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Swedish Glam Metal Band: 'Confess' and Their Album, 'Jail'

In a recurring theme on this blog, the best music in the world is being made in Europe. It is predominately progressive or power metal, but this band is not. They are genuine glam metal, as in the heavy, driving style of the first two Skid Row albums. However, Sweden's Confess do not sound like Skid Row. They have a style of their own. When Skid Row came out, it was toward the end of glam era. However, there were few bands around other than them who had such raw and gritty power in their music, and complimented by amazing talent. It could have been a new sub genre of glam, but unfortunately, the record companies decided that it was time to let all the people who only knew 3 chords get famous.

But, the music machine across the ocean from the US continued to create great music, and in 2008, a Swedish singer named John Elliot put together this crew of extremely talented metalheads. They began to make demos, and play shows. And, as they did, they quickly gained notoriety wherever they went. They released their first independent EP called 'The Gin Act,'  which was a hot commodity. They toured with the EP for a couple years, then went into the studio to record their debut album with SG Records, Jail.

Drums: Samael, Vocals: John Elliot, Bass: Lucky, Guitar: Denver, Guitar: Bloman
As I mentioned, the band has the heavy style of Skid Row, but has their own sound. Its gritty, raw, and powerful. This is not glam rock in the sense of Poison. Its down and dirty heavy metal, with a hint of punk influence that would scare Poison and Bon Jovi off the tour. The lyrics are raunchy and sometimes mean. They aren't trying to fool anyone with lyrics about being a tender and loving teddy bear. With lines like "Why don't you lay down and die?"  "This is the end of our relationshit," and a seemingly sweet ballad, with the line "Show her love..with a bullet," and titles like Relationshit, Intervention, Cardiac Arrest, and 'Pay Before I Go,' I think you can figure out what they are all about. 

But it wasn't the lyrics that made me dig this band. As an 80's metalhead musician myself, I noticed the talent of the band. The music is great, and Confess are more talented than Poison, and others. There are twin guitar attacks that would make Tipton and Downing smile, along with stout and brutal rhythm that will give you a bloody nose if you look at it the wrong way. Basically, the band is made up of 5 gifted musicians who together make epic music. I can't help but think what a tour with Confess and Skid Row would be like.

Since I can't really say anymore about their talent without sounding redundant, I'll tell you a little about a few of the songs.

First of all, there wasn't a song on the entire album that I didn't like. I bugged the crap out of my wife for 2 days straight blasting this album. I think my favorites are Relationshit, which is a hard driving assault that perfectly sums up the feeling of kicking an unwanted girl to the curb. Scream, is a rhythm section driven song that makes you want to slam into something. I think my favorite song on the album is Pay Before I Go. It could easily be a hit in the US, with its catchy and heavy hooks, and harmony vocals. Setting Sails, I swear I've heard before. It has that type of vibe that makes you believe you've heard it before, even though you haven't. I can't explain it. The song doesn't remind me of anything because the band has their own style, and aren't copying anyone. But, for some reason, it sounds familiar. Cardiac Arrest is simply a badass tune.

This is the announcement that the band released on their website upon the release of their album:
Confess are proud to announce that we've decided to sign our debut album JAIL on SG-Records. This bad assed son of a bitch will be released world wide on the 4th of april and will contain 13 dirty tracks of Swedish hard-ons at its best SPREAD THE NEWS!!!
They were not exaggerating at all.

Here are 2 of their videos: Relationshit and Scream.

Other songs that deserve notice (they all do) are Intervention (Sin and Tonic pt 2) and a cover of Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It? The first is a lesson in progressive metal. The band pulls no punches here, and gives us a heavy metal masterpiece. The second is a very good version of a classic. Honestly, as a metalhead, I like this version better. Lots of bands have done covers of songs that weren't metal. Some are good, some are bad. This one is DAMN good. I never liked the original song much, but I really like Confess's version.

These guys should be playing arenas in the USA!
I could have just posted those 2 videos, and said "Watch this if you like badass glam metal that is sleazy, raunchy, and heavy!" But, that would have been lazy, and I've never been accused of being lazy. But, Confess kicks ass, and there really isn't much more to say about them. If you are an 80's metalhead, grab this album. You will swear it was released during that decade. Even though it wasn't, this band has it right. Sex, drugs, and METAL!!!

I would be ecstatic if this band charted in the US. It would mean that everyone here woke up and remembered what real music was. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

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