Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Survivor Uses Fake Outrage to Get One More Minute of Fame

2015: The year Americans were
offended by EVERYTHING...

I've been trying hard to stay away from this plague of all the outrageous butt hurt coming from the liberals in the United States this year. Its stupid, and quite frankly, its downright embarrassing. I've never seen such a  pathetic display of false outrage in my life, and it literally seems like its illegal to disagree with someone if you dare to disagree with the celebrities and Democrat politicians. But, since the latest fake outrage being forced down our throats has to do with rock music, I figured I'd weigh in. 

Of course, I'm talking about Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was thrown in jail because she refused to issue gay marriage licenses. We won't talk about the fact that the Supreme Court cannot make law, and that is what they did. We also won't talk about the Texas clerk who is gay, and has been refusing straight marriage licenses for 3 years, and nobody has said a thing about throwing her in jail. We also won't talk about the fact that before too long, we will have to go through 4 different grocery lines just to get some beer, poker cards, ham, and condoms because everybody will have the right to refuse to sell someone something if they don't like it, rather than simply finding another job.

What we will talk about is Kim Davis. Like I said, she refused to issue gay marriage licenses because she disagreed with it because of her religion. However, we won't talk about cakes, and how a Christian baker can get fined a gazillion dollars for not making a gay marriage cake, and lose their business, while nobody bats an eye if a Muslim refuses to do the same thing for the same reason.

Anyway, part of me thinks that Kim Davis should have just quit. However, part of me applauds what she did. She stood up for what she believes in. But, she refused to comply with a judge's order to preform gay marriages, and was thrown in jail because of it. And, when she got out, Republican Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee welcomed her, and played 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor at the press conference. No biggie, right? Wrong. 

Reaction from the 2 writers of
Eye of the Tiger
I'm just wondering when it became required to share views with an artist to like their songs. I disagree with many band's views, but I still like their music. Simply put, they are trying to get back on the scene; Thinking that they can fake outrage, and people might buy a new greatest hits album with one new song on it that they wrote 2 years ago. Its one thing to blast someone publicly. That's freedom of speech, which is still legal in this country for now; but to threaten legal action? What exactly would a cease and desist letter accomplish? This was for one appearance. Just one. This is a ploy for attention and nothing more. Dee Snider blasted Paul Ryan for using We're Not Going to Take It because its a song about rebellion. Ryan wasn't rebelling against anything, but he gave his blessing to Donald Trump to use the song. The reason? Donald Trump is rebelling. 

But the truth of the matter, Huckabee and Davis weren't using the song for profit. They were using it for one press conference, and I doubt they even used the whole song. They did not need Survivor's permission to do this. If they were using the song for paid appearances, that would be a different story. But since they aren't, its the end of the story. Period. 

I'd like to see Survivor try to sue. That lawsuit wouldn't even last as long as Frankie Sullivan using his Charmin after a plate baked beans with beer. And, I wonder if he got permission from Charmin to use their name in his Facebook post??? And, what about cover bands playing their songs? Are they going to travel to every dive bar in the country and sue any band who might be playing it? How many cover bands even play Eye of the Tiger these days?

So, in closing, Survivor...Get over it. Please. You're embarrassing yourselves. And, the rest of the country...You get over it too. Having a different opinion is NOT a crime. Overreaching politicians making laws they aren't authorized to make is.

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