Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dab vs Omaha! Super Bowl 50: The Matchup for the Ages

#1 Seed vs #1 Seed

I'll admit I haven't been this excited about a Super Bowl since the Bucs played the Raiders. Let's hope we get a better game then that one. OT maybe? Hasn't happened yet in the Super Bowl. But, Super Bowl 50 IS the matchup for the ages, and truly worthy of this milestone championship. Why? I'll explain.

Two GREAT quarterbacks are obviously the main attraction. Cam Newton turned in an MVP performance this year, while Peyton Manning is a future first ballot hall of famer. But, their journeys to this point couldn't be more different. Not a lot of people realize this, but Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers completed their amazing season without the team's #1 wide receiver. That's right, folks..Kelvin Benjamin suffered a season ending injury during the preseason, so no matter what the outcome of the Super Bowl, the Panthers will be an even better team next year when he returns. Chew on that for a while. But the Denver Broncos are staring change in the face. Peyton Manning missed the majority of the season, while backup QB and heir apparent, Brock Osweiler got the team into the playoffs, with the AFC's #1 seed. Peyton Manning came back during the final game of the regular season. This is reminiscent of Earl Morall leading the 72 Dolphins to the Super Bowl and Bob Griese coming back. This (hasn't been confirmed, but I'm calling it) will be Manning's last game, while Cam Newton and the Panthers have the makings of a dynasty. And, of course, this is the largest age difference between starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. 13 years difference between Manning and Newton.  

Ya'll forgot about me didn't ya?
I mentioned the Super Bowl between the Bucs and Raiders...That was the #1 offense vs the #1 defense, and the #1 defense won big time. Now, the Broncos have the 3 defense, and the and the Panthers have the #6 defense. But, guess who has the #1 defense? The Arizona Cardinals, and we all know what the Panthers did to them. The Panthers have the #1 offense, and the Broncos have the #9 offense. The point of all this? We should be in for a great game. 

Regardless of the Super Bowl outcome, it was
an honor to watch your entire career, Sir.
So, whether you're a Broncos fan or a Panthers fan, or a fan of neither team, this game should draw the largest audience in Super Bowl history. Other drawing factors is the old school/new school approach to playing the position. Manning being the drop back pocket passer who will slice and dice defenses. Newton however is very good in the pocket, but he's also big and strong enough to run right over you with a smile on his face. Both QBs are polarizing. You have people who love and hate both of them, but regardless of the outcome, most people I think will be satisfied with the game as a whole.

Personally, I'm stoked by this matchup. And, I'm going to make a prediction. Panthers by 5. So, enjoy this milestone Super Bowl. I know I will, and if you need some ideas for a Super Bowl menu, click here.

The ONLY thing that sucks about this Super Bowl? The half time show. Coldplay and Beyonce. <gag!> But, that will give me plenty of time to grab a beer, or go to the bathroom. Maybe I'll watch Puppy Bowl instead!

But there is something we can do about it. Click here, and read the article attached. We have a LONG way to go, so share it with all your friends.

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Thoughts on the Race Issue at the Academy Awards

"This is so deeply not about me."
~Will Smith

It made national news, and its a story that won't go away until long after the Academy Awards are over...The fact that there aren't enough black people winning awards! Let's forget about the fact that we are coming up on the most important presidential election of our lifetime, and Europe is being taken over by terrorists, who OUR own leaders want to throw the door open to, and let into the US. Let's forget about the fact that musical legends are dropping like flies, yet corrupt politicians live on and on and on. Yep. Let's forget about all that insignificant dribble, and focus on what REALLY matters....THE ACADEMY AWARDS!!!!

You already know the story, so I'll sum it up in a nutshell. The complaint is that not one single black person was nominated for best actor. And, people like Will Smith and his wife, along with Spike Lee are not going to attend the awards. Some are calling the whole process the dreaded R word...RACIST!!!! Or, maybe its something else...Maybe they just thought the movies weren't that good. The movie Concussion starring Will Smith was snubbed, along with the NWA story, Straight Outta Compton. Both, I understand were very good movies, but I seriously doubt the fact that they were snubbed had anything to do with the actors being black. I am so tired of seeing the race card thrown about EVERYTHING. It cheapens things when real racism the punk who shot up the church in Charleston SC last year. But, the reaction to that was racist too. People desecrating military graves is a federal crime, yet not one single arrest has been made. 

Anyway, the directors of the Academy Awards are changing their rules to make sure this horrific oversight never happens again. Lovely. You know what will be next? There will be an actor that gets nominated to fulfill the Oscar's Rooney Rule, and the outrage will be that he was only nominated because of the rule. Then, THAT will be labeled racist. This stupidity never ends.

I have never understood why people are so into who gets what award. Personally, I don't care who is the best actor, director, etc. I have NEVER watched an Academy or People's Choice awards show, and I haven't watched the Grammys, or MTV awards in 25+ years. I really don't get it. I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a bunch of coddled, pampered, spoiled millionaires accepting awards. All it is is even more pampering and stroking of their egos. Its a "LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!!" fest. And, heaven forbid they don't get the award they want. They start crying like a 3 year old.

I didn't winnnn.
Its not faaair!!!

Personally, I have better things to do with my life than to care which actor gets which award. They play pretend for a living. I don't care what they have to say about politics, or anything else. Just make a damn movie, and if it interests me, I'll go see it. I couldn't care less about who is in the movie. Just because someone is in a movie I hate doesn't mean that particular actor is incapable of making a movie I like, so what's the point of even having favorite actors? It isn't like music where bands create a style all their own. Actors do whatever someone else tells them to.

So, I have a proposal. It would solve everything, and it is only one sentence long. Ready? Here we go:


I like it. Do you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seattle Seahawks Fans: Butthurt Dynasty

"The World Is Yours!"
(That quote was for Cam Newton... 
Not Seattle)

When Pete Carroll took over as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, everyone wondered if he could be successful. He had lackluster stints as the Patriots and Jets coach, (Although most Seahawks fans probably don't even know this) and a great stint at USC. But, was he good enough to build an NFL team from the ground up, and take them to the top? Obviously, yes. They destroyed the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, and went to a second one. They were actually favored to beat the Carolina Panthers in the regular season meeting this year. But, the Panthers after a 14 point comeback in the 4th quarter showed that they were the better team. They met again in the NFC Divisional Playoff game, and although the Seahawks did make a game out of it, the Panthers had the game too far out of reach at halftime. For you Seahawks fans, thats not one, but TWO losses to the Panthers this year, one in your impenetrable Century Link Field.

Every team loses. This is a fact. Just ask the loyal fans of teams like the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, and even my beloved Miami Dolphins. We lose all the damn time. But when we lose, we don't throw hissy fits and blame everyone not wearing a Dolphins jersey. We blame the Dolphins because they suck. Plain and simple. But, Dolphins fans, and fans of every other bad team still support the teams 100%. 

But, the Seahawks fans don't see it that way. Most don't even remember when the Seahawks were a bad team because they either weren't born yet, or they were Cowboys or Patriots fans at the time. Most don't even know that the Seahawks were once an AFC team. I once got into an argument with one of the 12th man's finest because I made the comment that Dan Marino's last playoff win was against Seattle in the Wild Card Playoff game in 2000. He called me a complete idiot, saying that the Seahawks could never play the Dolphins in the playoffs because the Seahawks are NFC, and Miami is AFC. They get downright hostile when things don't go their way. 

All that was just an introduction into what this post is all about. Seahawks fans have raised the bar for stupidity this year, and their irrational hatred is centered around one person. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. It all began in week 6 of the 2015 season, when the Panthers came to Seattle, and stunned the 12th man in an amazing comeback win. This was the win that started convincing people that the Panthers were for real. There were grumblings from the fans after that loss, but nothing could have prepared us for their reactions after losing in the Playoffs. 

Not so loud now, are we?
Strangely enough, the butthurt began after a WIN! In the Wild Card game at Minnesota, the Seahawks beat the Vikings in a comeback win. It was cold, and the game was the early game that day. And, that's what the Seahwks fans had a problem with. The fact that it was the early game, and the Seahawks started playing at 10AM Seattle time. But, they WON! And, they had 6 days to get ready to play the Panthers in Carolina. But, once again, it was the early game. This time, of course, they lost. But, like I mentioned earlier, they made a game out of it in the second half. That doesn't exactly fit the fans narrative that they were messed up because of the time difference. I could see if the Panthers blew them out, which they did in the first half, but the Seahawks held the Panthers to ZERO points in the second half, and only lost by a touchdown. That doesn't sound like a worn out team to me. That sounds like a team that made adjustments in the second half and came out to win. But the Seahawks fans didn't take solace in that. They took to the internet, and blamed the NFL for rigging the game against them because of the time difference. Newsflash: MANY West Coast teams have played early and won. The 49ers have done it many times. The Raiders did it to Miami a while back. The Chargers, Broncos, all of them have done it. And, in the Playoffs, no less! And the times when they lost, I didn't hear one fan complaining about the early game time. And, another newsflash...The game times for each game were set prior to the Playoff teams being known.

Memes like this popped up all
over the internet after the loss
But, that wasn't all. Fans of teams that the Panthers beat have been crying foul all year. Some wrote letters to Cam Newton because they didn't like his antics. A Packer fan tried to tell the world that he paid $500 for a banner that Cam snatched from him, and threw it awayOne fan got it right though. A Seahawks fan even got in on the letter writing campaign because Cam snatched a 12th Man flag and threw it away...A flag that had been left behind by a pissed off Seahawks fan, and was handed to Cam by a Panthers fan! But where is the hate for the 12'th Man member who abandoned the flag in the first place??? Hmmm.

As a result, haters have been taking to social media blasting Cam, and coming up with punishments that they feel are appropriate for him for his antics. Fines, suspensions, firing, waterboarding, decapitation, being forced to listen to Hillary Clinton speeches for 24 hours straight...anything you can think of. But, the Seahawks fans haters are the worst by far. Click here for another letter to Cam from a Seahawks fan. She calls him classless among other things. What I love especially from Seahawks fans is that they call him classless, but support the antics of Richard Sherman, and Marshawn Lynch. Apparently acting like an idiot and saying "I'm just here so I don't get fined." is okay, but dancing after a touchdown and giving TD balls to kids is not. And, you wouldn't believe some of the hate for the recipients of the TD balls. So called adults cussing out kids online. Its disgusting. But, Cam delivered the perfect response, saying if the fans of Panthers opponents don't like what he does, maybe their team should stop him from getting into the end zone! BOOM!

You mad Bro?

But this is the worst, and most pathetically hilarious. One of the 12th Man's finest, a fan named Andrew Tilton started a petition to have Cam banned from entering CenturyLink field when the Panthers come there to play next year. Below is the text from his petition:

As of now, it has 800 signatures. But, if you read the comments, most start with "I only signed this to tell you that you're an idiot." or something similar. The best quote from  it is: "You couldn't even keep Cam out of the End Zone. How are you going to keep him out of an entire stadium?" 

So, the Seahawks fans are so butthurt that they want to win at all costs, even if it means banning their opponent's players? Why stop there? Why not have the entire game scratched from the schedule, and just giving the Seahawks the win because Cam is so eeeeevil? Can you imagine if that actually happened? Some of these same people were bitching, saying the Patriots should have an asterisk by their record because of cheating. But, they want the NFL to basically HAND them a game because they don't like the quarterback?

This just goes to show what happens when you have a fanbase that hasn't cared for a long time, and when the team finally becomes relevant, they think they deserve to have the world handed to them on a silver platter. These people actually believe that the Seahawks are a dynasty that belongs in the same conversation with the 70's Steelers, 90's Cowboys, 80's 49ers, and the 2000's Patriots. They won ONE Super Bowl. ONE. They handed another to their opponent because of a bone headed play call by their coach. They were in a Super Bowl in 2005, but some of their fans don't even know about that one. That's not a dynasty. Are they a good team? Yes. But are they a dynasty? No, and it likely won't happen, as I expect them to have free agent departures next year. If that happens, and they go 6-10, will they still play to sold out stadiums? I seriously doubt it.

EDIT: And then there's this...This Seahawks fan is unbelievable 

The Seattle Seahawks 12'th Man fan base however IS a dynasty. A Butthurt Dynasty.

Go Panthers!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Album Review, Megadeth: Dystopia

...If you don't like where we're going
Then you won't like what's coming next....

That's absolutely correct...But as far as Megadeth's new album, Dystopia goes, I like where the band is going I'm pumped to see what's coming next.

Dave Mustaine has changed Megadeth lineups yet again, and he's been making comments through the recording process about how this lineup is the best he's had, and may be the best ever. We expected him to say that, of course. But better than Marty Friedman and Nick Menza? Surely you jest, right?

Dave Mustaine never jests...
And, don't call him Shirley.
He may very well have something here, because the lineup in addition to Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson, new guitarist and drummer Kiko Loureiro and Chris Adler have put together the best Megadeth album since Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction. Dystopia is indeed a thrash metal masterpiece. 

Now, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. But, in an interview, Mustaine said that part of his criteria for hiring a guitarist is that the new guy has to be a better guitarist than Mustaine. Whoa! Dave is already among the elite guitarists, and considering the fact that every guitarist gets better as time goes on, he may have to give Steve Vai a call at some point. Maybe, but not today. Because Kiko Loureiro is freaking amazing. 

All of the crazy scales that Friedman did on Rust and Countdown are back. Its blistering. Its amazing. Its one thing to be able to play them, but its another to be able to write them. There is critical chemistry between Mustaine and Loureiro, and it is apparent throughout the album. 

Dystopia is a themed album about the impending demise of our country, brought about by tyrants corrupted by power. It brings out the question, what is the point of power if all you rule is a wasteland? But, that's all that will be left if we can't take the power back. These points are forcefully illustrated in the tracks Post American World and The Emperor.

The album starts with The Threat is Real, which begins with a Middle Eastern female vocal arrangement, then blasts you with a blistering guitar lick. The intro solo is also a Middle Eastern scale on guitar. The guitar work throughout is spectacular. Its about the "refugees" coming through our non existent borders, and how the Muslim terrorists pose a very real threat. Its all true, and I wish more people would realize that. They are starting to in Europe though.

The title track is a nod back to the skill and technique in Hangar 18. Although the songs don't sound anything alike, there are similarities, mainly in the arrangement and feel of the tune. The guitar solos on Dystopia are incredible. There is an epic instrumental called Conquer or Die that starts off with amazing classical guitar. Not sure which guitarist played it though. It slams into a heavy assault on the senses with harmony guitar solos and shred-bliss. Bullet to the Brain also starts with some minor key acoustic licks. They even do a cover of Foreign Policy by Fear. Its an interesting thrash metal take on a punk song, a little more mature than Anarchy in the UK. Fatal Illusion is a hard and heavy chunk fest that features some bass guitar shredding by David Ellefson, followed by dual guitar harmony shredding. Look Who's Talking, a bonus track has a Sweating Bullets feeling to it, with a little more shred and guitar work. A little less choppy too.

Dave's vocals here are among the best I've ever heard from him. He has developed a mean low end in his voice that wasn't there before, and it adds a dimension that really clicks with this direction of the band. Chris Adler has a different style than previous drummers, and he goes funky from time to time particularly in Fatal Illusion. This album as a whole is great. It takes influence from the greatest Megadeth albums and songs, while going on its own direction. Most notably Dystopia has the most blistering/ shredtastic guitar solos since Rust in Peace, which is saying A LOT.

Chris Adler, Kiko Loureiro, Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
So, what am I saying? BUY THIS ALBUM! Megadeth has truly returned to form! Think of the last couple albums as a football team with a backup quarterback, who is just there; not really doing much. Then, the starting QB comes back and annihilates. Remember when Joe Montana came back against the Vikings years ago? Or Dan Marino's first game back after his Achilles injury? Something like that.

Nugent/Mustaine 2016!

Album Review: Who Was I/ What I've Become

Can you feel the pain inside of me?
Can you feel the pain inside of you?

Its been a while. A while since I've been utterly blown away by a heavy indie band. But, I really was. Palm Bay Florida's Who Was I did just that. Their album, What I've Become literally grabbed me by the throat and would not let go until I was done listening to it. This isn't a grindcore band with guttural cookie monster vocals. Its great metal music played and sung by extremely talented musicians who could easily do prog metal if they chose to.

The album has been in the works for over two years. That's a long time for an indie release. But, masterpieces take time. It has really catchy and heavy hooks, great guitar work, powerful rhythm between bassist and drummer, Roach Rose and Aaron Ewing, and incredible vocals. Even a little bit of keyboards. Singer, Darin Faux has an amazing voice. A great range, with immense power behind it. And, while there are some growls, its for accents, and not throughout the songs by any means. There are also incredible vocal harmonies between Faux and guitarist, Steve Harvey. Not to mention some shredding guitar solos between Harvey and guitarist James Stowe. It has everything...except filler songs. None of those.

Steve Harvey

Their website has a tagline 'Heavy Metal For The Soul.' Its perfect because that's where the music hits you. Their mission is "to put together an original heavy metal band that would not only lyrically bring pleasure to the fans, but also deliver a performance that would send people home singing refrains from the music." Mission Accomplished. I was singing various lines from several songs to myself after hearing it the FIRST time. Now, I've memorized several songs. 

The album pretty much sets the tone with Inside of You. It starts off with a brutal guitar lick followed by a scream, then Faux's vocals start with a heavy flow of aggression. Remember when I said there were no filler songs? The level of professional intensity never lets up. Its a high throughout the album. There is even a very interesting version of The Doobie Brothers song, Long Train Running that you won't forget anytime soon. As for influences, the band sounds like the band. They have a style and sound all their own, although if I had to say who it kind of reminded me of, think a heavier Godsmack with a better singer. (Sorry, Sully!) 

Darin Faux
Whatever metal you like, there's something for you on this album. Vocal harmony? Over and Over is full of it, along with the title track. Hell, most of the album has vocal harmony. Heavy, machine gun guitar, brutal rhythm, along with great vocals and harmony. Falling Fast is a good example of it. Really, every song is stellar. The band even shows a little bit of a soft side (a little) in the title track, What I've Become, and Today. They are the closest thing to ballads on the entire album in that they start off acoustically. Then, they turn into slower metal songs that still hit heavy, and they both have HUGE choruses. The heaviest, songs, with a brutal groove are Undertow and the previously mentioned Falling Fast. While there are likely mosh pits through the majority of the songs in their set list, these probably have the highest likelihood of pit related injury.

Bass-Roach Rose, Drums-Aaron Ewing, Guitar-
James Stowe, Guitar- Steve Harvey,
Vocals-Darin Faux

Sometimes, I have a hard time reviewing an album when every song is equal and could stand alone. The stand alone songs are usually made up of everything great, and well written and produced, and it would get monotonous if I said the same thing about all the songs. This is one of those times. This is one of the best albums I've ever reviewed, and while I am not a fan of the super heavy bands, this album is incredible. Who Was I has successfully blended the brutal nature of the super heavy with music and vocals that will appeal to everyone. Basically, if you like any type of metal, you will like this. Period.

Go to their website, and BUY THE ALBUM! And, look for them on tour sometime soon. You'll love this one as much as I do, and I would bet money on it. This band has the skill and talent to go Worldwide. (Track 12) 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Star Wars: Who's Fault Is It?

Everything bad that happened can be
blamed on ONE specific character.
Prepare your jaw to drop!

Its true. Everything bad can be blamed on one specific character. The Empire, the Emperor, Darth Vader, the Death Star, all the misery, and even up to events that take place in the new films. I'm not talking about George Lucas, or anybody like that. Just characters in the story. One specific character can be blamed for EVERYTHING bad that happens. NO SKIPPING TO THE BOTTOM! Just read the whole post. This one isn't very long.

You could easily say that everything was Palpatine's fault. And sure, he is an evil SOB who pulled the strings like puppets and such but he was enabled. He had help. Had it not been for this one character, he would not have been able to achieve his plans.

Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader: Nope. Not him either. Sure, his turning to the Dark Side helped The Emperor achieve his plans, but had this one character not been there, it likely would not have happened.

Count Dooku: Not the Count either. He was the first Jedi to turn, but he was too old by the time The Emperor was able to put his plans into action. Dooku was eliminated.

You'll never guess. But, it will all be clear soon. Let's look at a couple more suspects shall we?

Qui Gon Ginn: You could argue that Qui Gon's insisting that Anakin be trained led to everything crashing down. The things that happened to Anakin are a result of this one character doing his or her dirty deeds.

So, who is this mysterious super villain? You probably can't think of someone so evil that he brings down the whole galaxy, can you? Well, this character isn't evil. 

Scroll down for the revelation:

Keep scrolling...

And the character that every single bad thing in the Galaxy far far away can be blamed on is.....

None other than: Jar Jar Binks.

Whaaa? Mesa causing everything???

That's right. The clumsy, super annoying Gungan who would never hurt a fly yet everybody hated is personally responsible for the death and destruction. All of it. Every single bit. And this isn't one of those Jar Jar Sith Lord theories. What you are about to read is FACT, and actually happens in the movie.

How? Well, I'll tell you. Its simple really. In Episode 2, Senator Amidala went into hiding. As she did, she left that idiot in charge, thinking he wouldn't do anything serious. She probably thought that even if he did try to do something, nobody would take him seriously. Well, she was wrong. He went before the senate, and raised the notion of giving absolute power to Chancellor Palpatine. Had he not done that, and kept his mouth shut, Palpatine would not have received the power, and thus wouldn't have been able to become the Emperor. Sure, if not for Jar Jar, he would have found another way, and if that had happened, we would be talking about a different stooge, but lucky for us, Jar Jar did it, and we get to bash him.

So, hating Jar Jar is justified. His blunder resulted in FAR more death, destruction and misery than Neville Chamberlin's blunder prior to World War II. It caused planets to be destroyed. It caused a prosperous republic to become poor with all the wealth given to or stolen by the ruling class.

Now, pick your jaw up off the floor, and share this post. Your friends need to know that Jar Jar is responsible for everything bad n Star Wars. Have a nice day!

Song Lyric Dissection: Cruise by FL/GA Line

And, we don't do it very well!

Are all the good band names gone? Can we not come up with something better than Florida Georgia Line? There's nothing wrong with band names like Alabama, Boston, Chicago, etc. But if you come from a town that straddles a state line, and your town is too small to name a band after, maybe you should come up with a different idea for a name. At least it isn't as bad as those alternative bands with names like 'Garbage Can Liners and Xanax.'

Most country songs are well written. In fact the other country songs listed here are well written. They are dissected for content. But this song has the grammar and skill of a rap song...and ironically enough, this band made a remix of the song with a rapper.

Chorus: Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

If I have to explain what is wrong with that, maybe you need a remedial English course. Here's an intelligent way this chorus could have been written:

Instead of saying "Baby you a song" maybe they could have said "Play me a song?" I don't know. At least have a little bit of pride in your lyrics. And why does she make you want to roll your windows down? Did she fart?

Verse: Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on her
She’s poppin’ right out of the South Georgia water
Thought, "Oh, good lord, she had them long tanned legs!"
Couldn’t help myself so I walked up and said

Wow...This might be worse than a rap song. The first line is an incomplete sentence that is in past tense. The next line is in present tense. The third and fourth lines are past tense. They are all over the place!

OoooWEEE!!!! Gurl, You is a SONG!

Chorus: Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you

Once again, all over the place with incomplete sentences. Since they wrote "Baby you a song," should we now assume that calling a girl a song is now a redneck pickup line? At least "Baby YOU'RE a song" kind of makes sense. You could call her Melody, but this song has none. Blowing stop signs through the middle...Every little farm town with you. Missing a word there? OF maybe?

Chorus: In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it
So baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

Lose the word IN, and this part might make sense...until you get to the "up in it" part, which sounds about as ghetto and dumb as anything Kanye West wrote. 

Verse: She was sippin’ on Southern and singin’ Marshall Tucker
We were falling in love in the sweet heart of summer
She hopped right up into the cab of my truck and said,
"Fire it up, let’s go get this thing stuck."

Wait a minute...Do you have a time machine? Because if I am reading this correctly, it looks like she
came out of the water, then you started hitting on her, and invited her to go for a ride in your truck. 
She then partied a little more, and sang along with the radio, then jumped into the truck. Ok, I understand that. The entire song talks about meeting this girl for the first time. Which is fine, and the grammar is bad, but it isn't the worst in the song. But, what about the second line of the verse??? "We were falling in love in the sweet heart of summer." You just met her, and up to the point in the song where that line is, she hasn't even gotten into your truck yet. 

Chorus: Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you
In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it
So baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

Verse: When that summer sun fell to its knees
I looked at her and she looked at me
And I turned on those KC lights and drove all night
'Cause it felt so right, her and I, man we felt so right

Not much wrong with this verse, other than "Her and I" should be "She and I."

Verse: I put it in park and
Grabbed my guitar
And strummed a couple chords
And sang from the heart
Girl you sure got the beat in my chest bumpin’
Hell, I can’t get you out of my head

You JUST said you drove all night. So, is it first thing in the morning now? You've been drinking and driving all night, and you have the energy to stop and play the guitar? 

Come ride in my truck, Gurrrl!

But we still have to go back to the one line where he says that they had been together for a while. Sure, they can hook up and stay up all night, and everything would feel right, but that line makes it seem like this was a relationship that blossomed over the summer.

Talk about the tree that derailed the train.

This song became a number one hit. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it has a good line dancing beat. It sure as hell isn't for the lyrics...although the lyrics may have been what made Nellie want to remake the song with the band. They were written at a level that he could comprehend.

Stay in school, kids!

And, here is the song. The remixed version with Nelly.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

RGIII Leaves Redskins...But The Story Isn't Over

If you are successful, you will win 
some unfaithful friends, and 
some genuine enemies.
-Mother Teresa

Shots fired in Washington DC! Well, not in the sense you might be thinking. The Washington Redskins have had quarterback issues, although as far as the team and fans are concerned, there is no issue. Kirk Cousins is the Redskins quarterback. Quarterback, Robert Griffin III as we all know was drafted by the Skins with the second overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. A quarterback class destined to rival the famed 1983 class, consisting of Dan Marino, John Elway, and Jim Kelly. This class of course consisted of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, and Russell Wilson. But, also later in the draft, the Redskins drafted a second QB, Kirk Cousins. Insurance? Maybe. But, you can't deny the end result.

Following his amazing 2012 rookie season, Robert Griffin III had injury issues, and didn't click with the offense. In the 2015 season, he was benched in favor of Kirk Cousins. Cousins had problems at first, but by the end of the season, he had one of the highest QB percentages in the NFL. He led the team into the playoffs, only to lose in the Wild Card round to Green Bay. No problem, the Redskins will be back and better next year, considering they are in the second weakest division in football with the Cowboys in a rebuild mode, and the Giants and Eagles with new coaching staffs coming on board. The Redskins will win the NFC East next year. Bet on it. 

So, where am I going with this? Let me get started. RGIII cleaned out his locker, and left the Redskins facility, leaving a poem by Mother Teresa in his locker. Basically, he was quoting the Terminator, saying "I'll be back!" but doing it more politely. And, he will get picked up by another team, and eventually, he will be back to face his former team. Redskins fans aren't worried, but maybe they should be. As a Miami Dolphins fan, I have seen this movie far too many times. The Dolphins seem to have more former players on other teams than any other team, and they are all doing well. 

Right now, WR, Ted Ginn is with the Carolina Panthers, and playing the best football of his life after stinking up the joint in Miami. DB, Vontae Davis is now with the Indianapolis Colts, and has been in the playoffs most of the years since he's been there. Wes Welker left Miami to go to the Patriots, and became a premier player in the league. QB Daunte Culpper left Miami and went to the Raiders. Not to mention half the current Buffalo Bills roster. The list goes on and on. What do all these players have in common? 

They all came back to Miami and had career games in wins against the Dolphins!!!

I am calling it right now. Whatever team Robert Griffin III goes to, whether its the Cowboys, Cleveland, San Francisco, or any other team will beat the Redskins, and RGIII will have a career game. I don't care how bad the team is. It will happen. There was too much vitriol surrounding that situation. Too many negative emotions. When Coach, Jay Gruden trashed Griffin after a 2014 loss to Tampa that Griffin struggled in, that was the end, and everybody knew it. But, Griffin wasn't released after that game. Instead, they made him the third string QB throughout the entire 2015 season. 

Kirk Cousins and a benched RGIII

So, like I said...The story isn't over. RGIII will get some revenge. The Redskins could win the Super Bowl in coming years, with only one loss on their record. That loss will be to the team that Robert Griffin III is playing for.

Monday, January 11, 2016

How To Use Skype and Google Hangouts to Call The Show/ Spreaker

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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Band/ Album Review: Thrillkiller, Time

"There's Something About You
I'm In Too Deep!"

I've said before that the Washington DC and Baltimore areas is a breeding ground for amazing progressive metal. And, it is. But what do you get when you combine the musical talent of a band like Toto with the energy and soul of a band like Extreme? You get the Baltimore heavyweight, Thrillkiller! Although, don't think for a second that I'm saying they sound like anyone. They have their own unique style. They have a great name too, but Thrillkiller may not be the right name for this band. They don't kill ANY thrill. They simply thrill over and over again, never letting up, and you're better for hearing them!

Simply put, this band is incredible. Their four song EP called Time has more energy than a nuclear reactor. And, I'm not exaggerating. You start listening to it, and you'll be hooked. You'll be bobbing your head, and you'll be cheering at the end of each song. And that's just listening to the album! Imagine seeing them live!

All four songs on the EP are loaded with groove, funk, harmony, blistering guitar, earth shaking rhythm section, and great vocals/ vocal harmony. I'm just going to say that right off the bat and apply it to all the songs. However, while nothing sounds the same on the album, Thrillkiller definitely has their own unique style. Track 3  In Too Deep is more of a deep groove with a huge chorus, and a hook that will get stuck in your head in a good way. Track 1, Passion Killer shows us the blues influence on the band, with yet another huge chorus. Track 2, Time is my favorite on the EP. It has more of a metal feel to it than the other tunes, although it is still full of funk influences. The guitar solo is spectacular on this one, with an 80's virtuoso feel to it. And, another huge chorus! Track 4, The Storm is an all out assault on the senses. Its got everything from 80's virtuoso feeling guitar solo to hard and heavy driving power. It would make a great set opener or closer.

Maxim Sobchenko, guitars. Rob Bradley, Vocals
Singer, Rob Bradley is one of the best singers I've had the pleasure of reviewing. He has an amazing vocal range, and can harmonize anything. Its a smooth voice that is powerful in every part of his range. He's also a vocal instructor. Guitarist, Maxim Sobchenko is every bit a guitar god as such funk/rock/metal guitar gods, like Nuno Bettencort. He's amazing. He doesn't play rhythm guitar. Every lick on the EP is a lead of some sort. The two of them are the only permanent members at the moment. They are looking for a bassist and drummer good enough to share the stage with them. However, Matt Bittman  who has worked with bands like Slipknot, Mars Volta, and Imagine Dragons played bass and drums, as well as engineering the album. The band is already playing shows, so keep an eye out for them!

This album is EXTREMELY well done. It sounds every bit as good as; if not better than many of the releases of signed bands. Its probably one of the best sounding indie productions I've ever heard. The music is a clinic on how great music should sound. Rock and metal musicians will love it, but non musicians will love it as well. Its as intricate as progressive rock and metal, but has a commercial feel to it as well. You owe it to yourself to get this one! 

And, here's how to get it:

Soon to be on Itunes, Amazon, Google, etc.


And, we had the band on the Night Time Fiasco as guests a few couple months ago. Click here.
Although the show was called something else at the time.

I Get It. You Don't Like The Team...

If anything happens that
doesn't directly benefit MY team...

You know, I've been wanting to write about this for a while. It never ceases to amaze me the depths that people will go to in order to hate on any team that isn't their own. For example, we've been seeing it whenever the New England Patriots win a game. You will see fans of the team that the Pats beat 38-3 claiming that the only reason New England won was because they cheated. The fact that their team only had 3 first downs and 107 yards of total offense, combined with 12 minutes time of possession had NOTHING to do with the loss. The Patriots cheated, and should be fined, and stripped of every win in the team's history! Okay, I'm exaggerating...a little bit.

But in week 17 of the 2015 NFL season, there were 2 glaring examples of this idiotic Haterade that I noticed. Both of my teams were involved. In the New England Patriots game at the Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins beat the Patriots 20-10. During the game, Dolphins defensive lineman, Ndamukong Suh was trying to sack Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Suh hit Brady low, and Brady was injured slightly. Turned out to be a sprain. It was a clean hit, and there were no flags thrown, but within minutes, all the bloggers were posting about how dirty it was, and how dirty of a player Suh is. To be fair, Suh does have a history of dirty hits, and he's been fined heavily in the past. BUT, he did not commit one single dirty play this entire season. This happened literally every time Suh got a sack or a big hit. You'd better believe that the NFL had the refs watching Suh like a hawk, ready to flag him for a dirty hit that would have him suspended for the year. It never happened, to the dismay of all the Suh haters. But, on every single one of these blogs, you'll find comments like "Dirty POS needs to be kicked out of the league!" How about their teams try something like maybe STOPPING Suh? But they would rather have the refs make a bad call and eject him for no reason. To be fair to Patriots fans, I saw lots of comments from them saying "I'm a Patriots fan, and as scary as it was, that was a clean hit." These comments are from "fans" who just like to bitch and whine about anything. In fact, every time it happened this year, there were comments from the fans of the team Miami was playing saying that the hit was clean. But, like the Patriots haters, the Suh haters are going to pounce every time he breathes. Its ridiculous.

What the haters forgot to mention in their blogs
was the Patriots player grabbing Suh's face mask
that pulled him into Brady.
Next up, the Carolina Panthers game vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bucs fullback, Jovorskie Lane suffered the worst injury I've seen since Joe Theismann. His ankle was flopping around. It was painful to see. It was so bad, the TV network even refused to show it a second time. You know its bad when the opposing team's players are in tears, and standing with the team's players in solidarity and respect for the fallen player. 

Yeah, it was terrible.
As Lane was carried off the field, Panthers players were encouraging their fans to get LOUD in respect for him. And, they did. Lane later tweeted that he was going to be okay. Nobody; not bloggers, not Bucs fans, not announcers even suggested that this injury was intentional until......

The sad part? This guy is a Panthers fan. I was watching the game, and saw the hit. I saw it several times online afterward. You can't plan to do that to someone unless you have them strapped down, and smash them with a sledgehammer. In fact, nobody even hit Lane in a one on one collision. It was a pile up. Come on, man! Did he think that the Panthers huddled up and said "Ok, guys, lets take Lane out. When we pile up, let's just make sure that in a fraction of a second, someone snap his ankle!" Some people need to get a clue. It was an accident. A horrible accident. Nothing more. And, Thomas Davis, the player who made first contact with Lane and rolled over his ankle was destroyed emotionally about it.

Does this look like the reaction
of someone who intentionally
hurt someone?
I get it. People are always going to have teams that they hate. I hate the Patriots. I hate the Jets. But when they beat Miami, I blame Miami for crappy play. I don't blame refs, or accuse someone of cheating. Its called MANNING UP. Its ridiculous everyone wants to blame someone else when they screw up or their team lays out a stinker of a performance. Its also ridiculous that people think that you can have a violent game like football and be injury free. The idea that whenever an injury happens, someone is to blame is stupid. Its thinking like that which is responsible for all these rule changes that are slowly changing football into flag football. 

When a person signs up for the military, there is an accepted fact that they may be in harm's way, and could be killed. These people make significantly LESS than an NFL player, but still enlist. In football, you know there is a chance that you could hurt. Like the military, the risk goes with the territory. The players do understand that. The fans should too. If all the fans who are blaming everyone but their team for a loss or injury would just man up, that would go a long way towards reversing the trend of pussification in this country.

So, if your team loses, its because your team didn't play as well as the other team. If a guy gets hurt, it is RARELY intentional. And, the NFL is NOT rigged in favor of specific teams or players. This is a fact. Deal with it.