Monday, November 9, 2015

Packer Fan Calls Police Over $500 Banner

Go Panthers!

I've been very open about the fact that I am a life long, diehard Miami Dolphins fan. (Yes, I know we suck.) But, one thing that you might not know about me is that I like the Carolina Panthers almost as much. I moved to the Carolinas in 2002, and I was in Charlotte the night before the Super Bowl featuring the Panthers and Patriots. Leading up to the game, I was amazed at the brotherhood of the Panthers fans. The night before the game, you saw strangers running up to each other on the streets hugging, yelling "GO PANTHERS!!!" The city was alive with electric excitement, and it was a very special feeling...One that I am wondering if I will EVER get to experience from my beloved Dolphins. I rooted for the Panthers against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and was heartbroken along with all the other Panthers fans when they lost due to a last minute Patriots field goal. I've rooted for the Panthers ever since, and they have become my number 2 team, meaning that I will root for them against ANY team, unless they are playing my Dolphins.

So, that being said, you can imagine I'm pretty excited about their season this year. But, there are always poor sports in the crowd wherever you go. For example, when a team loses to the Patriots, there are fans who automatically accuse them of cheating...despite the fact that the team only had 2 wins to speak of, and were blown out. This time, we have a Panthers team that going into the game yesterday was 7-0. And, we have a Green Bay Packers team that was 6-1. The Packers were actually favored to beat Carolina. And, despite an incredible Green Bay showing in the 4th quarter, the Packer's comeback was stifled by an interception on 4th down. The Panthers held on to win 37-29.

But, we aren't talking about the actual game. We're talking about a group of Cheeseheads who brought a banner into the Panthers stadium that said "North Carolina Cheesehead" on it. Before the game, Panthers QB, Cam Newton noticed it, went up, and snatched it away from them. The fan, a disabled veteran (I bring that up because every article I've read about it mentioned that fact at least 3 times.) called the police on Newton, and is pressing charges. He also claims that the banner cost $500 to make. Yes, I said FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 

This is the ($500) banner in question
Now, I've had banners made several times, and I know how much they cost. Judging by the picture, this one appears to be 4'x8' with brass grommets in the corners. I was thinking around $50 to make that banner. Since its been several years since I've had one made, I went to where I've had banners made in the past. Using Photoshop, I recreated the banner as closely as I could, (With one minor exception) including the grommets. See below:

So, I took a little creative license
It came out to $56.96. Pretty good guess on my part, huh? So my guess is this Packer fan was simply angry about losing to the Panthers, and if Green Bay had won, he wouldn't have cared. And since whenever someone gets pissed off about something, they always multiply any monetary value by a factor of 10. At least I'm hoping that's the case. If he paid $500 for that banner, he got ripped off. Plain and simple. 

Click pic to enlarge.
Now that this story has gone viral, Panther haters all over the internet have been chiming in with their brand of justice, saying that Cam Newton should be kicked off the team, thrown in jail, forced to pay back the $500 with a couple million in punitive damages, drawn and quartered, hung, shot, decapitated by guillotine, and many other punishments. The fact that this guy is a veteran isn't lost on the haters either. I've seen comments accusing Cam of being disrespectful to the troops, and nothing could be farther from the truth. He supports the troops and veterans immensely. As do I. If there's ANYONE who should be accused of disrespect for the troops or veterans, its whatever company charged him $500 for a $50 banner. And, he is also to blame for not shopping around if he actually paid that much for the damn thing. (Maybe its a local guy who charged him that much because he's a Packers fan?)

The fact of the matter is that Cam should do the right thing and either have another banner made (He can use my design if he wants) or return the banner. Nothing more. I've gone to Dolphins games in away stadiums before including in Charlotte, and I have done my fair share of trash talking. I saw the Panthers in Atlanta once too. Smack talking all comes with the territory, and I've done it, and I've never had a problem with any of the home team fans. But, I've never brought a banner into the stadium either. That's asking for trouble. Not to mention the fact that its a pain to lug a big banner around, and probably against stadium policy.

So, wrapping this up, Cam probably shouldn't have snatched the banner, and but this guy shouldn't have have gone to the media, claiming that it cost $500. That's insulting the intelligence of everyone who has ever bought one. If he did pay that much, I want to see a receipt. Personally, I don't believe it. So, Cam, just give the banner back or give him $60 and be done with it. In the end, that's what will happen in the very unlikely event this case goes to court, but you'll also be out court costs and time. It really isn't worth it. And my word to the guy...You really made yourself look silly by claiming that the banner cost $500. Not to mention how you looked when you called Cam Newton an evil asshole caveman. Not very becoming of a decent person if you ask me.

Cam Newton is a class act, and GO PANTHERS! (unless they're playing Miami)


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