Monday, June 2, 2014

Sugar On The Dashboard..Young Blood in the Dirty South

Your new favorite band?

Rock, alternative, fun and catchy! All words that could describe Atlanta's own 'Sugar on the Dashboard.' Young, and ready to take over, they have already carved out a name for themselves in the ATL. They have headlined their own shows, as well as opened for touring bands. And, they are all in. This is the dream, and they are accepting nothing less than success in the music business, and they bill themselves as "your new favorite band." And, with the talent shown, they very well could be.

They have just completed an EP called Discovery is Dead, and the quality of not only the music, but the recording as well, they are on their way. 

Sugar on the Dashboard are:
Brayden Gomer- Vocals/Guitar
Britt Spurka- Lead Guitar
Austin McEwen- Bass
Ryan Calatayud- Drums
Ryan Calatayud
Britt Spurka
Brayden Gomer
Austin McEwen
They are in their late teens,but their music is mature. They have the positive vibe of The Foo Fighters, and the groove of Social Distortion. However, a wide variety of influences is present in their music that creates a style all their own. From the EP, Mr. Role Model is a defiant statement to false role models who do not live up to their titles..Like athletes and actors maybe? All the songs seem to be a testament of a young man as he emerges into adulthood. Somebody Else for example is exactly that. But, don't think for one minute that these are songs about rebellion and young angst. They are not. The lyrical content shows a level of maturity that is missing in certain bands that are 10+ years older than them. 

But, don't just take my words for it. Keep your eyes open for the band to play in your area. They are planning a tour soon, and as is the case with any young and talented band, they are going to evolve. I expect good things from them in the future, as long as they keep it up, and don't get distracted. I'm not sure what their album title, Discovery is Dead means, but that doesn't matter. Its a cool title, and now that I've mentioned it, it will get you thinking too. Now, its in your head. 

So, get the EP now. Sugar on the Dashboard is a very good band, and you owe it to yourself to check them out. Here is their Soundcloud page Facebook Page and Twitter

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