Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CBS/Paramount Sues Star Trek Fans #Axanar

I'll be brief.

Star Trek Axanar is a fan made and funded Star Trek movie, starring Richard Hatch. (Battlestar Galactica) Paramount and CBS are suing the project for copyright infringement, which happens to coincide with the release of a new Trek series, and the upcoming movie, Star Trek: Beyond. 

Those are the facts.

Now, this is what I have to say to CBS and Paramount:

You people killed off Enterprise when it was getting really good. The Next Generation movies were mostly crap, and the 3 new movies (Star Trek, Into Darkness and Beyond) are garbage in the purest sense of the term. 

Star Trek has been dead for a very long time, and the fans aren't impressed with what JJ Abrams has done unless its Star Wars. Why in the hell would you sue people who are trying to make a good product? Are you worried that a fan created movie would make you idiots look bad? You're doing a good enough job of that on your own. Are you worried about competition? You know that Trek fans buy everything that comes out, so what's the problem? Do you think that they would see Axanar and skip Beyond? They should because the previews for Beyond make it look REALLY bad, but they won't. Many people have seen every single Trek film in the theater and are going to continue the tradition, just like Star Wars. So, since I've alleviated your concerns, the only one that remains is that you're worried about DVD and Blu Ray sales, and downloads. Here's a suggestion: Stop making garbage Star Trek! 

I don't buy the copyright infringement angle. Are you going to sue everyone who has done a Fan Fic? What about the people who recreated The Original Series with different actors? Why is their project any different than Axanar

You don't need this negative press. Suing fans? That's a dick move. It was the FANS that kept Trek alive for 50 years, not you people. And you never listened to them. Instead of suing them, how about you hire them and throw the unlimited budgets that you have into Axanar and make it an incredible film?

You people are amazing. Rather than making something good, you'd rather crush something good. Its pathetic. Drop the lawsuit and either back the people making the movie or leave them alone. The fans are sick of the crap you've been dishing out.

I'm just one small time blogger, but I think I am speaking for an overwhelming majority of Star Trek fans. I hope you do the right thing. And I hope someone in your organizations reads this.

Oh, and I wrote a fan fic years ago. Just an admission of guilt for your inevitable class action lawsuit against all Trek fans. And, in honor of Lemmy Killmister of Motorhead  (RIP) Here's a pic of him flicking you guys off.
This is for you, CBS
and Paramount!

#IStandWithAxanar #Axanar 

Geriatric Album Review: Geezer!

Holy Ebenezer!
I'm jamming to Geezer!

I've been very much anticipating doing this review. My new favorite band, Geezer has finally released their debut CD, and it delivers much more than arthritis pain medication. Although I could use some because of all the headbanging I did while listening to this CD. I'm well on my way to becoming a geezer myself. I've already written about them two times. That's how much I like them!

The CD starts off with the geriatric rock and roll anthem, Geezer Nation, chanting the line 'Let's get excited!" That got my head bobbing, as I realized that it is in fact a geezer nation. This blowout hit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Its catchy, and energetic and easy to remember. I could see a whole sea of kids chanting along with them. And that's the thing. This music isn't written to play in a smoky bar of people from age 35 and up. Its targeted to kids, but the older people dig it too, which is a plus!

Track 2 is Let's Go To The Beach. Probably a popular favorite in their retirement home on Miami Beach! Its another fun groove that will make you want to dance. (You, not me. I don't dance.) Although my six year old daughter was having a blast dancing to this one. Teenage Tragedy is a funny bit of irony. It speaks about mommy and daddy not loving you, but its coming from your grandfather! The song is on the album twice, once as its normal version, and second time, an acoustic version, or "Super Teen Remix."

There are several things that definitely stand out on this album. One thing is the enormous guitar sound. It sounds like it comes from a wall of Marshalls. I haven't heard that big of a guitar sound since...well, ever! I want to ask guitarist, Leonard Geezer what kind of rig he uses to get that incredible sound, but he doesn't hear too well, as I have found out in the past. And, when I saw them live, I couldn't get close to the stage to get a look because it was standing room only in front of the stage. 

Speaking of Leonard, I've mentioned before that he is an elite guitarist. The solos on this album are shred-tacular, and in the song Silly Putty Buddy, the solo is done in 4 breaks. I imagined singer, Harvey Geezer trying to hand Leonard an egg of Silly Putty and Leonard swatting his hand away during the breaks, then getting back to the solo. 

Another thing that stands out is the backup vocals by Sarah Jean Balarezo. She harmonizes well, and it accents the raspy vocals of Harvey.

The most powerful song on the album is Bad Luck, which Geezer seems to have none of. Its a heavy jam that is more metal influenced than anything else on the album. The rhythm section here is top notch. Calvin Sizemore and Victor Farnsworth are as tight and powerful as anything out there. 

Leonard, Harvey, Victor, Calvin
To say the band is talented is an understatement. I am in awe that they have only been playing for 2 years. I figure if they can get that good that quickly both on an individual basis and as a band, then anybody can do anything if they want it bad enough, and are willing to work at it. 

This album is a must have. You owe it to yourself to pick up a copy, and to crank it loud. I imagine that as the crowds get bigger, they will find themselves as headliners in no time. As long as they take their meds and naps, nothing will be able to stop them...unless they fall asleep Down by the Lazy River.

Hell...Their golden years rock more than my prime!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Movie Review: Creed

"One step at a time. 
One punch at a time. 
One round at a time."

We were all wondering what exactly the Creed movie, starring Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed would have in store for us. After the great movie, Rocky Balboa, many fans were wondering whether Stallone and company should have left well enough alone, or whether they could strike gold a second time. 

Some called this movie a reboot, some called it a sequel. Actually, it was both. A reboot in the sense that the main character from the previous films was a costar rather than the main character. A sequel in that it continued the storyline rather than starting it over again and retelling it. It expanded Rocky's story and took it in new directions while staying true to what made these films the best sports movie franchise of all time.

Most people, myself included were optimistic. However some were worried because Stallone didn't write or direct this film. Rising star director, Ryan Coogler did. The story features Adonis Creed, son of the legendary boxer, Apollo Creed. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps, even though Apollo's untimely demise happens before he is born. Although, he wants to box, he wants to become a fighter on his own merit, so he doesn't use his last name. He also had issues resulting from growing up without a father. So, he ultimately winds up in Philadelphia, seeking out Rocky Balboa for training. Rocky at first is hesitant to train Creed, but he ultimately decides to do it. Creed through a twist of fate winds up with a championship match with the champion of the world. The stipulation? He needs to change his name to Creed, which he eventually decides to do. (Sound familiar?) While it may sound familiar, it was done well, and didn't come off as rehash. That's because it wasn't.

Adonis Creed was good on his own
But wanted to be better, which
is why he seeks out Rocky

The movie does follow the template that was successful for Rocky in the past, but that is a good thing. This movie could have been a disaster if one single little thing had been done wrong. However, everything...and I mean everything was done spot on perfectly. 

As I watched it, I was thinking to myself that this movie should have been Rocky 5. But, I'm glad it wasn't because if it had, we wouldn't have had the character and story development that came to be in Rocky Balboa. Creed really expands on that story of Rocky as a punchy and brain damaged former champion who has lost just about everything. You see Rocky and Creed's relationship grow, and you realize that while Rocky is helping Creed, Creed is also helping Rocky. And even though Rocky is more like a Yoda type mentor than a fighter, he still winds up in a major fight, which is what Creed is helping him with. The relationships are done beautifully in this movie.

You see this guy here? That's the toughest opponent
you're ever going to have to face. I believe that's true in the ring,
and I think that's true in life. Now show me something
Creed, like its predecessor, Rocky Balboa is extremely well done, like I said before. Its one of the top films in the franchise. Better than 2,3, and of course 5. Its also better than Rocky Balboa, and it may even be better than 4. My main issue with 4 is that they over sensationalized everything. But, it was the 80's, so its okay. Nothing seems forced, and the lines are well rehearsed and delivered. Even the opponent's names are good. Let's face it, Stallone wasn't the best at naming the opponents in the films...A black man named Mason 'The Line' Dixon? Even in The Expendables 2. Villain? I rest my case. The antagonist's name in this movie is  'Pretty' Ricky Conlan. He is the world champion, and is from The United Kingdom. Like I said, something happens that gives Creed his shot. 

Creed and Conlan in the ring.
Conlan is played by Tony Bellew

Of course, there are side stories. For example, Creed has a love interest. A local aspiring singer, Bianca played by Tessa Thompson. She has issues of her own, and is a perfect partner for Creed. Also, we see Mary Anne Creed, Apollo's wife, played by Phylicia Rashad. She plays a prominent role in Adonis's upbringing, although its not what you might expect. All the characters in this film have their own demons that they are having to deal with. 

Creed and Bianca after the first match
On top of that, there are some new characters who are linked to original characters that you need to pay attention and keep an eye out for. And while nothing is force fed to you just for the sake of name dropping, its still really cool to see some of these people. 

Creed is a must see for every Rocky fan. It fits perfectly in with the rest of the franchise, and the entire movie tugs at your heart strings. At the end of the film, you want more. And, the weight of the emotions that run high throughout, it might feel like you got hit by Adonis Creed. This was the best movie I've seen in years, and I'll likely see it again before it comes out on DVD. It really fires on all cylinders. Sequels can sometimes get sidetracked, especially when its a film with a new director, and if it wasn't a story that was written to be a sequel, IE Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, etc. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear this was written back in the 70's along with the original story.

So, if I gave stars, I would give this movie a perfect 5 of 5. I loved it and you will too. Go see it! Now!

Oh, by the way...
We find out who won this fight.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Ongoing Assault on the Washington Redskins and Their Name and Logo

Hail to the Redskins And Their Awesome Logo!!! (5-22-14)

This story was originally posted in October of 2013, and its been updated several times on my old blog, including May 22, 2014. So, I decided to include the whole thing as a new post here.

Its the story that won't go away. Every couple years, various extreme minority groups challenge the Washington Redskins about changing their name. It is ridiculous, and it goes to ridiculous lengths. These groups accuse the Redskins name of being racist, offensive, bigoted, insulting, insensitive, and a myriad of other metaphors. These groups say that Native Americans are offended by the name, and the media is cheering them on. It happens, and everybody laughs at them, and they go away for a few years because they know their position is a lie. But they come back again later, and the cycle repeats itself.

At the end of this blog post, I will BUST the myth that Native American team and college names are offensive!

It has to be mentioned that these people are not including other teams that have Indians in their names:

Another team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs.No problem with that? I mean, I have heard people in arguments call their opponent 'Chief' in a negative way. Can't have that, now can we?

Hail to the Chiefs!!

Florida State Seminoles. How offensive is it to name not only your university but your football team after a whole proud nation of Native Americans? And, something has to be done about that stereotypical war chant the fans do in the stadium! Its RUDE, and whenever the team loses, it conjures up imagery of the great injustice inflicted upon them by the white man!

Hail to the NOLES!

I guess you could say the same thing about the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Blackhawks, and I'm sure there are even more when you get into the smaller universities, and leagues such as the Arena Football League.

So, why do they only go after the Redskins? Do they want to take their time, and nag these organizations one by one? Its because the Redskins are in Washington DC. The most pathetic cesspool of liberal driven political correctness...Well, next to Chicago...which has the Blackhawks. But, the US capitol is in Washington DC, and they figure if they can get the Redskins to cave, it will be easy to go after the other pro and major universities I mentioned. They have already gotten some of the smaller colleges to cave. Read this Wikipedia page about Newberry College in Newberry, SC. They were the Newberry Indians, and were declared unable to participate in post season activities unless they changed their name from Indians to something else. They caved, and are now the Newberry Wolves.

What's next? Is this offensive to Apache Indians??

But this story usually only lasts a week or two, or maybe a month tops. What is different about it this time? Well, wh
at do you think? Its because our grand dictator, Barack Hussein 0bama said that he thought the Redskins should consider changing it. And following suit like the little sheep that she is, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (The Wicked Witch of the West) chimed in, saying they should change it. And since the rest of the liberals do whatever 0bama and Pelosi do, these representatives jumped 
right on the bandwagon:
Reps. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) and Tom Cole (R-Okla.) and Dels. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) and Eni Faleomavaega (D-American Samoa) Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)

But, the timing is suspect to me. What story is running at the same time as this? Its the rollout of 0bamacare, and all the embarrassment it is causing the administration as lie after lie comes out about what is going to happen to people's insurance, and what they knew and when they knew it. 

The Redskins are the Nakoula Basseley Nakoula of the 0bamacare story. If you don't want to click the link, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is the man who made that anti muslim video that the 0bama administration blamed for supposedly inciting the Benghazi attacks that killed 4 Americans. He was arrested and held for almost a year on a minor charge. The difference here is that 0bama cannot put Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder in jail, although I'm sure he would if he could. Why? A smokescreen. A way to distract from the real story which is yet another example of the sheer incompetence of his administration.

We used BOLD caps, Sir!

DANIEL SNYDER HAS VOWED TO NEVER CHANGE THE REDSKINS NAME and for that I say "HAIL to Daniel Snyder!!!" He is sticking to his guns, and that can be hard to do with everyone in the government and media pouncing on you. 

Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III has also come out and supported the name...Kind of. He tweeted "In a land of freedom, we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness." And, I say "HAIL to RGIII!!!" Do NOT cave to the pressure. Keep the Redskins name and to the fans, I say to wear it loud and proud!

But, there are other reasons why these groups and the government are trying to pressure these institutions into changing their names. If they can successfully do it time and time again, people will get more and more used to being state controlled, and having the government gradually strip liberty after liberty away from all of us. That is what is behind this nonsense, and every single one of the people who are coming out against the Redskins know damn well what they are doing. 

That is part of it, another part of it is that people just want to go out of their way to be offended by anything, and raise a fuss about it. They feel that just because something offends them, they are absolutely right, and will not be denied their soap box. But they rarely even care about the issues they are spouting off about. Those people have no friends, and their families hate them. Can you imagine a family dinner with someone babbling on and on about whatever they happen to be offended about that particular day??

Personally, I would rather give myself a root canal with a hammer and a railroad spike.

Now, as promised, I will bust the myth that Native American team names and mascots are racist, insulting, etc etc etc.

I am sure there is a very small number of Native Americans who are offended by the Redskins name. To them, I would respectfully ask them to consider this: The bottom line here is that the names of these teams and schools is there to HONOR the Native Americans. People want to say that having a team called the Washington Redskins like having a team called the Washington Ni***rs. The last time I checked, nobody, and I mean nobody names their team after something or someone they hate. So, that blows holes in that theory. Can you imagine a KKK member saying "You know, I think I will buy a football team, and I'll call it the Washington Ni***rs???" No. You can't because it would never happen. You choose a team name based on something you respect and admire. Something that promotes power and intensity. You want your team to succeed and be great. Can a KKK person say they feel that way about African Americans? Honestly? That's what I thought. 

I mentioned the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, and Cleveland Indians earlier, and as I got deeper into the writing of this post, I felt compelled to post their logos too just for solidarity.

PS: For the record, I am not a fan of any of these teams other than Florida State. I don't watch baseball or hockey, and my NFL team is the Miami Dolphins. So, the names of those teams don't affect me from a fan's standpoint. However, they DO 100% affect me from the standpoint of being a FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!

Here's a thought for the Redskins...Maybe they should change the name. Just drop 'Washington' from it, and be the Maryland Redskins or the Virginia Redskins, whichever the stadium is closest to.

UPDATE 11-20-2013: Nancy Pelosi has suggested having a contest for the naming. Quote: "I think WE should have a contest for naming." WE as if she somehow has any authority on the subject. She then suggested the Red Brews. Great. Lets say they change the name to her suggestion, and it becomes the Washington Red Brews. 10 years down the road, Nancy herself will be heading up a coalition of liberals and media elite to change the name again because Red Brews can give the idea that binge drinking is ok. 

But, I do like her idea about a contest for naming. Let's have it. That way, the winning name can and will be REDSKINS!!!!!

UPDATE 11-30-2013:Apparently the Navajo Code Talkers,who in WWII relayed secret messages into Germany from the US in their native language endorsed the name Redskins. Recently, as part of the tribute to the military, several of these heroes showed up and were honored at a Redskins game, wearing jackets with the logo, and all said they were proud and honored to be part of the tribute. 
From the Washington Post: As a joint celebration of the NFL’s Salute to Service month and Native American Heritage month, the Washington Redskins recognized four members of the Navajo Code Talkers Association.
The code talkers were a group of Native American service members who transmitted secret communications beginning in World War II.

Four representatives — Navajo Code Talkers Association President Peter MacDonald Sr., Vice President Roy Hawthorne and members George James Sr. and George Boyd Willie Sr. — were recognized during a commercial break during the first quarter of the Redskins’ game vs. the San Francisco 49ers. They stood in the end zone nearest the tunnel that leads to the Redskins’ locker room and received a round of applause while a video tribute to the code talkers played.~Washington Post
So, to the liberal whiners who want to change everything just to make themselves feel better, I say PUT THIS IN YOUR PEACE PIPES AND SMOKE IT!!!

UPDATE 2-10-2014: Senator Maria Cantwell (D) Washington, and  Rep Tom Cole(R) Oklahoma have sent a shakedown letter to the NFL regarding the Redskins. "The National Football League can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur," the letter stated.
Cantwell told the newspaper the Indian Affairs Committee would "definitely" examine the NFL's tax-exempt status as a means to apply pressure.
"You're getting a tax break for educational purposes, but you're still embracing a name that people see as a slur and encouraging it," Cantwell told The New York Times.
The letter reiterated that stance, telling the NFL it's on the "wrong side of history." That's why, it stated, the NFL should "take a formal position in support of a name change."

So, the government is now threatening the NFL's tax exempt status unless the NFL Forces the Redskins to do what the politicians want. This is extortion. We have a bunch of thugs in office who's actions would make Tony Soprano blush.

“As the former Chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Senator Cantwell should be aware that there are many challenges facing Native Americans, including an extremely cold winter with high energy bills, high unemployment, life threatening health problems, inadequate education and many other issues more pressing than the name of a football team which has received strong support from Native Americans.
If the Senator wants us to change our team name, has she already told that to the team named ‘Redskins’ in Wellpinit, Wash., where the school’s population is more than 90 percent Native American?  We hope Senator Cantwell has visited with those students in order to hear their thoughts. We hope Senator Cantwell is aware how upset the students in Port Townsend were when they were forced to change their name.
In an ESPN report on Sept. 18, 2013, Tim Ames, the superintendent of Wellpinit schools stated, ‘I’ve talked to our students, our parents and our community about this and nobody finds any offense at all in it. Redskins is not an insult to our kids. ‘Wagon burners’ is an insult. ‘Prairie n—–s’ is an insult. Those are very upsetting to our kids. But ‘Redskins’ is an honorable name we wear with pride… In fact, I’d like to see somebody come up here and try to change it.’
Finally, why did Senator Cantwell send her letter to the New York Times before she had the courtesy of sending it to the NFL?  No one other than a politician does that.
Surely, with all the issues Congress is supposed to work on such as the economy, jobs, war and health care, the Senator must have more important things to do.”
Update: May 22, 2014
So, every time something negative in the news happens that could be harmful to the 0bama administration, the other branches of 0bama worshipers throws the media something to distract the drones from what is really going on. So, now the senate has sent the the NFL a letter signed by 50 Democrat senators demanding that the team change the name. The senators were emboldened by the (illegal) actions of the NBA toward Donald Sterling, so they decided to try once again to bully the Redskins into submission to change the name. Click here for a copy of the letter.

They just can't get past the bumper sticker slogan that the name is a slur. Newsflash: IT ISN'T!!!
I loved what the first paragraph of the letter said:

This month, Americans applauded the rapid and decisive reaction ?orn new National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver to the racist remarks of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Commissioner Silver sent a clear message that racism will not stand in the NBA.
So, just because a bunch of corrupt senators wanting something to make them feel like they made a difference says that something is racist, it is just because they say so? In a way, I want them to keep it up. Everything they don't like, they denounce as racist. Pretty soon, that word will mean everything, and it will cease to exist. But, Democrat politicians and about 30 liberal activists (community organizers) are the only ones screaming about this. The rest of us would much rather see the elected officials focus on things that matter like the economy, and trying to fix it rather than trying to change it into something that its not!

Its unbelievable to me to see these jerks in office trying to force a private organization into doing what they want. The Redskins and the NFL are both PRIVATE businesses. They get tax breaks, (which I am against) and because of that, the government thinks they should be able to dictate what the NFL does.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, I'm sure will stick to his guns. (I hope) I am not a Redskins fan, but I support them in this. The politicians can go french kiss a piranha for all I care. Maybe if they did, there would be less hot air, and we not only would be rescued from all of their asinine dribble, the global warming issue would go away too.


I will continue to update this story as it progresses. But really, all you need to remember about this issue is my quote from my previous post in blue. So, strap in! It ain't over yet, folks! Still, lets take a poll. Sound off!

UPDATE: 6-10-14. NBA Finals, Heat vs Spurs. A Democrat group of professional offended people has paid big money to run this ad during tonight's game 3. Note: The video also had Blackhawk and Seminole Indians in it. Yet no big tantrum about them, the Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Blackhawks, or any other Indian name. 

UPDATE: 6-12-14 Robert 'Two Eagles' Green, a retired chief of the Patawomeck Tribe in Virginia said that he would be offended if the Redskins actually DID change their name. 

I wish that someone would start a poll that tracks IP addresses so that people could only vote once. The poll would be a yes or no, and it should ask whether people think that the team should change its name. Then, all the newspapers, networks, sites, etc could share the poll. I'd be curious to see just how many people out there actually want the name changed. But, you and I both know that will never happen. Each news source would have to do their own poll, and insist that theirs was the best and most accurate one.

Update: -6-18-14: The US Patent office has cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark. More pressure from the tyrannical government, or this could even be some activists from within jumping on the bandwagon. The Redskins have basically told the Patent office to go pound sand, and that it in no way effects how they will conduct their business. This is really getting out of hand, but I am glad to see the Redskins sticking to their guns. This Dolphins fan stands with them in defiance of the tyrants who have taken this country hostage.
The Redskins response. Click to enlarge

It goes on and on and on....Update, 6-23-2014: It turns out that the Indian on the helmet was suggested by <brace yourself> A REAL NATIVE AMERICAN who wanted to see a real Native American on the helmet!  But, that won't stop anyone. This isn't about justice, or anything like that. Its about control, plain and simple.

HERE is another GREAT reason for the team to keep the name: Harry Reid says he will NOT attend any games until they change the name!

Thanksgiving, 2015: The Redskins tweeted out 'Happy Thanksgiving' to everyone. Butthurt pansies go nuts, demanding they delete their account. 

Here is the reply of this Miami Dolphins fan and Redskins supporter:

The Redskins can't even post a polite Happy Thanksgiving wish to their fans without the PC douchebags flying off the handle. The Redskins should say Happy Thanksgiving every hour all day.

-I will continue to update this blog as more stories surface.

If  you gotta change it though...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Packer Fan Calls Police Over $500 Banner

Go Panthers!

I've been very open about the fact that I am a life long, diehard Miami Dolphins fan. (Yes, I know we suck.) But, one thing that you might not know about me is that I like the Carolina Panthers almost as much. I moved to the Carolinas in 2002, and I was in Charlotte the night before the Super Bowl featuring the Panthers and Patriots. Leading up to the game, I was amazed at the brotherhood of the Panthers fans. The night before the game, you saw strangers running up to each other on the streets hugging, yelling "GO PANTHERS!!!" The city was alive with electric excitement, and it was a very special feeling...One that I am wondering if I will EVER get to experience from my beloved Dolphins. I rooted for the Panthers against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and was heartbroken along with all the other Panthers fans when they lost due to a last minute Patriots field goal. I've rooted for the Panthers ever since, and they have become my number 2 team, meaning that I will root for them against ANY team, unless they are playing my Dolphins.

So, that being said, you can imagine I'm pretty excited about their season this year. But, there are always poor sports in the crowd wherever you go. For example, when a team loses to the Patriots, there are fans who automatically accuse them of cheating...despite the fact that the team only had 2 wins to speak of, and were blown out. This time, we have a Panthers team that going into the game yesterday was 7-0. And, we have a Green Bay Packers team that was 6-1. The Packers were actually favored to beat Carolina. And, despite an incredible Green Bay showing in the 4th quarter, the Packer's comeback was stifled by an interception on 4th down. The Panthers held on to win 37-29.

But, we aren't talking about the actual game. We're talking about a group of Cheeseheads who brought a banner into the Panthers stadium that said "North Carolina Cheesehead" on it. Before the game, Panthers QB, Cam Newton noticed it, went up, and snatched it away from them. The fan, a disabled veteran (I bring that up because every article I've read about it mentioned that fact at least 3 times.) called the police on Newton, and is pressing charges. He also claims that the banner cost $500 to make. Yes, I said FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. 

This is the ($500) banner in question
Now, I've had banners made several times, and I know how much they cost. Judging by the picture, this one appears to be 4'x8' with brass grommets in the corners. I was thinking around $50 to make that banner. Since its been several years since I've had one made, I went to where I've had banners made in the past. Using Photoshop, I recreated the banner as closely as I could, (With one minor exception) including the grommets. See below:

So, I took a little creative license
It came out to $56.96. Pretty good guess on my part, huh? So my guess is this Packer fan was simply angry about losing to the Panthers, and if Green Bay had won, he wouldn't have cared. And since whenever someone gets pissed off about something, they always multiply any monetary value by a factor of 10. At least I'm hoping that's the case. If he paid $500 for that banner, he got ripped off. Plain and simple. 

Click pic to enlarge.
Now that this story has gone viral, Panther haters all over the internet have been chiming in with their brand of justice, saying that Cam Newton should be kicked off the team, thrown in jail, forced to pay back the $500 with a couple million in punitive damages, drawn and quartered, hung, shot, decapitated by guillotine, and many other punishments. The fact that this guy is a veteran isn't lost on the haters either. I've seen comments accusing Cam of being disrespectful to the troops, and nothing could be farther from the truth. He supports the troops and veterans immensely. As do I. If there's ANYONE who should be accused of disrespect for the troops or veterans, its whatever company charged him $500 for a $50 banner. And, he is also to blame for not shopping around if he actually paid that much for the damn thing. (Maybe its a local guy who charged him that much because he's a Packers fan?)

The fact of the matter is that Cam should do the right thing and either have another banner made (He can use my design if he wants) or return the banner. Nothing more. I've gone to Dolphins games in away stadiums before including in Charlotte, and I have done my fair share of trash talking. I saw the Panthers in Atlanta once too. Smack talking all comes with the territory, and I've done it, and I've never had a problem with any of the home team fans. But, I've never brought a banner into the stadium either. That's asking for trouble. Not to mention the fact that its a pain to lug a big banner around, and probably against stadium policy.

So, wrapping this up, Cam probably shouldn't have snatched the banner, and but this guy shouldn't have have gone to the media, claiming that it cost $500. That's insulting the intelligence of everyone who has ever bought one. If he did pay that much, I want to see a receipt. Personally, I don't believe it. So, Cam, just give the banner back or give him $60 and be done with it. In the end, that's what will happen in the very unlikely event this case goes to court, but you'll also be out court costs and time. It really isn't worth it. And my word to the guy...You really made yourself look silly by claiming that the banner cost $500. Not to mention how you looked when you called Cam Newton an evil asshole caveman. Not very becoming of a decent person if you ask me.

Cam Newton is a class act, and GO PANTHERS! (unless they're playing Miami)