conversation with the 70's Steelers, 90's Cowboys, 80's 49ers, and the 2000's Patriots. They won ONE Super Bowl. ONE. They handed another to their opponent because of a bone headed play call by their coach. They were in a Super Bowl in 2005, but some of their fans don't even know about that one. That's not a dynasty. Are they a good team? Yes. But are they a dynasty? No, and it likely won't happen, as I expect them to have free agent departures next year. If that happens, and they go 6-10, will they still play to sold out stadiums? I seriously doubt it.

EDIT: And then there's this...This Seahawks fan is unbelievable 

The Seattle Seahawks 12'th Man fan base however IS a dynasty. A Butthurt Dynasty.

Go Panthers!

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