Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Geezer: These Farts Rock!

"Growing old is compulsory.
Growing up is optional."
-Bob Monkhouse

I got an email the other day, and I was wondering if someone was pranking me. I did a little investigation, and I was pleasantly surprised. Nobody was pranking me. The email was from one Gertrude Geezer, a feisty old woman, and she was telling me about the greatest band in the world. A band called Geezer, that her husband, Leonard Geezer plays guitar for. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Well, the baby of the band, bassist Calvin Sizemore is 75 years old.  Yep. The band is a group of old guys who rock harder than most of today's bands. And, they have their sites set on global domination.

Living out their golden years in a retirement home in Miami, field trips are common for them. Fortunately, human error is also common. One day last year, a field trip to Disney World was cancelled due to the van driver's mistake. They wound up at the Vans Warped Tour in Orlando. That gave singer, Harvey Geezer the idea to start a rock band 
Leonard and Gertrude Geezer
After that fateful day, the retirees dipped into their savings accounts and bought guitars, amps, microphones, PA, speakers, and drums, along with instructional video tapes. Before too long, they had a set list of original songs, and they are ready to rock!

I was so intrigued by the information I was provided, I had to speak with Gertrude Geezer. We spoke on the phone, and I am happy to say that I am more pumped to see these old farts in concert than I would be for an Iron Maiden concert. I told Gertrude this, and I'm guessing that her husband, Leonard was monitoring the call because he yelled "Gertrude isn't Myron's Maiden, she's mine, Sonny, and don't you forget it! And, who the heck is Myron???" I told him that I had no intentions toward his wife, and he told me that I had better not. Gertrude told me that she is Leonard's first wife, but he is her seventh husband. She is the band's booking agent, and she does a great job. So far, the only shows Geezer has done are preforming for the other retirees at the center. That has been well received for the most part, but as Gertrude explained to me, other old people are not the target audience. They want to play "Terrific Tunes for Terrific Teens." 
Harvey Geezer and Manager,
Gino Bagalini
And, the tunes are terrific. You can check out one of the songs on their demo tape...Yes, I said tape...on Youtube. California Sun. Its pretty groovy, and singer, Harvey Geezer enunciates very well. You can understand every word he says as he sings. Maybe he should just sing all the time. The guitar is better than most than I've heard in the local bars. In fact, so is the bass and drums, which makes me think that they could actually pull this off. They aren't just a novelty. They are GOOD. 

I spoke with manager, Gino Bagalini, he told me that he sold his restaurant to manage Geezer because he believes in them. His vision for them includes a world tour in the next year or so. He told me he's all in, and he's going to use the energy he used to make his restaurant a smashing success to make Geezer a worldwide phenomenon. Who wouldn't want to see this show? Gino told me that an entourage accompanies the band whenever they go. Nurses, and doctors. Because of their age, you never know what could happen. When they are on stage, the band sometimes forget how old they are, and they have to be ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.  
Calvin Sizemore on the bass!
(Or 4 string guitar)

So, after talking with the band's management, I decided I had to get Geezer on the Will and Thunder Show. <Ca-ching!> September 29, 2015 at 9:00 PM. Singer, Harvey Geezer will be joining us. Do NOT miss this.Click here. And, do not miss them in concert when they come to your town! You may not have much time to see them!

Geezer with their Management/ Medical Staff

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