Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chronic Douche-Baggery: The Strange Case of Kanye West

Kanye Kanye Kanye! You, sir have some issues. At this point, I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said, but I might! Yeah, I was a little late to the party, but I still have to get this off my chest in my own words. Yes, I'm talking about the douchebag coming onstage at the Grammys when Beck was accepting his award, and the madness that ensued afterwards.

Let me first start off by saying that I am not a Beck fan. So, this piece will have nothing to do with me rushing to defend the honor of someone I'm a fan of. But, he is a gifted musician who not only plays multiple instruments, he also writes his own songs. Something that Beyonce does not do.

So, Kanye confronts Beck on stage, and at first it seemed like he was going to make a spoof of his infamous incident with Taylor Swift. That would have been bad enough, even if he hadn't opened his fly trap of a mouth after the show. This was Beck's moment, but Kanye is such an ego maniacal, narcissistic, pompous ass sociopath that he decided that he had to inject himself into the spotlight. He then said that Beck should "respect the artistry" and give Beyonce his award.

George Bush doesn't like douchebags and neither
does Barack 0bama.
So, let's break this down shall we? Kanye first came onto the scene where he was widely labeled as a douchebag back in 2005 in the post Hurricane Katrina relief effort where he was supposed to be doing a PSA with Mike Myers of SNL. Instead of saying his lines, he went off playing the race card, stating that "George Bush doesn't like black people." He went away after that for a while, but came roaring back in 2009 when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, saying that Beyonce had the greatest video of all time. Afterwards, President 0bama was captured on tape commenting on the incident, calling Kanye a "Jackass." The next 12 to 14 months were great because Kanye went into hiding. You have to imagine that Kanye was crushed and devestated by being dissed by his Messiah. That was probably the only thing that 0bama has ever said that I agree with. Kanye then went on several ego maniacal rants about how great he thinks he is, culminating with the Paul McCartney duet, where his fans tweeted that this Paul McCartney guy should thank Kanye for launching his career. Later, it was said that those tweets were just a joke, but I don't believe any of that. I think that Kanye orchestrated that whole story just to inflate his over inflated ego. Then, we get his latest pile of crap with Beck.

Beck responded from this with class, saying that he respected Kanye. That was likely Beck just being Beck. I think he made that comment in sarcasm. But really, how long has Kanye been around? He first came onto the scene in 2001. I can remember Beck's first single, Loser in 1993 or 1994. That album went platinum. Since then, Beck has assembled a very loyal following, similar to Grateful Dead and Phish fans.

You're a loser, Kanye, now
get off of my stage!
Now, is Kanye a talented guy? Debatable. He's won 21 Grammys, and directed films. He does write his own "songs." He even stopped using auto tune, which is something EVERYONE should do....although he can't sing worth a damn. So, even though I don't like his style of music, even I am capable of giving credit where its due, no matter how LITTLE credit is due. However, that all goes out the window because of his chronic douche-baggery. And, marrying the Kardashian twit doesn't help his case.

But the question here is what is the deal with this obsession with Beyonce? Respect the artistry? How about Beyonce and Kanye respecting Beck's artistry? How about Beyonce writing her own material? My guess is that would go over as well as Milli Vanilli singing with their own voices. And while we're at it, why doesn't Kanye respect Taylor Swift's artistry? She has been writing her own songs from the start. Beyonce is a great singer, but she is nothing more than a teleprompter reader with music. There's nothing original about it. You have Beck who is the lone writer of his songs, both musically and lyrically and you have Beyonce who has a team of writers making pointless R&B and pop garbage that will be irrelevant in 5 years after they've been milked for all they're worth. You also have Beck who goes onstage with a full band, and you have Beyonce who goes on stage with a group of dancers with microphones. Any music is played through the PA system. Why is lip synching so despised, but singers with no bands are not? Its the same thing!
DRUM SOLO!!! DRUM SOLO!!! Wait..Where's the drum set?
So, my question is simply this: Why in the hell is Kanye so obsessed with Beyonce to the point that he feels he needs to rush to her aid? Musically, Beyonce is nowhere near the same league as Beck, Taylor Swift, or even Kanye West for that matter. So, what is behind this borderline stalking?

I'd love to get him on the Night Time Fiasco <ca-ching!> so I can ask him. What do you say, Kanye?

I agree with such greats as Paul Stanley,  Steel Panther and others this issue.

UPDATE: I reviewed his piece of crap album. Click here.

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