Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Geriatric Album Review: Geezer!

Holy Ebenezer!
I'm jamming to Geezer!

I've been very much anticipating doing this review. My new favorite band, Geezer has finally released their debut CD, and it delivers much more than arthritis pain medication. Although I could use some because of all the headbanging I did while listening to this CD. I'm well on my way to becoming a geezer myself. I've already written about them two times. That's how much I like them!

The CD starts off with the geriatric rock and roll anthem, Geezer Nation, chanting the line 'Let's get excited!" That got my head bobbing, as I realized that it is in fact a geezer nation. This blowout hit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Its catchy, and energetic and easy to remember. I could see a whole sea of kids chanting along with them. And that's the thing. This music isn't written to play in a smoky bar of people from age 35 and up. Its targeted to kids, but the older people dig it too, which is a plus!

Track 2 is Let's Go To The Beach. Probably a popular favorite in their retirement home on Miami Beach! Its another fun groove that will make you want to dance. (You, not me. I don't dance.) Although my six year old daughter was having a blast dancing to this one. Teenage Tragedy is a funny bit of irony. It speaks about mommy and daddy not loving you, but its coming from your grandfather! The song is on the album twice, once as its normal version, and second time, an acoustic version, or "Super Teen Remix."

There are several things that definitely stand out on this album. One thing is the enormous guitar sound. It sounds like it comes from a wall of Marshalls. I haven't heard that big of a guitar sound since...well, ever! I want to ask guitarist, Leonard Geezer what kind of rig he uses to get that incredible sound, but he doesn't hear too well, as I have found out in the past. And, when I saw them live, I couldn't get close to the stage to get a look because it was standing room only in front of the stage. 

Speaking of Leonard, I've mentioned before that he is an elite guitarist. The solos on this album are shred-tacular, and in the song Silly Putty Buddy, the solo is done in 4 breaks. I imagined singer, Harvey Geezer trying to hand Leonard an egg of Silly Putty and Leonard swatting his hand away during the breaks, then getting back to the solo. 

Another thing that stands out is the backup vocals by Sarah Jean Balarezo. She harmonizes well, and it accents the raspy vocals of Harvey.

The most powerful song on the album is Bad Luck, which Geezer seems to have none of. Its a heavy jam that is more metal influenced than anything else on the album. The rhythm section here is top notch. Calvin Sizemore and Victor Farnsworth are as tight and powerful as anything out there. 

Leonard, Harvey, Victor, Calvin
To say the band is talented is an understatement. I am in awe that they have only been playing for 2 years. I figure if they can get that good that quickly both on an individual basis and as a band, then anybody can do anything if they want it bad enough, and are willing to work at it. 

This album is a must have. You owe it to yourself to pick up a copy, and to crank it loud. I imagine that as the crowds get bigger, they will find themselves as headliners in no time. As long as they take their meds and naps, nothing will be able to stop them...unless they fall asleep Down by the Lazy River.

Hell...Their golden years rock more than my prime!

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