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Dave Mustaine Blasted by Wussies at Metal Injection

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is a very outspoken person in everything he does. Its part of his personality, and its something you'd expect from the writer of songs like Peace Sells, but Who's Buying. And, one of the things he is most vocal about is politics. And for that, he is a target for anyone who disagrees with what he says. In this case, its the liberal left loonies who couldn't tell you a single line in the constitution.

On a podcast called, Hangar 19, Mustaine went on a rant about the current state of the country. His points were more or less that the country is in the worst shape that it has ever been in, and that anyone with their eyes open could see that. But, leave it to Metal Injection to spin his comments into something that they were not.

Metal Injection, a site where only liberals need apply constantly bashes Ted Nugent, calling him a racist bigot, etc. The usual. While Sweaty Teddy may be a loudmouth, his views on the country are in line with the constitution. As are Dave Mustaine's, and that is what this piece is about. From now on, I will be referring to Metal Injection as simply MI.

On Hangar 19, Mustaine said the following:

"Anybody that watches the news nowadays… I watch the news, I read voraciously, I am a New York Times best-selling author, so obviously I know a little bit about writing and reading, and when you think about what's going on in our world as we know it, especially our nation here, it has totally changed, and it's not the same country that it used to be. It's really a drag, and the gutless people in Congress won't do anything about it. You see what's going on with our borders."
Metal Injection has this picture on their site. Mustaine is
more of a patriot than ANYONE at that rag.
To that, MI rips into him, slamming him for using ghostwriters on his book...something that MANY people do, and I never hear any griping about anyone else using them. In a paragraph that is almost twice as long as what   Mustaine says, all MI does is rip on him personally. They take his spoken FACTS (and yes, they are facts.) and make fun of them similar to the way a child retorts when told something they don't want to hear. Newsflash..There are murderers, thieves, and rapists crossing the border daily, and they are being bused on taxpayer funds to cities all over the US where they are given welfare, etc. That is what Mustaine was talking about on the border. It had nothing to do with Mustaine whining about the government. It was a FACT, and if you researched it, rather than being spoon fed what CNN and MSNBC wants you to believe, you might know it.

MI then moves onto what Mustaine said next, and once again, rather than address what he actually said, MI tears into him for daring to speak against 0bama. Here's Mustaine's quote:
"I live in San Diego, and I can get along peacefully with any nationality and anything like that, because I'm an international rock star, but when it comes down to destroying a country for pandering to lobbyists and stuff like that?! Hum-um. The Supreme Court rules 9-0 against the President overusing his powers? Hello?! In 2008, I said that [President Obama] was gonna be the most divisive president ever, and I was right. He's got the lowest approval ratings in the history of America.
Dave Mustaine said something mean
about 0bamaaaaa!!! WAAAHHH!!!
On that paragraph, MI focuses on the line where he says that in 2008, he said that 0bama would be the most divisive president, and ask if we are supposed to think that he was a Nostradamus or seer. They then babble about Lincoln being more divisive. First of all, MANY people predicted that 0bama would be the most divisive president ever. It wasn't that hard of a thing to call. One line MI ignores is when Mustaine says that the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 against the president overusing his power. Guess what...They DID. TWENTY times so far!! And even overturned a couple of laws that the president enacted unilaterally, bypassing Congress. But, no comment from the peanut gallery MI there.

The final paragraph that MI whines about is this:
"I had the surgery on my neck and I was going to get a doctor's appointment yesterday to get a CT scan, 'cause I've got a pinched nerve, and they said, 'Well, we've gotta apply to see if you can get approval for a CT scan.' And I said, 'You know what?! I'm a freakin' millionaire, and for me to have to go in there and ask somebody to get an X-ray? Shame on you, guys. 'Cause if you're doing this to me, what are you doing to the middle-class, what are you doing to the lower-class people?' I was a poor kid, but that stuff pisses me off. And that's gonna come out in the [next Megadeth] record, trust me!"
And once again, MI ignores Mustaine's point, and tries to smear him personally, saying that he is ranting against the crappy health care system put in by politicians that HE voted for. Seriously, I doubt that Mustaine voted for any politician who was in favor of 0bamacare. But, even if he did, that's not the point. I voted for George W Bush, but I was against his bloated spending, expansion of government, (both of which have been rendered insignificant by the spending and government expansion under 0bama) and the Patriot Act.

Metal Injection gots nuttin to say bout me.
Just because you vote for someone doesn't mean you are mandated to agree with everything they say or do. Mustaine's POINT was that even though he was financially able to pay for any procedure he might need, some government hack was telling him that he had to get permission to get a CT scan. This is something that would have been unheard of 5+ years ago, but now that we have 0bamacare, that is a reality for everyone. Basically, healthcare is screwed. But, MI just twisted his words, making it seem like all Mustaine was doing was flaunting his money. Newsflash, its RAPPERS who do that, but I don't see any condemnation of them for doing it. Why? Most of them are 0bamabots as well, and 0bamabots never call out 0bamabots for anything. 0bamabots that can't name one single accomplishment he has other than getting bin laden, or 0bamacare, which all they say is "free healthcare for the poor!" Ask them for any detail, they get a confused look on their face, then call you a racist.

0bama said that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. That was a lie. I liked my plan, but when 0bamacare was implemented, the cost of it doubled, and I could no longer afford it, so I had to drop it, making myself not only uncovered, but also a criminal under 0bama's laws because its illegal to not have health insurance! I liked my plan just fine, and I was not allowed to keep it...and since I dropped my coverage, I have had 2 spots of skin cancer form on me, and I can't get them treated. Thanks, 0bama. I really wish you'd explain to my face how your shitty law is so great!
Anyway, my point is to illustrate how MI operates. They are in the tank for all things 0bama, and they know nothing about what he is doing. Yet, when someone like Dave Mustaine comes around who DOES know what is going on, they twist his words, call him names, etc rather than listening to what he is saying. And, I predict that even though this is a small blog, if someone at MI reads it, they would be ready to defame me, and trash me in one of their articles....until they get to this paragraph when they realize that I predicted exactly what they wanted to do. Basically, I have just guaranteed that I won't be quoted in their little 0bama cheerleader forum. Whatever.

Basically, I agree with everything Mustaine said. And, the way MI is whining certainly is not metal. Its more like what you would expect to see on some Hollywood rag where all they do is salivate with excitement over which coddled celebrity is marrying which coddled celebrity, or which celebrity is pregnant and worshiping the couple like making babies is something that only celebrities can do. The only thing those rags do other than worship celebrities these days is worship the 0bamas.

...It gives me a migraine headache
Stooping down to Metal Injection's level...
So, Dave Mustaine, keep on kicking ass. Very much looking forward to that next album. Metal Injection, Your Countdown to Extinction is well underway. You want to report metal news, do it. Fire your writers who might as well be writing for an MSNBC blog, and report METAL! Whining about what someone said that you disagree with and calling them names is not metal. Right now, you're acting more like pussies than metalheads. If this is what you want to write about, go cover pop. I'm sure Justin Bieber will give you plenty to cover.

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