Thursday, October 29, 2015

Album Review, Randy Chapman: All Men Are Created Evil

Once again, guitar wizard, Randy Chapman has gone into the studio and knocked out a full length album all by himself. It doesn't happen very often, and when it does happen, its rarely anything spectacular. Randy has knocked the ball out of the park.

I have the honor to once again review the new album from my friend, Randy Chapman. His new album, All Men Are Created Evil is coming out next month. This new one is his best sounding one yet. Its well produced, and has dark energy. It rocks hard, and is powerful. His greatness as a musician and song writer is very much on display.

It starts off with Good Mourning (Not Dead Yet) which is a fast driving punkish anthem that breaks the bad news to a person's rivals. "I'm not done thwarting you yet!" The next two songs, Soul Stealer and Skeletons in the Closet are slow but heavy grooves that creep up on you and plow into your psyche and won't let go.

Candle in the Dark is a great ballad that has the feeling and emotion you'd expect from a ballad done by a heavy metal master like Randy. Its guitar is deep and soulful and the guitar solo is sweet. His vocals mesh with the song perfectly,

But, you aren't going to be let off the hook for long. Black Widow is a brutal assault on the senses, and I think it may be about my ex wife. Good Die Young is a mixture of heavy and acoustic. Its chorus taunts you, and the guitar solo comes in for its own session of ass kicking. In keeping with the theme of Black Widow, Disposable Girl comes in with harsh guitar and harsher words for women that are living with their heads in the clouds, thinking everyone owes them something. We've all had one or two of them, right? It really says what we'd all love to say to women like that.

Randy Chapman

Randy really pulls out all the stops on the album. August Moon is a classical guitar instrumental that sets the mood for the next song, Spellbound. An upbeat ballad that hits hard, and deals with an obsessive relationship. The Devil Made Me Do It continues with the slow and dark mood, but knocks it down an octave. It starts with an ominous deep acoustic track, with Randy's vocals as a deep growl. That leads into Sweet Addiction, which starts with a minor scale acoustic intro, then blasts into a heavy riff, then back into the acoustic. Its a creepy song about the demons people face with addiction.

I saved Haunted for last. Its the only song on the album that isn't 100% Randy Chapman. It also features the guest vocals of the lovely Laura Moore, who also sang Ghost on Randy's previous album, Cursed.  Like Ghost, this is a cheerful and pretty song...A change of pace for Randy, but its every bit as good as the darker tunes on the album. Laura sings like a songbird in this tune, and she shows why Randy invited her back to record again. Randy sings a verse, then Laura sings one, then they sing the chorus together in harmony,
Laura Moore

This album is a little less heavy and a little more gritty than Randy's previous albums, and when I say gritty, I mean that there are more songs with creepy overtones, and slow crunching licks. Its a must have for any guitar enthusiast because most would aspire to be as good as Randy. Its found a spot on my cell phone, that's for sure.

So, pick it up when it comes out around the first couple weeks of November. There aren't any purchase links at this point, but follow Randy's social media for updates:

Facebook: RChapman
Twitter: @Rrcha2550123
Soundcloud: Randy Chapman
ReverbNation: RandyDChapman

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