Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Omaha's Glam Band, 3D In Your Face and Their Album, Midnight Devils

Is the 80's hair band scene dead? Maybe, but don't tell that to Omaha Nebraska's 3D In Your Face. (Or me for that matter) Sure, you have bands like Steel Panther out there who are very good, talented, and who put on a hell of a show, but they are a parody. They will tell you that themselves. 3D In Your Face is also an extremely talented band, who also puts on one hell of a show. In fact, it may even be a better show than the one Steel Panther delivers. 

They have been around for about 13 years, and they own Omaha, and surrounding areas. They recently played in an arena in front of 5000+ people..and blew the doors off the place. Their members, Alan 'Hot Rod King, Chris 'Sniper' Hineline, Sam 'Spade' Morris, and Jeremy 'THE Playboy' Deans are the real deal. They have a passion for 80's hair metal, and if they had existed back in 1987, they would have been touring 20,000 seat arenas in support of their album, Midnight Devils. And, Poison would be opening for them because while Poison had one hell of a stage show and catchy songs, so does 3D In Your Face. The energy of their shows along with the catchy tunes is complimented with more musical talent than Poison. For example, Hot Rod has the vocal range of some of the legendary screamers in metal. Sniper is in the same neighborhood of legendary guitarists as George Lynch, and even Eddie Van Halen. You can certainly hear the influence in the various songs on the CD.

Hot Rod
The CD, Midnight Devils starts off with a metal anthem, Forbidden City that grabs you by the throat and lets you know just what you are in for as you listen to the rest of the album. Generation Durt is an audience participation anthem that is sure to bring back memories of singing a chorus along with 20,000 other fans in a packed arena with nothing but the drums. The title track, Midnight Devils tells us that our real personality comes out when the sun goes down. Spade even takes a turn on lead vocals on Bleed Betty Bleed. He could easily sing lead vocals for another band, but then 3D would be missing a chunk of the band's energy. He is powered by several Energizer batteries that never seem to lose their charge. Underneath the Stairs tells us that getting dragged to hell by a monster wouldn't be that bad because there's going to be one hell of a party when you get there. And, what would an 80's hair metal album be without a power ballad? Always Brings Me Back fires on all cylinders, and guarantees the ambiance of Bic lighters all over the place when they play it. 

The band put out a very well produced and professional looking video for the song In Your Face; a song where Sniper's Van Halen influence is very much on display. Check it out:

THE Playboy
There are several anthems on the album, all of which could be used to open or close a show, but the last track I Still Believe In Rock N Roll is the finale... the encore. The song the band plays to end the show after the lights go down, and they leave the stage then come back to thunderous applause, along with (I hope) boobie flashing!

  3D In Your Face needs to be grabbed by a record label. With all the '80s bands making resurgence albums that are selling, it would be great to see the genuine act out there on the road as much as possible. The more bands like this that come out and get signed means the more the idiot radio stations will have to take notice -- same with the larger record labels. We are sick of this corporate meat grinding pop that saturates the airwaves, and we are sick of being told that a majority of the people out there like that garbage. It's time to take it back, and send the message that we aren't going to take it anymore and that we still believe in rock and roll. So, buy this album, and sell out their shows when they come to your area. 

On top of being great guys, Sniper and Spade have been guests on the Will and Thunder Show <caching!> twice. Check that out, and buy their album! And, find them on Facebook

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