Friday, January 2, 2015

WTF Is This Crap??? (Modern Pop)

You may have noticed that this is a heavy metal themed blog, so you may be wondering why I would concern myself with modern pop music. Well, its simple. Its because at my job, the GM thinks that modern pop music entices people to buy cars, so he blasts it throughout the entire dealership. There is no escaping it. And, since I am there 50-60 hours a week, these songs get stuck in my head. Various songs are the last thing I hear in my head when I fall asleep, and the first thing that pops in when I wake up in the morning. Its TORTURE! If they played this crap at Gitmo instead of Skinny Puppy, the terrorists would start singing like canaries, and we'd be able to exterminate all of them in a matter of days. But, this post isn't just me talking about how it modern pop sucks. I'll explain WHY as well.

Yes, I've (against my will) become an expert on the subject. But before we get into it modern pop, I want to go 25-30 years into the past. Why? Just be patient. It will all be clear in a few minutes.

Madonna and Maiden Mentioned
in the same PARAGRAPH???
I've gone on the record about how the majority of metal that has come out in the past 15 years can't hold a candle to the greats of the 80's such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even bands like Skid Row and Stryper. Its the truth, and the same holds true for pop. The hits of 80's pop stars like like Michael Jackson, and Madonna are still very much relevant today. Think a bit. You can more than likely name 5 songs from Jackson and Madonna. You may not have liked them, but you do remember the songs because they have substance, and were well written by someone who actually cared what they were going to release. Even the one hit wonders of the 80's are still very much relevant. Tainted Love? Whip It? I could name 20 more in 25 seconds if I tried. Do you really think that any of today's garbage pop music will still be relevant 30 years from now? Hell...Even 10 years from now? Didn't think so..Except on a satellite radio channel that 100 people worldwide listen to. I think that the only people who listen to today's garbage are the people subjected to it in their jobs and when they go to stores.

This is why modern pop acts don't use
real drummers.
The reason for this is because you have a group of 10 producers writing the majority of the songs out there. Therefore, they all sound the same. You can't even differentiate who is who. Its all just the same monotonous beat throughout the entire song with no change up at all. Its just 'bump-clap-bump-clap-bump-clap-bump-clap' through the whole damn thing. And sometimes, there's not even a bass beat. I've heard several that are just hand claps all the way through. No change up in the music either. Pop has become almost as bad as rap when it comes to music. Its the same one progression lick over and over again.
Tell me what to like, Mr Record Producer!
There is an explanation for why these producers have taken over the "mainstream" music and made it the modern day equivalent to cookie cutter boy bands. Recycling. It won't matter 5 years from now if nobody remembers today's crap because it will be used all over again with a fresh new face that sounds exactly like the previous singer, yet packaged as the next big thing. And, its evident in the young adults today. Ask any of them what kind of music they like, and they will all tell you "Oh pretty much everything." But you ask them if they like anything old good, and they are clueless. They can tell you the songs and "artists" who are popular currently in pop, rap, R&B, and even country because it all gets played on the same radio stations together. Its ridiculous.

Radio DJs don't even try to hide the fact that its unoriginal garbage anymore. One day, a particular song came on, and the DJ was giddy with excitement, saying "[Lame Singer A] had a chance to sing this song, but she passed on it, so that was lucky for [Lame Singer B] who got a hit out of it.

I am not telling you all this because I'm biased as a metalhead. There are good pop, country, etc artists who still write their own music, and REAL songs. They just aren't what the record labels want. Those people are on YouTube, and playing in your local clubs. Seek them out, and support them. If everyone does that, and stops buying into this garbage polluting the airwaves now, then maybe there will be some good music on the airwaves once again. Until then, keep your chin up and the volume up to 11. In the 80's, 'Video Killed the Radio Star.' Maybe now, we can throw out the cookie cutter and get back to real music.

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