Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reasons NOT to 'Fear the Walking Dead'

The AMC Network has introduced a prequel to their hit series The Walking Dead, called Fear the Walking Dead. It takes place in Los Angeles at the start of the apocalypse, showing how people dealt with it, not knowing what is going on. Unfortunately, it doesn't/hasn't explained what caused the dead to turn into zombies, and that irritates a lot of people, but let's think about it a bit shall we? 

Fear The Walking Dead Cast
First of all, many critics are saying that this show is slow and boring. To the average person, that may be true, but if you really think about it, the show is progressing very close to the way it would happen if the apocalypse were to actually happen in real life. It features two families that is made up of a pretty diverse demographic. You have a married couple where the husband has a kid from a previous relationship. The wife has two kids from a previous relationship. The son is a junkie, and the daughter is a typical high school girl. You also have a family of Vietnamese people, where the father had experienced the horrors of the Vietnam war first hand, and has a distrust and hatred of the US Military. These two families are thrown together in a quarantined neighborhood safe zone by the military. And, what would you expect to happen? The zombies cannot get to them at this point, and they are simply existing with the military babysitting. They are bored, and their patience is wearing thin. The junkie has no supplier, and the military begins removing people they deem to be sick and a threat. Some have figured out that its the dead who are walking again, while others are still holding out for a cure.

I'm writing this a couple days before the season finale, and it would seem that the excrement is about to hit the fan in the finale. But leading up to this, the people simply had no idea what was going on. Fight or flight impulses have not set in yet, and let's be honest, it takes place in LA. A place full of liberals who believe that the government is there to protect them from everything. So, why wouldn't they just sit tight? The government is there to help right? Its very accurate if you ask me. In addition, the number of zombies at this point is relatively low. They haven't taken over yet, and it makes perfect sense that nobody knows what caused the outbreak. When the story begins in The Walking Dead, the grid was offline, society had completely broken down, and people already had made the choice: Fight and survive, or be lunch. In Fear the Walking Dead, there is still hope that this outbreak could be contained, and everything happening in the prequel would have happened in Atlanta with Rick, Darryl, and their crew. In the beginning, you simply wouldn't have had people joining together to survive both the zombies and evil people. Therefore, the hope that everything will be alright (which is human nature) is still very much alive. The same would have happened in Atlanta, yes. It just wouldn't have taken as long for the Southerners to accept the truth and fend for themselves.

Honestly, this show is good. If AMC was just going to make another version of The Walking Dead, what would be the point? Those who are criticizing Fear the Walking Dead would be complaining that it was just an inferior copy of The Walking Dead. And, they would be right. I applaud AMC for the new show. while the characters aren't likable, maybe that was the point. Maybe the writers wanted to portray the LA characters as they truly are: A completely different world, oblivious to what is going on outside city limits. And, this isn't a jab at Los Angeles citizens. Its true. They are in a different world, and they know it.

So, what's not to like? Its more a look into the sociological breakdown of humanity. That's not something that happens overnight. And, realistically, if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, would you rather have time to adjust? I think I would.


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