Saturday, March 22, 2014

What if the Same Standards Were Applied to YOU?

Everybody knows the story. Michael Vick, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons got busted for hosting a dog fighting ring. Every animal rights activist in the world, every animal lover, and every Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan was posting online and in front of every willing reporter about how much they would love to see this guy be fed to live sharks, or cut up to be used as dog feed at the local kennel. People with Vick jerseys were sending them to the local animal shelters to be used as bedding. I've read much worse than that as well.

The guy did the time he was sentenced to. He apologized to everyone, and did I mention, he did the time he was sentenced to? And by the way, he did the time he was sentenced to. A judge decided the amount of time that was necessary for the crime, and Vick served the time. He did not get into trouble while in prison. He worked out, read the bible, and was very vocal about doing the right thing to the younger inmates. In short, he learned his lesson, and cleaned up his act. Last time I checked, that is what you are supposed to do while in prison

Michael Vick now is a spokesperson AGAINST
dog fighting. No news story about that.
Now, I am in no way defending dog fighting, and I'm a dog lover So, don't go accusing me of supporting dog fighting just because I am not on the 'KILL MICHAEL VICK' bandwagon. And, I have never been a Vick fan. I always thought he was overrated, even when he had his best seasons in Atlanta. And, for the record, I am also not saying that people shouldn't dislike the guy. But, this hatred and calling for his death is stupid. I am not suggesting that everybody forget about the incident. There is a difference between saying "If that jerk harms my dogs, I'll kill him." and "Kill that dog murderer just because!!!"

Let's talk theoretically here. Let's imagine that when YOU were younger, you did something stupid. Lets say you robbed a store. Nobody was killed, but ran over a dog, as you were making your getaway. You still robbed the store, and got caught. That would land you a sentence of around 2 years, depending on the circumstances, much like Vick. YOU did the time you were sentenced to, (Just like Vick) and YOU were released from prison. Should YOU ever be allowed to work again? Should YOU have constant slander and death threats? Well? Should you?

Should you?

I'm guessing you said no. If you said no, then why not? I'm guessing that you said that you served your time, and you should be able to move on with your life. So, why isn't Vick allowed to do that? Why should Michael Vick be banned from playing in the NFL? Is it because he was involved in animal cruelty? I've seen far less outrage over countless murders where a HUMAN was killed. I saw far less outrage when Rae Carruth of the Panthers was found guilty for killing his girlfriend. I also saw far less outrage recently when Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots was arrested for the murders (of people) that he committed. I also saw FAR less outrage over Kermit Gosnell, who killed living babies outside the womb. Granted, these people aren't out of prison, and playing in the NFL, but the point is still valid. People were not posting all over the internet, and on TV that these people should also be viciously murdered.

A lesser known MLK quote. And, I have seen comments
from people saying Vick should be lynched.
Michael Vick got signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, and ultimately dropped. He was just signed to another team this week. But whenever there was a story about him on TV or the news, there were more comments advocating murder and hate than there was about whatever the story was Vick making the Pro Bowl.

Ultimately, I really don't care what you think of Vick. That's all on you. I just want you to consider what would happen with YOU if you had done something stupid, and served your time. You would think that you deserved the benefit of the doubt that you had learned from your mistake, and you would hope that any prospective employer would feel the same way. And, rightfully so. The United States is supposed to be a place for second chances.
In other news,
Michael Vick, Dog Killer, animal abuser, who
was sentenced to 2 years in prison, and made the
target of countless PETA protests, and
deserves to die a gruesome, horrible death
made the Pro Bowl.

I guess it is as long as you don't hurt an animal. Humans,
okay, but don't hurt an animal!

All this being said, I now HATE Michael Vick. Why? Because he just signed with the stinking New York Jets. You want a reason to hate him? There you go. But, don't hate on the guy because of the dog fighting issue. I've said it over and over, he served the time he was sentenced to, and you wouldn't want the things that are being said about him to be said about you if you did something stupid.

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