Thursday, March 13, 2014

Album Review, KXM: George Lynch+ dUg Pinnick+ Ray Luzier= Awesome

KXM is a power trio of George Lynch of Dokken/Lynch Mob, Ray Luzier of Korn, and dUg Pinnick of Kings X. I heard of this trio shortly after listening to and reviewing the T&N album, and specifically, the amazing version of Tooth and Nail with dUg Pinnick on vocals. As a long time Dokken/Lynch Mob and Kings X fan, I was VERY excited to hear this album. And, while the name isn't the most creative, (Korn, King's X, Lynch Mob) the music is. In fact, it is exactly what you would expect if you combined Lynch Mob and Kings X.

You have the soulful melody, with picked out guitar chord verse progressions that Kings X was known for, but you can also tell that George Lynch is playing it. His style is unmistakable, as are Pinnick's vocals. You also have the same style backup vocals that Kings X used.

Lyrically, the songs are very deep and powerful. Even political at times. For example, the song Gunfight speaks about what is likely to happen when the citizens rise up against the government after the government has shredded the constitution and made us all into slaves. The song Sleep is a very dark and descriptive song about a domestic violence. Great songs. Pinnick has always been known for his very descriptive lyrics. There is a lot of Pinnick on this album. I'd have to say that it is more him than Lynch, but that certainly is not a bad thing.

George Lynch's guitar work on this album is spectacular. I would have to say that it is one of his all time best performances. His rhythms are pure and raw power, and his leads get better with age. Everything that Lynch does is a work of art. It was this way on the Dokken and Lynch Mob albums. And, if this trend continues, which it will, I am going to be picking myself up off the floor after hearing his upcoming collaboration with Michael Sweet.

The collaboration of Pinnick/Lynch works on every level. You have one of the all time great guitarists, with one of the all time great bassists teaming up with a great drummer, in Ray Luzier. They gel very well.

This is one of the best 'supergroups' to date, and the album is up there with The Winery Dogs as far as how good it is, and the chemistry between the musicians. Plus, there are quite a few extremely memorable hooks. The first single off the album, Rescue Me has a good riff with an offbeat that messes with you at first, but after listening to it a couple times, it is awesome. All of the songs are great, and they all rock. Hard, except for the song Never Stop, which is a Kings X style ballad. Kings X with George 'Mr. Scary' Lynch on guitar.

I recommend this album to any Dokken/Lynch Mob or Kings X fan. You will love it because there are the styles of both all through this album. Musicians will love it too, but every day fans will also like it. I mentioned The Winery Dogs. I am NOT saying that the album in any way sounds like The Winery Dogs. But, one thing that reminded me of them was the fact that like their album, the KXM album while an exploration into guitar and bass wizardry also has a commercial appeal to it.

Do yourself a favor, and buy this album. You will not be disappointed. Amazon Google Play And, follow them on Facebook

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