Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dab vs Omaha! Super Bowl 50: The Matchup for the Ages

#1 Seed vs #1 Seed

I'll admit I haven't been this excited about a Super Bowl since the Bucs played the Raiders. Let's hope we get a better game then that one. OT maybe? Hasn't happened yet in the Super Bowl. But, Super Bowl 50 IS the matchup for the ages, and truly worthy of this milestone championship. Why? I'll explain.

Two GREAT quarterbacks are obviously the main attraction. Cam Newton turned in an MVP performance this year, while Peyton Manning is a future first ballot hall of famer. But, their journeys to this point couldn't be more different. Not a lot of people realize this, but Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers completed their amazing season without the team's #1 wide receiver. That's right, folks..Kelvin Benjamin suffered a season ending injury during the preseason, so no matter what the outcome of the Super Bowl, the Panthers will be an even better team next year when he returns. Chew on that for a while. But the Denver Broncos are staring change in the face. Peyton Manning missed the majority of the season, while backup QB and heir apparent, Brock Osweiler got the team into the playoffs, with the AFC's #1 seed. Peyton Manning came back during the final game of the regular season. This is reminiscent of Earl Morall leading the 72 Dolphins to the Super Bowl and Bob Griese coming back. This (hasn't been confirmed, but I'm calling it) will be Manning's last game, while Cam Newton and the Panthers have the makings of a dynasty. And, of course, this is the largest age difference between starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. 13 years difference between Manning and Newton.  

Ya'll forgot about me didn't ya?
I mentioned the Super Bowl between the Bucs and Raiders...That was the #1 offense vs the #1 defense, and the #1 defense won big time. Now, the Broncos have the 3 defense, and the and the Panthers have the #6 defense. But, guess who has the #1 defense? The Arizona Cardinals, and we all know what the Panthers did to them. The Panthers have the #1 offense, and the Broncos have the #9 offense. The point of all this? We should be in for a great game. 

Regardless of the Super Bowl outcome, it was
an honor to watch your entire career, Sir.
So, whether you're a Broncos fan or a Panthers fan, or a fan of neither team, this game should draw the largest audience in Super Bowl history. Other drawing factors is the old school/new school approach to playing the position. Manning being the drop back pocket passer who will slice and dice defenses. Newton however is very good in the pocket, but he's also big and strong enough to run right over you with a smile on his face. Both QBs are polarizing. You have people who love and hate both of them, but regardless of the outcome, most people I think will be satisfied with the game as a whole.

Personally, I'm stoked by this matchup. And, I'm going to make a prediction. Panthers by 5. So, enjoy this milestone Super Bowl. I know I will, and if you need some ideas for a Super Bowl menu, click here.

The ONLY thing that sucks about this Super Bowl? The half time show. Coldplay and Beyonce. <gag!> But, that will give me plenty of time to grab a beer, or go to the bathroom. Maybe I'll watch Puppy Bowl instead!

But there is something we can do about it. Click here, and read the article attached. We have a LONG way to go, so share it with all your friends.

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