Friday, May 23, 2014

The Sign of the Doctors

I've said before that I am a Doctor Who fan. Shortly after watching the final episode of the new episodes season 7, where Matt Smith's doctor regenerates into Peter Capaldi, I made a poster with all 13 Doctor characters...Except, I used an older picture of Capaldi because the BBC hadn't released a poster of what he would look like for the upcoming season. However a month or two later, they did, and I edited my poster.

Capaldi, Smith

It was the first one that anyone had done with all 13. In fact, if you search Google Images for 'Doctor Who All 13' you will find the first one I made with the older image of Capaldi.

I posted a small version of the poster on a forum, and offered that if anyone wanted the full sized version to email me, and I would send it to them. For free. So far, only one person; a guy from Germany has taken me up on it, and I emailed the poster to him. What he did with it was awesome! Below is the poster I made. Its the second one with the official picture of Capaldi as The Doctor. (click the images for a larger view)

 Next, this is the picture of what the guy did with it. He made a very cool looking banner out of it. Its about 15 feet long, and 3.5 feet tall.

Also, check out the banner he made in action at the Fedcon 2014 Sci Fi convention in Germany. He won first place for the construction of all these models. VERY impressive.

The banner makes a nice center piece for his display, don't you think?

Over 5000 people were at the convention. Among them were Alexander Siddig ('The' Doctor Bashir, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) others. Siddig would have made a good Doctor too, I think, but, I also think Capaldi is going to be legendary with the role. I'm sure Siddig and the other celebs thought the banner was cool. ;)

This post is a thank you to my German friend. I'm honored that someone liked my work enough to do something like that with it! And the offer still stands. If you want a full sized copy of my poster, just shoot me a message, and I will email it to you.

 Now, if August would hurry up and get here...I'm growing very impatient waiting for season 8 with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, just as all the rest of you probably are! Now, if I could just make sure my kidneys were the right color!

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