Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WHAT'S in the BAG??? A Review of Metallica: Through the Never

I wasn't sure what to expect when I rented this on Amazon Instant View. But, I was actually a little worried that Metallica's performances would be diminished by the story. I was WRONG! In fact, you could say that the opposite is true. The movie is centered around a Metallica concert and a local hired roadie. First, I want to say that the band still puts on one hell of a show live. I was blown away. Not only by the music, and Jame's voice but the stage. It would be impossible to tour with that stage.



The movie opens with a guy named Trip entering dome stadium where a Metallica concert is going to be taking place. I'm assuming he is local hired help for the crew because nobody knew who he was, but he did have a pass. The tour manager tells him to go watch the show, but to stay close in case they need something. The show opens with Creeping Death, and we see Trip in the aisle jamming out to the song. However, he is quickly whisked away by the tour manager who has a job for him. One of their box trucks has run out of gas, and Trip's job is to find it, gas it up, and accompany it back to the stadium. So, Trip reluctantly goes and fires up his van, pops a pill, and goes to look for the box truck. Seems easy enough, right?

Its amusing to see James Hetfield trying to mimic 
Rob Trujillo's creeping moves along with him
We'll get back to the story, and Trip's adventure. Right now, I gotta tell you about that stage. I mentioned before that the stage would be impossible to tour with. There were props that would have required 2 18 wheelers to transport. And that's just the props. It was a huge in the round type stage, that had 4 hydraulic beams that had lights, and other things that moved throughout the show. It was LOADED with pyrotechnics. But, that is just the surface. The band brought to life four of their album covers literally.

For Ride the Lightning, a huge working
electric chair came down from the ceiling,
 and zapped electricity all over the place.
For Master of Puppets, about 20 cross shaped
headstones that were lit up came out of the floor.
For Death Magnetic, 6 enormous coffins
appeared, suspended from the ceiling, with screens
on them showing people inside trying to get out.
And as impressive as those three were, they
 were all outdone by the brought to life version
...And Justice For All. They actually had a construction
crew on stage buildin a 20 foot high statue of Lady Justice.
Made out of stone, and piece by piece, this monstrosity took
 shape. I'm not telling you what it did though. SEE THE MOVIE!
The song, One was a mini concert in itself. The spectacle
of that 'one' production is mind boggling. Just the production
for And Justice For All and One probably cost more than some
band's entire concerts from stage to lights, to PA. It was incredible.
And, there is also a story that develops throughout the concert as well, but I'm not going to spoil that for you. Lets just say that if this were to happen at a concert on a real tour, the way Metallica handled it would be the most metal moment of all time.

This was a hell of a show, and very likely the most expensive and extravagant stage ever built. I would have loved to have been there for the filming of this. And, there are no songs from St. Anger or Lulu, I promise.

Now, back to the story. Trip goes out, and is driving down the streets in a city. The streets are deserted. Maybe because everyone is at the concert? Who knows, but Trip quickly finds out why. After retrieving a mysterious duffel bag from the box truck, Trip winds up crashing his van, he comes on a mob being led by a man with a gas mask on a horse. He also carries a hammer on a long stick. They are staring down a SWAT team, and they eventually start fighting. The leader is hanging people from light poles.
Dane DeHann plays Trip. Look for 
him to break out in the future. I bet 
this kid turns into one hell of an actor.
Trip manages to elude them for a while but they do find him. We aren't told what exactly is going on, but I'm going to assume that it is some kind of gas in the air that makes everyone crazy (hence the gas mask) because the next time we see the mob, the SWAT team members are with them. They corner Trip, who (once again...gas in the air) lights himself on fire, and charges. He still gets his ass kicked, but somehow gets away. However, he does have a showdown with the rider, and wins. Trip gets back to the stadium, and the concert is over. He puts the duffel bag on the stage, and goes to sit down. The band comes out, and plays Orion. We never get to find out what's in the bag.

This story could be a number of things, but I think that the underlying story is that being a roadie isn't all its cracked up to be because those poor guys go through hell. So, the movie is basically a very long Metallica video, with a story in the background. This movie is an all out assault on your senses. Its a movie you will want to watch on the largest screen possible, with the sound turned up to 11. Congrats, guys...This was an awesome production. If you're a Metallica fan, this is a must. If you're a student of film and video production, this movie should become required viewing for the class. But, as awesome as it is, I look for Kiss to try to top it at some point. You know they will, but for a band that already seems larger than life to lots of people, this movie seems to make them even larger than life than they already are, and that's saying something.

That's about all I have to say about it. Hit the lights!!!

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  1. Dave mustaine would be the horseback rider .and in the beginning sequence when trip fell off his skateboard. Metallica had to cancel there tour due to james broken wrist due to a skateboarding accident. There are alot of hidden meanings in this movie. Makes me even more of a fan then I already am.

    1. I dont think dave is the horse back rider at all. Unless the horse back rider provides metallica with some of there greatest riffs

    2. They didn't cancel the tour. A roadie played guitar. I hate when people act like they kmow what they're talking about when they have no idea.

  2. sorry but this article is not very well written. there is no gas in the air, if you thought about it or rewatched it with some hindsight, you'd realize it was all just a trip (hence the name) from the pill he took. and also, just a quick correction, he crashed and then went to the box truck, not vice versa. and not once did you mention the hanged puppet he had throughout the movie.

    1. Can't please everybody I guess. Satan liked it though. ;)

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    3. Anonymous...
      Thank you, I thought he was tripping but needed to check, hence me landing here XD
      I still need to know what the fuck was in that bag.
      Fabulous soundtrack though...turned up full volume of course!

    4. For the record, OP...When I review something, I watch or listen to it once, then review it. Makes for a more genuine reaction.


  4. SO.... WHAT'S IN THE F*CKING BAG?????

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  6. cliffs bag, so either cliffs soul (aka pulp fiction rip off) or cliffs ahes

    1. sorry cliffs ashes

    2. WHy do you think it's cliffs bag?

  7. Trip was told to go get the van, because it was out of gas and there was something in the back that the band really wanted. What could the band really want?

  8. If trip was tripping on a pill, why was he all beat up when he got back?