Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Japanese Teens, Babymetal: The Most Adorable Metal Band Ever

From the mouths of babes comes....BADASS METAL!!

I've always said that the United States main import from Japan was not cars or electronics. Its weird stuff. I discovered something that is weird, and awesome at the same time. No, its not a game show where people dress in outrageous costumes, and get beaten with sticks while throwing pies at each other. And, it isn't another Godzilla movie, (although that would be nice.) and its not playing cards with goofy looking monsters on them either.

If you are a regular reader of mine, you know that I am on a quest to take in as much European power/prog metal as I can. Yes, I know that Japan is not part of Europe, but this band I discovered deserves a mention. The band, Babymetal consists of some extremely talented power metal musicians that would rank up there with the badass European bands that I am hearing. But, they are fronted by 3 young teenage girls who duet back and forth and harmonize. But wait...They can also belt out the occasional guttural growl. Every now and then, I like a little bit of cookie monster. Just not throughout the songs like so many death metal bands think its necessary to do.

My first reaction to seeing their video was "WTF am I seeing??" But, as I watched it, I grew more and more amazed. The girls sing very well, and even though there is some auto tune, it is used as an effect, and not as a replacement of their voices. And it is used sparingly, so I can overlook it. The first video I watched was Gimme Chocolate. The interaction is entertaining, and the chorus is very catchy. I liked it enough to find out more, watch more about the band. First, a little bit about them.

                                                                     Gimme Chocolate!!!!

They want to be the first/only one of their kind, as in starting a new genre. Actually, this band could go on forever, like Menudo was supposed to, with the singers 'retiring' and being replaced once they reached a certain age, as long as the quality of musicians (who are top notch) stayed the same. Actually, the musicians could be interchanged too because the musicians wear skeleton costumes, including masks. I'm game! As long as they stay true to what they are currently, which is 3 young girls who are TASTEFULLY dressed, and not trying to dress like and be sluts. Plus, they dance and put on one hell of a stage show that fits the music, and gets the audience into it...but they do not grind on the male musicians in the band. Take notice, Miley.

This is from the video song, Headbangerrrrr. They put
the neck braces on BEFORE rocking out,
The 3 girls, between 14 and 16 years old all joined as a result of being in a band similar to something that American Idol would do, as in throwing 3 singers together and having them sing 'template songs.' They were doing electronic pop prior to Babymetal. They admit that they didn't even know what metal was prior to joining. I'd say the idea to do metal rather than pop that sounds like every other pop star was a good one. Right now, they have a top 5 album on iTunes.

Wake up, US record companies. By doing something ORIGINAL, this band is huge. And, I don't mean for them to start mass producing metal bands with teenage girls singing, although I am sure that is EXACTLY what they will do...Although, even if that happens (and it will) Would you rather hear heavy metal, or Justin Bieber all over the mainstream pop radio stations? This new trend may be enough to send Bieber to back to Canada to work at McDonalds! For that, EVERY American who likes REAL music would owe Japan a debt of gratitude.

Babymetal in concert

Their music could be considered death metal. Most of it is very heavy, but you can't help but notice how talented the band is, meaning that while heavy, its not just a group of dudes beating on instruments and screaming. There are great and blistering guitar solos, full of harmony twin axe attack, and a brutal rhythm section. There is also great keyboard work in the background of these songs.

Babymetal with their band members
Sure, this band may be a gimmick, although I don't think so. It may also just be the brainchild of a record executive in Japan. I'd rather hear this than any of the pop crap, and even corporate metal that saturates US airwaves. In closing, I don't know what they are saying, but I DIG IT!!! Its always nice to find something brand new that hasn't been done before. So, enjoy them while they are fresh, and unique. I'm sure the US record labels already have 30 clones of Babymetal assembled and practicing.

I'm going to purchase this. But, don't take my word for it. Check out this epic song! Also, their Youtube page. 

Here is their Facebook page and Twitter
Their music is a little pricy on Amazon at the moment. It must not have been released in the US just yet, but it will be soon! So, iTunes is probably your best bet at the moment. 

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  1. Yeah, this is pretty cool.
    Lots of people try to make their own "genre" which ends up just being more crap. But i think these girls got a talent for what they're going for. This new genre? I'd say they got a better shot than most. Not because they're great at doing what they do, but because they're so young, doing what makes them feel alive, and helping others feel alive through the scene and sound their music brings to the table. I salute them. And support this.

    -J. Dodson Jr.