Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mick James and His Sleazy Concept Album, 'Mick James is Dead'

There have been all sorts of concept albums released over the years, with just as many great concepts. A trip into the drug induced nightmare of a spoiled rocker, a criminal mastermind who brainwashes a kid into committing many murders of politicians, a man going through a psychotic experience as he cares for his grandmother, and many more. However, there's never been one from a first person account of dying....Until now. Mick James's Mick James is Dead is just that. Its a sleaze rock home video of the artist's tragic demise.

Mick is very well connected. He's a very talented musician and songwriter who has collaborated with the likes of Jonathan Davis of Korn and Criss Angel for the music of Angel's show, Mindfreak. In fact, the theme is pretty much all Mick.  He has also done music for the NFL on CBS, Real Housewives of Miami, MTV's Cribs, That Metal Show, and much more. He also owns Freedom of Speech Recording Studio in New York, and he also has his own signature guitar and bass line with Carparelli Guitars. He has collaborated with many different people, now he has released his debut solo effort, Mick James is Dead. 

The recording of the album caught the attention of many rock and metal greats such as Tony Harnell of TNT, Bumblefoot, Bobby Rondinelli of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Blue Oyster Cult, and Snake Sabo of Skid Row. All of these musicians play parts on the album.

Mick James is Dead is a mixture of sleaze rock, deep tuned crunch metal, with occasional electronic overtones. Mick's raspy voice fits perfectly with the music on the album. Picture Korn meets LA Guns meets Rob Zombie. It sounds original, but that's the best comparison I can come up with. This album needs to be turned up to 11 for the whole effect to be felt. The guitar work is solid, and the solos are skillful. The bass and drums punch you in the stomach. Hard. But, that doesn't compare to the overall attitude of the album, with lines like 'I'd rather be dead than to kiss your ass,' and the Grim Reaper telling him that he was a sorry SOB, and that he would like to piss on his grave. Good stuff!

From the opening of the album, which is the closing of a concert to a party in which a manager tells him that ha has an early sound check the next day, which he misses due to living the life to a rendezvous with an undead siren, to the reliving of his life in Reality Check/Rest in Peace to the finale, Crash, this concept album is pretty easy to follow. Its the death of a rock star told in a way that will make you think that he is speaking from first hand experience.

If you like heavy, raunchy deep grooving rock and metal with attitude, this is definitely for you. Its very well produced and sounds great (which is a testament to Mick's recording studio) and if you buy a hard copy, you will wear it out. If Slayer is the music they play in Hell, then Mick James is Dead is the music you listen to on the way there while guzzling booze and juggling the women. Buy it and crank it!

Here is a mini movie from the album featuring the first 2 tracks, Goodnight and Speeding Like a Fiend. (featuring Snake Sabo)

Also, check out our interview with Mick on the Will and Thunder Show! <ca-ching!?

Mick's website 

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