Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kim Jong Un: Don't Rerease Rogen Movie...Ror Relse!

You are making me rerry angry! Get me Dennis Rodman
at ONCE!!!
I read the news today oh boy...Seems that Kim Jong Un of North Korea has gotten his panties in a wad over a new Seth Rogen film, The Interview. Its a movie that portrays the assassination of Kim Jong Un. And in a comical development, Un has decreed that making and releasing that movie is "AN ACT OF WAR!!!"

So Un wants to declare war the on US because of Hollywood? My knee jerk reaction is to say to bring it on, but our weakling president would probably buy him off with all the weapons and money that he wants, and release 10 more Gitmo terrorists. And, our media would praise the act as "not appeasement, but courageous diplomacy."  Although it would be hilarious to see all the Hollywood elite trying to rally support.

Un initially only condemned Seth Rogen. If it was because Rogen is not funny then I completely understand. I labeled him as the anti-funny a long time ago after seeing his Mall Cop movie. Creepy? Yes. Bland and Boring? Yes. Funny? Uhhh...No. Don't even get me started on him as the Green Hornet. That was almost as bad as Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble.

So, lets look at this realistically. I have wondered if Kim Jong Il saw Team America: World Police. Now, I am assuming that either he did not or he had a sense of humor. I'm betting on the former though. I think that if he had seen Team America, his reaction would have been similar to Un's reaction to this Rogen film. He has also called it an act of terror. That's funny. Butchering his people for no reason is not terror, but a crappy movie by a bad actor is? And, I didn't see Un or Il calling Team America or the film that was released portraying the assassination of George W Bush during his presidency an act of war, disrespectful, or anything else. So, why should we believe this was anything other than yet another temper tantrum from Un to get his name in the spotlight again?

Un has vowed a "merciless retaliation" if this movie is released. If it is released, and Un does launch an attack that manages to kill Americans (like maybe FOUR Americans?) I have a couple questions. 1, if Un does attack, will the 0bama administration track down Rogen and the director of the movie and arrest them? 2, What makes Un Think that such a retaliation would have any chance of being successful? In a previous post, I brought up the Red Dawn remake. This is what I wrote about it:

Red Dawn: North Korea invades us? Riiight. No wonder Kim Jong Un is so emboldened lately. He probably thinks that the movie is actual United States news footage from when his uncle was in charge.

This whole thing is interesting. I will be watching to see if the movie is actually released, and whether or not the movie studio will cave in fear. If the movie is actually released, I will be watching to see if Kim Jong Un does launch a retaliation strike. If he launches a strike, I will be watching the 0bama administration to see if they do in response whether the strike kills Americans or not. If that happens, I will be watching to see if the movie makers are arrested because if Americans are killed over it, this actually WILL be a reaction to a video that resulted in Americans dying.

So, just a little bit to think on over the next couple months. Personally, I doubt Un does anything at all. Although I am a little pissed because I am going to have to go see this movie. I can't stand Seth Rogen, but this movie has to be released, and it has to be a box office hit. Thanks alot, Kim Jong Un, you little nephew of a cockroach! I will not only see this movie, but I will give it a great review even if it sucks (which it will because Seth Rogen is in it) JUST TO PISS YOU OFF! 

I do have to give props to Rogen on the way he is handling the situation
God Bless America, and go see The Interview when it comes out. Stand up for free speech!

UPDATE: 7-18-2014, Kim Jong Un has appealed to 0bama to get the movie banned from being released.
Sadly, I believe that there is a chance that he will do it. Why? Because he is a douchebag that gives dictators everything they want. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Do I Think About grunge?

From time to time, when I mention the fact that I don't like grunge, whether in this blog, on Twitter, or the Will and Thunder Show, <ca-ching!> someone will message me and try to point out the error of my ways. They try to rewrite history, and tell me that these grunge bands were actually something decent to listen to. And, my favorite thing they say is "You say you like Alice in Chains! They are a grunge band!"

Read on, folks. By the time I'm done with this, you will know my exact feelings on grunge, what fueled it, and why I hate it now more than I did in the 90's. And, grab a drink. This is a long one.

First of all, let's get this out in the open. Alice in Chains is NOT a grunge band. They aren't now, and they never were. Alice in Chains is and always was a METAL band. Some of the plaid shirt wearing crowd may not realize this but Alice in Chains was selected to open the Clash of the Titans Tour, which featured Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer. It was that tour that put AIC on the map. Can you plaid people honestly tell me that you think that Nirvana or Pearl Jam would have been a good fit to open that tour? Not to mention the fact that the tour started a few months BEFORE Nirvana first premiered on MTV. And, please stop telling me that AIC came from Seattle, therefore they are grunge. Just because a band comes from Seattle doesn't mean that they are a grunge band by default. Jimi Hendrix came from Seattle. Heart came from Seattle. Queensryche came from Seattle. Are they grunge?

Next, I always get asked about Soundgarden. People ask me why I don't like them. They try to tell me that they are a metal band just like AIC. Not true. They are a grunge band, just a little bit heavier than most. And, I know that Soundgarden was out long before grunge. They were considered 'alternative metal.' Translated: GRUNGE! Now, as a friend pointed out to me, Soundgarden won the award for Best Grunge Band. They said that they saw themselves more as a metal band, but appreciated the award. What a pantload. The metal thing to do would be to say "Look, we aren't a f**king grunge band. Keep the damn award." But, they kept it. Then, if Soundgarden was NOT a grunge band, what happened with Temple of the Dog? That most certainly was a grunge band, and Chris Cornell formed it not only another member of Soundgarden, but also Eddie Vedder, another member of Pearl Jam and a member of Mother Love Bone. All grunge. They also did their fair share of whining about going mainstream. So, if it looks like a duck....

Chris Cornell did a long interview
whining because the Black Hole Sun
single was released too early.
Anyway,what also makes me laugh about this is I never said that grunge bands as a whole had no talent. But, people remind me that Soundgarden has talent. Are they admitting that most grunge bands had no talent?

On the talent issue, some of the grunge bands had good musicians. Like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc . However, some most certainly did not. Like Nirvana. And before you go off half cocked defending Cobain, let me say this: Kurt Cobain may have been a good guitarist. Only those who knew him knew for sure because he sure as hell didn't show any talent in any of the songs Nirvana did. And, another argument is that Cobain was a great lyricist. Big deal. Rappers are very good lyricists. Nobody ever tries to call them great musicians. Edgar Allen Poe could have been considered a great lyricist. Nobody ever said he was a great musician. Quoth the Raven.

Speaking of talent, while some of the bands had it, the "musicians" that were influenced by the genre sure as hell did not. In every era of Rock and Metal, the goal of kids learning to play was to see how good of a guitarist, singer, bassist, or drummer they could be. However, when grunge became mainstream, all the kids thought that if they could play Smells Like Teen Spirit on guitar, they were great guitarists. And what the hell was up with those weird shaped guitars? Or, if they could use a low to mid range voice and whine through their noses, they were great singers. Suddenly, the only thing that was cool to write about was how depressed you were, or how your life sucked. It was not a good time.

Sebastian Bach, and Steve Vai suck! Now listen to us whine
through our noses, and our guitarist bang 4 chords on an
out of tune guitar, and watch us sway back and forth!
Grunge did not kill rock and metal, but it put it in critical condition. Every Rock/Metal genre prior to grunge paid homage to its predecessors with tributes, and all other types of respect. Grunge musicians had zero respect for their predecessors, and openly slammed them. They alienated themselves, and therefore, there are no respected grunge musicians of note today..Other than Dave Grohl, but he is an extremely talented musician, who pays homage and respect to all of the greats who came before him. The exception to the rule. So how did it hurt Rock and Metal? By telling a generation that you didn't need to be great in order to succeed. Look at what it spawned. A bunch of rap rock and simplistic music. 20 years of musicians who were considered great, yet couldn't hold a candle to an average 60's, 70's, and 80's musician. I remember being at a local show and after the band played, this guy begged to be let on stage to play a song. He had brought one of those goofy looking guitars with him, and he sat down and played Glycerine by Bush. He thought he had done something special too. Other bands like Green Day are considered to be great musicians too, when all they do is play 4 chords.

Nirvana and other grunge bands
whined about success. But, I never
saw them do a tour for free.
Simply put, I hate grunge. I despise it. I would rather listen to country than listen to those whining hypocrite douchebag garage bands who played shows to get noticed, then whined even more once they were noticed. So, why do I hate grunge? It sucked. By the definition of 'asshole' in Team America: World Police, grunge was/ is an ASSHOLE! But luckily, over the past 5-10 years, this new crop of bands is turning it around. Kids want to be good musicians again, and its showing. The 80's bands are having a major resurgence, and seeing lots of kids in their teens and twenties coming out to their concerts, and they are buying the albums. Grunge, nu metal, and the contemporary rock/pop that has plagued us for so long is a stain that is fading away. So, in the loud, awesome, and TRUE words of Steel Panther: 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tesla: Simplicity

All the 80's Glam and Hair Bands are reforming, and releasing brand new albums. Festival tours are popping up all over the place, and 80's rock and metal is returning from the dead. Yet another one of the legendary 80's bands, Tesla has stormed back onto the scene with their latest, Simplicity. And, in honor of the theme of this album, this will be a simple review. The first track, MP3 is the anthem leading the charge about technology, stating that its taken us from the phonograph record to the MP3.

'Simply' speaking, Simplicity seems like Tesla never took any time off. It falls into succession alongside Mechanical Resonance, The Great Radio Controversy, and Psychotic Supper. Heavy, guitar driven blues and good ol' Rock N Roll. Singer, Jeff Keith sounds like he hasn't aged a week since Psychotic Supper, and Frank Hannon is back with a vengeance on the guitar and the piano. His solos never sounded so good. Drummer, Troy Luccketta and bassist Brian Wheat are solid as ever, and Wheat also rocks out on the Piano duties. Joining them is guitarist, Dave Rude.

Songs on the album are easily the next step in progression from previous albums. For example, the song Cross My Heart is a good soul filled blues jam with piano, and mean guitar, reminiscent of What You Give. Honestly is a nice ballad with great vocal harmonies, that a tribute to those who put others ahead of themselves, and are just a <heard this word before?> 'Simple' man, doing his best in this jungle of a world. Flip Side is another great acoustic jam that slams into a heavy Blues alleyway. My favorite song on Simplicity is Time Bomb. Its heavy, bluesy, raunchy, with a metalized speed demon solo. Its mostly in the vein of Heaven's Trail. 

Tesla successfully kept this album simple, which is something they never had a problem doing. Tesla always had a way of keeping it simple, and not really changing lanes from the music that got them to the top in the first place. 'Simply' put, if you loved Tesla's previous albums, you will love this one too. Buy it!

Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat, Jeff Keith, Dave Rude, Troy Luccketta
I said it would be a simple review, didn't I?

All Access to PA Glam Band, Scarlett Gypsy, New Album, 'All Access'

You could say that York, PA's authentic glam band, Scarlett Gypsy is their best kept secret. They formed in 1991, right as grunge was beginning to rear its ugly head. But, even though most of the other glam bands broke up, they stayed together with their original lineup, making music and making the people in northern PA fall in love with them. They have played in front of thousands in their region, but never really made it past that. Now, with the resurgence of 80's glam, they have decided that its time to go out and play. So, they put together their long awaited debut, All Access.

All Access is a raw and hard driving glam rock album that would fit right in the CD rack with bands like Warrant, Firehouse, and Twisted Sister. Its gritty sleaze anthems like Lov'n Shuv'n and the Sleazy Blusey treat, Tuff -E- Nuff are a breath of fresh air in contrast to today's whining and guttural screaming singers. Its a treat served with nasty lyrics served up with a nasty groove as well. The songs are complimented by 2 great power ballads that will make you reach for your lighter. When You See Me, and Without Your Love. Other songs have a cool driving groove like Is This Love, which is a rock and roll anthem that will take you back to the when wearing leather in 98 degree weather was 'cool.' 

One song that is a huge crowd pleaser is Black Betty. You may not know this, but Ram Jam did not write this song. I didn't know this either. It originated in the 1800's, and is believed to be a song that slaves sang as they were working. Although, I like Scarlett Gypsy's version better. It sounds more METAL! (Sorry, Ram Jam!) 

The band is very talented, and their music reflects the fact that they've been together for so long. You can find videos of them in concert on their YouTube page, as well as their music videos. Stop what you're doing right now, and watch this video for Don't Forget My Name.

Yeah, I got a little emotional seeing that video too. 

Scarlett Gypsy delivers a great new refreshing sound of old school rock complete with blazing guitar riffs, melodic vocals and infectious hooks straight to you with the volume cranked up to eleven!!! Singer Dave Mathew has a very versatile voice that can do amazing things. Listen in particular to the song, Without Your Love. Guitarist, Steve Plonk is easily in the 'better guitarists' category when it comes to 80's hair bands, and Robert Douglas on bass, and Scotty Scarlett on drums make up a very solid and nasty rhythm section. 

But, on top of all that, they are very cool guys. We had them on The Will and Thunder Show <ca-ching!> recently, and they are among the most favorite guests that we've had. Check it out! You'll really want to hear the 'Black Diaper' story.

So, do yourself a favor, and buy this album from Bandcamp. 80's music is coming back, and Scarlett Gypsy is one of the keepers of the flame that kept metal alive. Scarlett Gpysy, and bands like 3D in Your Face continued playing this awesome music, and earning the love of everyone they played in front of, and slowly, interest began to come back. Now, its back!

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
And one other thing...Singer, David Mathew also builds amazing custom guitars. Shoot the band a message on social media, and I'm sure they will give you details. The knobs on his guitars go up to ELEVEN!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finnish Symphonic Metal Band, Severnica and Their EP, Long Lost Longing

From Turku, Finland comes yet another amazing progressive/symphonic metal band called Severnica. From the US comes another rap band with zero talent. I think I need to take my show, and vocal/guitar abilities somewhere they would be appreciated. I don't know..maybe Finland? Sweden? Denmark? But then, there would be nobody in the US to tell everyone how much awesome great music comes from there. Oh well...Guess I'm staying and taking one for Team USA.
Still, the metal coming from there is amazing, and Severnica is no exception.

Most of the progressive/ symphonic metal is heavy on the keyboards. It adds mystique, and intrigue. Severnica is driven by keyboards, as all 4 of the songs on their EP, Long Lost Longing start with them. Its a little wrinkle in the genre that gives Severnica a uniqueness...All of these bands have a uniqueness to them which makes this genere of heavy metal even more interesting. 

As I said, the music is driven by the keyboards, by Teemu Yolmunen, but that is not to imply that anything else is lacking. It isn't. Tuomo Schwela is a very skilled guitarist, who also offers up the powerful guttural vocal performance, as in the song, My Journey. You can hear it in the guitar rhythms, and his solos. Timo Vilppu and Ville Vainio function as a very tight and thundering rhythm section. But, the vocals are amazing. Singer, Maarit Nieminen has a celestial and beautiful voice. She is very powerful, yet still tender. Its refreshing.

  Maarit Nieminen, Vox          Teemu Tolmunen-Keys,        Tuomo Schwela-Guitars/vox        Timo Vilppu-Bass                Ville Vainio, Drums  

Also, for those of you (like me) who don't speak Finnish, the word 'Severnica' translated means 'Polaris' or 'North Star' which is the brightest star in the sky. Pretty damn good name if you ask me. 

And, if their debut effort is any indication of things yet to come, they will be on tour with bands like Epica, Nightwish etc soon enough.

Terminatryx: 'Shadow' A New Breed of South African Metal

Add Cape Town, South Africa to the growing list of places that have bands that are much better and cooler than anything coming from the US. Although, it would seem that Cape Town has had an outbreak of wannabe American rap and hip hop, (we are sorry about that by the way!) which Terminatryx formed to counteract. And, it would seem that they have done just that. While most hip hop "artists" come and go, Terminatryx has been around for more than a decade, with 2 self produced studio albums that sound like they had lots of money funding its production. To say that Terminatryx has been busy would be a serious understatement.

In a nutshell, let me run off a list of this band's accomplishments: They made a DVD of the classic Nosferatu film, with their music as the soundtrack. They created the South African Horrorfest, a horror movie festival. The following year, they headlined their festival. They have played a festival in Germany, and not to mention countless shows in South Africa. They were the first African band to be played on European metal TV shows. The list goes on and on. But, we're here to talk about their album, Shadow.

Terminatryx are: 
Sonja Ruppersberg on vocals
Paul Blom on bass
Patrick Davidson on guitar
Ronnie Belcher on drums

Paul Blom also plays guitar in the studio, keyboards, backing vocals, and with Sonja is the bands founder and prominent song writer. 

Shadow is a very well balanced blend of melodic and industrial heavy metal. You are hooked from the first track, Metropolis, which is a very intense instrumental. In fact, I honestly haven't heard such an intense instrumental intro since Anarchy X by Queensryche. It grabs you and holds you. In fact as I listened to it, I envisioned hearing this to open a concert. The songs are very well crafted, and there is no shortage of talent on display. Some of the songs would fit well in a horror movie soundtrack, which is something that has influenced them from the start. 

The title track, Shadow is a very creepy sounding ballad with very haunting backup vocal harmonies. Written about the darkness that resides in all of us, this song could easily be the source of a nightmare or two. Definitely a very memorable song due to the simple yet driven and powerful guitar lines, combined with the vocal harmonies I just mentioned. Perfect choice for the title track! And, the video is pretty scary too. (Watch it below)

Masjien (track 5means 'Machine' in the Afrikaans language. It is a very appropriate title for an industrial metal song. It is also sung completely in that language, while the rest of the songs are in English. I love the vocal inflections that Ruppersberg uses in it. Throughout the album, the listener is treated to the combination of talented heavy metal musicians, combined with the intricacies of melodic and progressive metal, laced with industrial metal. Personally, I've never heard the three genres so well woven together. Topped off with the haunting voice of Sonja Ruppersberg, you can't go wrong here.

Singer, Sonja Ruppersberg is a very good singer, with a very versatile voice. She can go from a very dark sneer of a low range, on display in Holy to an explosive scream, into the soft and ethereal. I don't like to drop names, but I think I will here because this is a unique comparison. In some songs, her vocal technique reminds me of Geddy Lee. They lady can sing. Guitarist, Patrick Davidson has a very unique guitar style that is evident in his solos throughout Shadow.

Bassist and composer, Paul Blom is a gifted musician. Very good guitarist, and his keyboard arrangements on the album keep all the songs fresh and exciting to listen to..loudly. He and drummer, Ronnie Belcher make up a solid rhythm section that makes this band stand out apart from other industrial bands. Also, Ronnie proves to the world that you don't need a 50,000 piece drum kit to be a great drummer. He does quite a good job on his 4 piece, pictured here.

Terminatryx is doing everything right, and I am looking forward to seeing them in concert some day in the US. Maybe they along with the other bands not from the US who are very good that I have reviewed on this blog can all get together and put do a festival tour in the US. It could be called the 'This is how you ROCK!' tour. We can hope, right?

In the meantime, here is the official video for Shadow:

Here is their website. Buy Shadow on BandcampTerminatryx social media: Facebook Twitter
Also, on July 8, check them out on the Will and Thunder Show

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mick James and His Sleazy Concept Album, 'Mick James is Dead'

There have been all sorts of concept albums released over the years, with just as many great concepts. A trip into the drug induced nightmare of a spoiled rocker, a criminal mastermind who brainwashes a kid into committing many murders of politicians, a man going through a psychotic experience as he cares for his grandmother, and many more. However, there's never been one from a first person account of dying....Until now. Mick James's Mick James is Dead is just that. Its a sleaze rock home video of the artist's tragic demise.

Mick is very well connected. He's a very talented musician and songwriter who has collaborated with the likes of Jonathan Davis of Korn and Criss Angel for the music of Angel's show, Mindfreak. In fact, the theme is pretty much all Mick.  He has also done music for the NFL on CBS, Real Housewives of Miami, MTV's Cribs, That Metal Show, and much more. He also owns Freedom of Speech Recording Studio in New York, and he also has his own signature guitar and bass line with Carparelli Guitars. He has collaborated with many different people, now he has released his debut solo effort, Mick James is Dead. 

The recording of the album caught the attention of many rock and metal greats such as Tony Harnell of TNT, Bumblefoot, Bobby Rondinelli of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Blue Oyster Cult, and Snake Sabo of Skid Row. All of these musicians play parts on the album.

Mick James is Dead is a mixture of sleaze rock, deep tuned crunch metal, with occasional electronic overtones. Mick's raspy voice fits perfectly with the music on the album. Picture Korn meets LA Guns meets Rob Zombie. It sounds original, but that's the best comparison I can come up with. This album needs to be turned up to 11 for the whole effect to be felt. The guitar work is solid, and the solos are skillful. The bass and drums punch you in the stomach. Hard. But, that doesn't compare to the overall attitude of the album, with lines like 'I'd rather be dead than to kiss your ass,' and the Grim Reaper telling him that he was a sorry SOB, and that he would like to piss on his grave. Good stuff!

From the opening of the album, which is the closing of a concert to a party in which a manager tells him that ha has an early sound check the next day, which he misses due to living the life to a rendezvous with an undead siren, to the reliving of his life in Reality Check/Rest in Peace to the finale, Crash, this concept album is pretty easy to follow. Its the death of a rock star told in a way that will make you think that he is speaking from first hand experience.

If you like heavy, raunchy deep grooving rock and metal with attitude, this is definitely for you. Its very well produced and sounds great (which is a testament to Mick's recording studio) and if you buy a hard copy, you will wear it out. If Slayer is the music they play in Hell, then Mick James is Dead is the music you listen to on the way there while guzzling booze and juggling the women. Buy it and crank it!

Here is a mini movie from the album featuring the first 2 tracks, Goodnight and Speeding Like a Fiend. (featuring Snake Sabo)

Also, check out our interview with Mick on the Will and Thunder Show! <ca-ching!?

Mick's website 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here's an idea, Hollywood: COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL!!!

I'm sick of all these remakes coming out these days. Has Hollywood run out of new ideas to put to the silver screen? Or maybe they just forgot how to be original period. I'm sure I can name off 20 remakes without killing any brain cells straining to think of one. Lets see...

Don't have Sparkles play me.

The latest rumor (sacrilege) is Robert 'Sparkles' Pattinson to play Indiana Jones. For my reaction to that news, click here. Sparkles should play Indiana Jones as much as Morgan Freeman should play the token black guy in the next Scary Movie.

Last House on the Left: The original was one of the most graphic, violent, and disturbing movies I've ever seen. After watching the remake, the original is STILL one of the most graphic, violent, and disturbing movies I've ever seen. The remake didn't come close. It was no different than any of these other dime a dozen horror films that have come out over the last 15 years or so.

A Nightmare on Elm Street gave me nightmares...Nightmares of just how bad the damn movie is. The worst Elm Street sequel was #5. And that was much better than the remake.

Freddy vs Fredrick. Fight to the death, no time limit. Who wins?
The Amityville Horror: There have been so many bad remakes of this movie, its unbelievable. However, only one of the remakes has the same name. Catch my drift?

Spiderman: I will admit that the reboot is better than the first trilogy with Toby McGuire. But still...It hasn't even been 15 years since the first one, let alone the last one. Was a reboot this soon really necessary?

Friday the 13th: See A Nightmare on Elm Street.

JJ Abrams's Star Trek: Horrible. They are good fun movies, but they are not Star Trek. They might as well have called the movies something else. I'll likely do a review on everything wrong with them when the next movie comes out. And, while I did enjoy both of them, it was strictly from an entertainment standpoint.

Al Gore called me.
The Day the Earth Stood Still: The original was about how war was going to destroy us all, so Klaatu was going to just do it for us. The remake is essentially the same, except Klaatu is going to destroy is because of global warming. Puhleeeeze!

Clash of the Titans: The original is a timeless classic. The remake seems like they tried to combine the original movie, and The Odyssey. Why?

Evil Dead: I actually liked that one. As far as remakes go, this one was pretty good. But still, you have to ask what was the point? It was a mirror image of the original, but with a female version of Ash. Ashley? 

I pity the fool who
paid to see this movie!
The A Team: They flew a tank. And, no Mr T. And, they flew a tank. Did I mention they flew a tank? Oh, and they flew a tank.

The Wicker Man: I thought the original was slow, boring, and anti-climactic. The remake? Even more so. However, lots of people seem to agree with my take on the remake even though they disagree with it for the original.

Death Race: The original, Death Race 2000 is a cult classic. The remake takes place on a prison island, as a virtual reality show. No real element of danger to the public which was the shock value of the original film.

Footloose: I'm sorry. It just didn't work with today's pop culture. The original is a classic, but the thought of something like that happening in today's world is idiotic.

Psycho: See Friday the 13th.

Halloween: Nothing like taking the hero of the original film and turning her into an unbearable bitch who you WANT to get killed.

Red Dawn: North Korea invades us? Riiight. No wonder Kim Jong Un is so emboldened lately. He probably thinks that the movie is actual news United States news footage from when his uncle was in charge.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Just how many remakes of this movie do we need? And they get worse and worse each time, and flop harder and harder each time. But, rest assured that within the next 10 years, there will be yet another remake of this movie.

I like fishies! Got any fishies?
Godzilla: And I'm talking about the 1998 Matthew Broderick abomination, not the new one which I haven't seen yet. However, I am cautiously optimistic about that one, even though I am a classic Godzilla fan. This new one looks good, and I will be reviewing it once I see it. This 1998 film was horrible. In fact, the real Godzilla fought it and killed it in about 10 seconds flat. The alien who summoned Broderick's Zilla said this after Godzilla whipped it: "I knew that tuna-eating lizard was useless!"

If you call me a cylon, I will ask you politely not to do it again!

Robocop: What was the point? The originals were all rated R, and were extremely violent. They were actual commentaries on America at that time in what was popular. A robot Dirty Harry! This 'kinder, gentler' Robocop rated PG-13 doesn't deliver.

There you go. 20. However, here's several more just to prove the point. Conan the Barbarian, Carrie, Fright Night, The Karate Kid, and Planet of the Apes. 

If you remake me, my friends and I will
pay you a visit.
Since they've ruined remade Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Psycho, is it just a matter of time before we see a Hellraiser remake? My point here is 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!' However, Hollywood's seems to be 'If it's just fine, ruin it with special effects!' And, if Hollywood can't come up with an original concept, these super hero movies with various comic book characters seems to work. There's a LOT to choose from. Also, why not adapt more books to movies? Most of the Stephen King movies have been pretty good. Dean Koontz has many books to choose from as well. There are so many great authors out there. So, why not use them if Hollywood can't come up with a story that hasn't been done before? Is it a money issue? Surely paying royalties would be less expensive than spending millions of dollars on a remake, only to have it flop at the box office? Just something to think about.

And there are rumors of remakes coming for Jaws, Jurassic Park, Scarface, Highlander, The Birds, ET, A Clockwork Orange, The Crow, ANOTHER Conan movie, It, The Neverending Story, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Ghostbusters, and more. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I agree with her: "I'm convinced that Hollywood is on a mission to butcher every single thing from the' 80s, and will not rest until those of us who grew up with these films have our childhood memories completely ruined."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sugar On The Dashboard..Young Blood in the Dirty South

Your new favorite band?

Rock, alternative, fun and catchy! All words that could describe Atlanta's own 'Sugar on the Dashboard.' Young, and ready to take over, they have already carved out a name for themselves in the ATL. They have headlined their own shows, as well as opened for touring bands. And, they are all in. This is the dream, and they are accepting nothing less than success in the music business, and they bill themselves as "your new favorite band." And, with the talent shown, they very well could be.

They have just completed an EP called Discovery is Dead, and the quality of not only the music, but the recording as well, they are on their way. 

Sugar on the Dashboard are:
Brayden Gomer- Vocals/Guitar
Britt Spurka- Lead Guitar
Austin McEwen- Bass
Ryan Calatayud- Drums
Ryan Calatayud
Britt Spurka
Brayden Gomer
Austin McEwen
They are in their late teens,but their music is mature. They have the positive vibe of The Foo Fighters, and the groove of Social Distortion. However, a wide variety of influences is present in their music that creates a style all their own. From the EP, Mr. Role Model is a defiant statement to false role models who do not live up to their titles..Like athletes and actors maybe? All the songs seem to be a testament of a young man as he emerges into adulthood. Somebody Else for example is exactly that. But, don't think for one minute that these are songs about rebellion and young angst. They are not. The lyrical content shows a level of maturity that is missing in certain bands that are 10+ years older than them. 

But, don't just take my words for it. Keep your eyes open for the band to play in your area. They are planning a tour soon, and as is the case with any young and talented band, they are going to evolve. I expect good things from them in the future, as long as they keep it up, and don't get distracted. I'm not sure what their album title, Discovery is Dead means, but that doesn't matter. Its a cool title, and now that I've mentioned it, it will get you thinking too. Now, its in your head. 

So, get the EP now. Sugar on the Dashboard is a very good band, and you owe it to yourself to check them out. Here is their Soundcloud page Facebook Page and Twitter