Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things That Annoyed or Embarassed Me on TV...

This topic could easily spawn a series, but we are going to just focus on a few things that annoyed me on TV for the moment.

Have you ever watched TV shows, and been GENUINELY embarrassed by something that was being done on the show? For example, you're watching one of YOUR shows, and a roommate comes in with his girlfriend and 2 HOT friends right as the cast of your show does something really embarrassing.

The other side of this coin is something in a show that really got under your skin for whatever reason...or something that really 'grinds your gears'. Maybe something that insults your intelligence.

Whatever the case, we are going to discuss them here, and NOW! So, sit back and remissness. These things will annoy you too.

First on my list is:

Saved by the Bell. Yes, I watched this stupid show when I was younger. But even then, I was not a fan of the show. I watched it because of the even younger bitch I was living with at the time. (I was 21, she was 19.) I have always been analytical, and this show really bugged me. (other than the REALLY bad acting.) Why? Because it took place in a high school. High schools have classes with 20+ people in them. Yet when they showed any type of class activity, it was just the 5 stars of the shows. Didn't matter where they went. It was Zack and the rest of his crew, and nobody else. You would think the show's budget would allow 10 extras just to preserve the realism? You would be wrong.
Question: Did Slater know what his girlfriend did after
graduation? She went "different places."

Going to Disney World. There was no worse waste of a TV series episode than when the cast went to Disney World. Every time I saw this, it was the same thing. The cast riding the rides at Disney World. B-O-R-I-N-G. I can't imagine why producers of shows would do this, (unless Disney paid them to do it) because those episodes every time they were done got the lowest ratings of the season. Roseanne even did it. John Goodman's character redeemed it sort of, when he finally found the World of Beer in Epcot. However, the Family Matters Disney episode was painful. It was 2 (maybe even 3) episodes of just the family riding rides, except for the scenes with Urkel. He invented a machine that turned him from a nerd to a suave stud muffin that Laura was all over. But, of course, he realized she was in love with the fake Urkel, and turned back into the nerd. All at Disney World! Does Disney World really need the publicity bad enough to inject themselves into regular TV?
Oh come on...Full House did it too!
(We'll get to Full House later)

Breaking Into Song or something similar. There was nothing worse than when your characters broke into a song for no reason. And, it was NEVER a good song. For example, in Star Trek, it happened frequently. We won't even get into the original series. It came out during the 60's, so they get a pass. Its still the best Trek series by a long shot. But, the most notable time was when Picard was in the lounge, and led the crew in a song that started off "Come Cheer Up My Lads" or something like that. It was embarrassing to watch alone, let alone when a roommate walked in at that exact moment.
Other than song, was hopscotch?? In Deep Space Nine, the crew did a hopscotch number while chanting a nursery rhyme. Luckily, I watched that one alone, and nobody walked in on me. Even though I was alone, I was still embarrassed.

Thanks To Our Great Friends!!! This has happened in lots of TV series. A band stars on a sitcom as themselves, and the cast of the show gets invited up on stage at a concert to sing with the band. Full House was probably the worst example that I've seen. The gang wins a contest to hang out with The Beach Boys. The band loved the family so much that they unexpectedly invited them up on stage to sing Barbara Ann with them. And, the children (who had likely never even heard the song before the episode was filmed) somehow knew the words to the song, even though they were not expecting to be invited on stage. This happens in so many sitcoms, and it is lame every time its done.
Let's get our great friends from that
TV Show to join us on stage!!!
Overkill! A murder was committed at 5:45 this morning. It is solved by 5:00 PM the same day. Every day. Day in, and day out. Kill someone? You're gonna get it! YEEEAAAHHHHHH!!! I'm not so much embarrassed by the CSI crew, other than the fact that murders are not solved that fast...ever. Which means that they are insulting their (dumb) viewers intelligence. A friend of mine is a cop, and a victim of a minor burglary once told him "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME??? THEY GET IT DONE IN ONE DAY ON CSI!!! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU??

You do realize our nation is screwed, right???

Someone was killed in Miami, then taken
to Africa, where their body was split in pieces
and sent to North Korea, and Antarctica, and
the moon? Call me at 5PM!

Ambiguously Gay Duo! And, I'm not talking about the SNL skit. I'm talking about Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers who hunt ghosts, demons, monsters, etc. But their relationship is like an old married couple that thrives on a love/hate obsession. They bicker like an old married couple, and to some sick freaks, it looks gay.

Seriously, I love a good TV series better than any movie. However, the acting leaves a lot to be desired, especially with speaking extras. Who cares what they have to say, right?

Directors...Just lose the drama!


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