Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's Up With Me Lately?

I've been slow to post lately. I'm sorry. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Its just that I've been super busy. And, yeah I know, everybody says that, but I think that once you read this, I'll be worthy of your forgiveness. But, honestly the only thing I can think of lately to write about lately is politics, and that's not a good idea since my political posts get the fewest reads.

But, I have been really busy. I've been really trying to build the Will and Thunder Show. <ca-ching!> We've had lots of guests lately, and the show gets better each week. 

3D In Your Face! Buy their album!
We made some great friends with an 80's metal band from Omaha, Nebraska, called 3D In Your Face. I actually got in touch with them as a result of the review of them that I did for Sleaze Roxx. They have been on the show twice now, and I am actually bringing them to the city I live in, Fayetteville, NC for a concert in September. Their guitarist was a member of the 82nd Airborne, and was stationed here at Ft. Bragg. We are doing the show so that he can perform in front of his fellow soldiers. I'm not only doing this for the troops, because I've always been a strong military supporter. I'm also doing it to have a current promotion to add to my portfolio, as I begin to start my own promotion company. 

But, that's not all that is going on with the Will and Thunder Show. We are looking at several different things to grow the show exponentially, and to get it onto a more professional format than Blog Talk Radio. (Blog Talk is a great place to start, don't get me wrong, but there are much better avenues for an online radio program.) We have 2 other avenues interested in taking the show, and I have also made an offer to someone big to endorse the show. (Can't discuss that at the moment) 

In anticipation of leaving Blog Talk, I have been transferring the archive to YouTube. That is a major pain in the ass because I am editing the shows, adding pictures to them to make a slideshow, and uploading them to YouTube. It takes a total of about 5 hours per episode. So, yeah. It takes a lot of time. But, once I only have to do one a week vs one or more a day, that will free up lots of time. Check out the YouTube page here. Both 3D In Your Face shows are already there. :)

                                                               Here's one of the shows!

You will KNOW!

Another thing I have going on is a writing project that I have been working on for almost 2 years with a friend in Australia. He's probably been a little frustrated with me over the past month, because I haven't been able to do ANYTHING with that project. I can't say much more about that one other than when its finished, and I am ready to promote it, you WILL know. I promise. :)

All this is going on while I am trying raise my 4 year old, and trying to find employment somewhere. Thanks to the 0bama recovery, jobs are very hard to come by these days. Luckily for me, my wife has a good job, or I'd be living in a van, down by the river!!! I couldn't resist ONE 0bama jab, and why not? Although, Pelosi DID say that being unemployed will be a good thing because it will let you follow your dreams. I would rather have a paying job, Nancy. Why don't YOU give YOUR dreams a follow?

Murry Wilson: Managed the Beach Boys
when they worth millions. Sold the songs
out from under them for thousands.
Now, before I end this one, I just gotta get something off my chest. A while back, a band booked on the Will and Thunder Show. They were supposed to be on April 15th. They never returned my calls when I called to confirm, and today, I called, and their "manager" picked up the phone and hung up on me. Wasn't even man enough to tell me he wanted to cancel. This "manager" is the father of one of the band members. You would think he would want his kid's band to get exposure right? I guess that because the Will and Thunder Show isn't as big as 'That Metal Show,' it isn't good enough for his kid? Seems he is doing the band a disservice. Hopefully, the band will fire him before they get big, (and I believe they will. They are VERY good.) before he does anymore damage to them. I am reminded of a father of a few kids in a band got jealous, and wound up selling everything the band was worth for pennies on the dollar. This doesn't really have anything to do with me personally. It happened today, and I thought it was really screwed up.

Anyway, that is what's been up with me lately, and why I haven't been posting lately. Hopefully soon, I will be able to blog more, rant and review more. Although, I have been writing for Sleaze Roxx regularly though. So, in the meantime, GO WHOEVER YOUR TEAM IS!!

-Sincerely, William Telltale
My readers rule!!!

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