Sunday, January 11, 2015

Three 'SERIOS' Decades

In 1985, Dead Lee Serios had a vision. It was a vision of an incredibly unique and dominant rock band. A blend of punk and metal, mixed with comedy. It was a vision that would establish Dead Serios as the premiere act in Central Florida. It became a reality, and they touched so many lives that the band's loyal fan base demanded more and more.

And the band delivered time and time again, and CONTINUES TO DELIVER after 30 years.

Dead Lee and a sacrificial
Dead Serios rose to prominence and achieved hero status in the late 80's to the mid 90's. They captivated audiences with funny and powerful songs, combined with a commanding stage show, led by Dead Lee Serios himself. It was not uncommon to see Mr Potato Head blasting pyrotechnics from his pipe, or Dead Lee leading a mosh pit with a Fisher Price lawnmower, then smashing it Pete Townsend style. You never knew what the band had in store for you, but you did know that you were going to get a show that you would never forget. Every time.

Bassist, Joe Delcorvo
It was also not uncommon to see the band sharing the stage with national bands such as GWAR, Saigon Kick, Hootie and the Blowfish, Marilyn Manson, Nuclear Assault, Faith No More, and many more. The band was loved so much that occasionally, the national act would actually get booed off the stage in favor of what they thought was just a local band eager to open for them. They left Central Florida humbled, and in a pretty bad mood. The band owned Central Florida, and it didn't take long before they gained national attention. Sadly, grunge happened, and Dead Serios went on hiatus. But, that would not last for long.

Drummer, Scooter Greenbud
The band would do an occasional reunion gig. That was enough to keep their long time fans clamoring for more, as well as to welcome new fans into the fold. But, in 2006, they played what was presumably the last show. In 2013, a local record label approached the band to produce a Dead Serios tribute album, which was recorded, but the band hadn't really considered reuniting....until bassist, Joe Delcorvo appeared on The Will and Thunder Show. <caching!>  We started talking about a reunion show with him, and that lit a spark in Joe. He then approached the other band members, and a reunion was planned. Next thing they knew, a promoter for the 80's in the Park festival contacted the band, asking them to open the whole thing. The band approved, and it was a huge success.

Guitarist, Steve Pooley
Now, on January 24, 2015, Dead Serios is playing a 30th Anniversary show at Melbourne FL's King Center. (Buy Tickets) Its a small and intimate setting that will showcase what will be the best stage show that the band has put on to date. It will feature props, and guest appearances, including one from yours truly. Yep. I get to introduce the band. I'm honored and very excited for the opportunity to be part of this historic show.

But, before the show, Dead Serios will be joining us January 20th on The Will and Thunder Show. They will be discussing everything from the history of the band to this upcoming concert. Band members, Dead Lee Serios, Steve Pooley, and Joe Delcorvo will be our guests. Thunder and I will also be talking about our own personal most memorable Dead Serios moments. So, check it out!

Dead Serios is a band that only comes around once in a lifetime. They have touched so many lives, and have entertained many more. Although there have been many different members in the lineup, every lineup delivered the same great experience. I count myself lucky to have been able to see them so many times, and to know the guys personally. Living in North Carolina currently, (I plan on moving back home soon) I hear people talk about local bands. And, while some are good, I pity the people here because they never got a chance to witness one of the greatest bands to ever kick ass on a stage. I'm not joking. They're Dead Serios!


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