Monday, August 10, 2015

Album Review: Overlord SR, Still Standing


...Somewhere, creeping through the night,
Out there, you'll be running for your life....

In the early 80's, Overlord SR (Then known simply as Overlord) became the first metal band in the state of North Carolina to be signed. They quickly were put onto the Metal Massacre VI compilation album, with their song, Keeper of the Flame. They gained notoriety from that song and a couple others, and toured the nation as supporting acts for bands like Savatage and more. However, they never really got headlining status nationwide. However, they own their hometown of Fayetteville, NC.

Well, they are Still Standing, as the name of their newly released album suggests. And, they are doing more than standing. They are kicking ass and taking names with their own brand of power metal.

This album could have easily followed their material from back then. It has the classic power metal feel of bands like Warlord, Manowar, and others. All those bands had their own unique sound, and so does Overlord SR. Their trademark is the powerful twin guitar attack of 'Wildman' George Koerber and Craig Dunham, along with the vocals of Steve Sosa. Most of the singers of that era tried to break every glass window within 3 blocks with their voices. Sosa doesn't. His voice is powerful and the 3 part harmonies of Sosa, Koerber, and Dunham fit perfectly...with power. And, the rhythm section with bassist, Bob Durocher and Drummer, known simply as 'Zip' will knock you down. So, when you see them in concert, hold on to your drinks. 
Before I get into the album, I would like to talk about their shows a bit. Expect to be blown away. The band does not take prisoners. They have a castle mock up on stage, with medieval weapons strategically placed throughout, and knights sword fighting to the death! Don't be a jerk at one of their shows. You might not walk out!!!. They even wear armor on stage. Its a great show, and you need to check it out when you get the chance. 
Bob Durocher, Craig Dunham, and Wildman George in armor
Notice the castle in the background!
Wildman George announces the victorious knight!
And now, on to the album:
I've used the word 'Power' several times so far, and that's intentional. Track 4 of Still Standing is called 'Power Metal.' And, if you look up the term on Wikipedia, there should be a link to this song. Its everything I think of when I hear that phrase. The album starts off with the pounding drum and galloping guitar opening of  'Shadow of Darkness.' It really lets you know what the band is all about, and what's coming. Basically, what is coming is the style of metal that has been overlooked in this resurgence of 80's metal, which is what the band wants to showcase. There are anthems like 'Creeping in the Night,' and 'Standing on the Edge of Time.' There is also a slow and surreal instrumental called 'Passages in Time.' The song, 'Under Fire' has a spectacular harmony guitar outro that will leave you wanting more. I'd bet this is their concert closer. If I was at one of their shows, and they closed with this, I would have to grab a beer, and scream for an encore...unless that WAS the encore, which would kick ass too. 'Hour of Souls' is a hard groove that will have your fists pumping. It closes with a rerecorded version of a classic, 'Full Speed Ahead.'  And, that is how the band plans to come at you. 

If you like the talented sound of pure, raw 80's power metal, Overlord SR's Still Standing is for you. It has everything you're looking for, and then some. Buy their album, and look for them on the road near you sometime soon!

Here is the band's contact info: Overlord SR's Website, Facebook pageReverbnation Page

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