Monday, February 23, 2015

Too Big For The Will and Thunder Show

There are a handful of guests that have booked on the Will and Thunder Show, and bailed without letting us know. And, they are all 80's rock/metal bands that WERE big, and apparently think they are every bit as big now as they were in the 80's. Here, we salute the bands who are too big for the show.

NOTE: this is not a slap at the band members. I was not dealing with the bands, but rather a manager. I imagine the band members would never have acted this way.

Bullet Boys: We not only had them booked, we had them on a special night to accommodate their schedule. So, on a special night, we waited, and no call, no show. Thanks, guys! I spoke with a band member via Twitter, and he told me that Marq Torien never even knew about the interview. Great management, huh?

Killer Dwarfs: I had been in regular contact with one of their managers. At first, he was friendly and seemed like he was going to come through with the band. All of a sudden, emails became one word answers, and then stopped altogether. Even though the manager had not cancelled, we booked another guest anyway. Of course, there was no call from the band.

Krokus: I sent them a request for an interview, and got a quick reply back, explaining that Krokus was a ROCK band, and not a METAL band, and that he had looked through our archive, and didn't recognize any names there. He also said that our show was not the band's market. I guess he didn't look very hard because if he had, he would have seen Helix, as well as enormous local/regional bands like 3D In Your Face, Wicked, and Scarlett Gypsy, all of which are 80's style authentic glam rock bands. We've also had Pamela Moore, aka Suite Sister Mary on Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime album. Whether the show fits Krokus's market or not, they have a new album out, and are gearing up for a US tour. You'd think they'd want to promote it.

And you arrrre???
So, there you go. 3 bands whose management thinks the bands are still playing sold out arenas and stadiums, and are too big for a little show like ours. We have had a jerky "manager" from an unsigned band too, but that was only one out of many. I can't even remember their name anymore. Hopefully, this list doesn't grow anymore, but if it does, I'll post the bands here. These managers need to know that any publicity is good publicity, and these days, the bands need all the publicity they can get. We are available to everyone, and while we are not That Metal Show, we may very well get there in time.

Like I said, this is not a jab at the guys IN the bands. Just their management who thinks their clients are above doing a show that isn't nationally syndicated or on VH-1. And, the door is still open for any band listed here. Like I said, I have nothing against the bands. I was and still am fans of those listed, and would see any of them in concert.

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