Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kim Jong Un: Don't Rerease Rogen Movie...Ror Relse!

You are making me rerry angry! Get me Dennis Rodman
at ONCE!!!
I read the news today oh boy...Seems that Kim Jong Un of North Korea has gotten his panties in a wad over a new Seth Rogen film, The Interview. Its a movie that portrays the assassination of Kim Jong Un. And in a comical development, Un has decreed that making and releasing that movie is "AN ACT OF WAR!!!"

So Un wants to declare war the on US because of Hollywood? My knee jerk reaction is to say to bring it on, but our weakling president would probably buy him off with all the weapons and money that he wants, and release 10 more Gitmo terrorists. And, our media would praise the act as "not appeasement, but courageous diplomacy."  Although it would be hilarious to see all the Hollywood elite trying to rally support.

Un initially only condemned Seth Rogen. If it was because Rogen is not funny then I completely understand. I labeled him as the anti-funny a long time ago after seeing his Mall Cop movie. Creepy? Yes. Bland and Boring? Yes. Funny? Uhhh...No. Don't even get me started on him as the Green Hornet. That was almost as bad as Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble.

So, lets look at this realistically. I have wondered if Kim Jong Il saw Team America: World Police. Now, I am assuming that either he did not or he had a sense of humor. I'm betting on the former though. I think that if he had seen Team America, his reaction would have been similar to Un's reaction to this Rogen film. He has also called it an act of terror. That's funny. Butchering his people for no reason is not terror, but a crappy movie by a bad actor is? And, I didn't see Un or Il calling Team America or the film that was released portraying the assassination of George W Bush during his presidency an act of war, disrespectful, or anything else. So, why should we believe this was anything other than yet another temper tantrum from Un to get his name in the spotlight again?

Un has vowed a "merciless retaliation" if this movie is released. If it is released, and Un does launch an attack that manages to kill Americans (like maybe FOUR Americans?) I have a couple questions. 1, if Un does attack, will the 0bama administration track down Rogen and the director of the movie and arrest them? 2, What makes Un Think that such a retaliation would have any chance of being successful? In a previous post, I brought up the Red Dawn remake. This is what I wrote about it:

Red Dawn: North Korea invades us? Riiight. No wonder Kim Jong Un is so emboldened lately. He probably thinks that the movie is actual United States news footage from when his uncle was in charge.

This whole thing is interesting. I will be watching to see if the movie is actually released, and whether or not the movie studio will cave in fear. If the movie is actually released, I will be watching to see if Kim Jong Un does launch a retaliation strike. If he launches a strike, I will be watching the 0bama administration to see if they do in response whether the strike kills Americans or not. If that happens, I will be watching to see if the movie makers are arrested because if Americans are killed over it, this actually WILL be a reaction to a video that resulted in Americans dying.

So, just a little bit to think on over the next couple months. Personally, I doubt Un does anything at all. Although I am a little pissed because I am going to have to go see this movie. I can't stand Seth Rogen, but this movie has to be released, and it has to be a box office hit. Thanks alot, Kim Jong Un, you little nephew of a cockroach! I will not only see this movie, but I will give it a great review even if it sucks (which it will because Seth Rogen is in it) JUST TO PISS YOU OFF! 

I do have to give props to Rogen on the way he is handling the situation
God Bless America, and go see The Interview when it comes out. Stand up for free speech!

UPDATE: 7-18-2014, Kim Jong Un has appealed to 0bama to get the movie banned from being released.
Sadly, I believe that there is a chance that he will do it. Why? Because he is a douchebag that gives dictators everything they want. 

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