Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finnish Symphonic Metal Band, Severnica and Their EP, Long Lost Longing

From Turku, Finland comes yet another amazing progressive/symphonic metal band called Severnica. From the US comes another rap band with zero talent. I think I need to take my show, and vocal/guitar abilities somewhere they would be appreciated. I don't know..maybe Finland? Sweden? Denmark? But then, there would be nobody in the US to tell everyone how much awesome great music comes from there. Oh well...Guess I'm staying and taking one for Team USA.
Still, the metal coming from there is amazing, and Severnica is no exception.

Most of the progressive/ symphonic metal is heavy on the keyboards. It adds mystique, and intrigue. Severnica is driven by keyboards, as all 4 of the songs on their EP, Long Lost Longing start with them. Its a little wrinkle in the genre that gives Severnica a uniqueness...All of these bands have a uniqueness to them which makes this genere of heavy metal even more interesting. 

As I said, the music is driven by the keyboards, by Teemu Yolmunen, but that is not to imply that anything else is lacking. It isn't. Tuomo Schwela is a very skilled guitarist, who also offers up the powerful guttural vocal performance, as in the song, My Journey. You can hear it in the guitar rhythms, and his solos. Timo Vilppu and Ville Vainio function as a very tight and thundering rhythm section. But, the vocals are amazing. Singer, Maarit Nieminen has a celestial and beautiful voice. She is very powerful, yet still tender. Its refreshing.

  Maarit Nieminen, Vox          Teemu Tolmunen-Keys,        Tuomo Schwela-Guitars/vox        Timo Vilppu-Bass                Ville Vainio, Drums  

Also, for those of you (like me) who don't speak Finnish, the word 'Severnica' translated means 'Polaris' or 'North Star' which is the brightest star in the sky. Pretty damn good name if you ask me. 

And, if their debut effort is any indication of things yet to come, they will be on tour with bands like Epica, Nightwish etc soon enough.

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