Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 5 Rock/Metal Power Ballads for Valentines Day

I have several other lists, so it just makes sense to have one for Valentines Day to help my readers out if needed. Also, its good to help myself out, because I'll always know where to come for good lists. And, I've got a bunch more lists in mind.

So, here we go...Grab the wife/girlfriend, a comfy quilt, a laptop, and listen to the top 5 Valentines Day Power Ballads. Even if your lady is not a metal fan, this list will touch the right nerve, and the romantic mood will be in the air...among other moods. And, if you've seen my other lists, you know to expect the unexpected.

So, HERE WE GO!!!!

Number 5: Heaven Tonight by Yngwie Malmsteen: He has the girl, and they have 'been' together. However, the man wants even more. Very commendable these days. Valentine's Day isn't necessarily for couples. This song is seduction, and the great vocal performance by Joe Lynn Turner says it all: This feels like paradise, holding you here by my side. If we just close our eyes, we'll be in heaven tonight. 

And, since we covered a couple who weren't a couple yet, how about a guy who wants his beloved woman back? Number 4 is Angel by Aerosmith. All he wants is her. He's suffered and seen the light, and she is his angel. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win the love of his angel...Again.

Number 3 is Without You by Motley Crue. Even though I don't buy it from the songwriters, this is still a great song to slowdance with your wife/girlfriend with. I wonder if Crue had outside help with the lyrics of this song? Without you in my life, I'd probably wilt and die, but with you in my life, you're the reason I'm alive. Ok, maybe not, but you get my point. This may be a good candidate for Song Lyric Dissections. Its still a good Valentines Day song though. These lyrics really are all she wants to hear on Valentines Day.

Number 2 is I'll Never Let You Go by Steelheart. Here, you can't go wrong. This ballad has everything. Sweet lyrics, an amazing singer, and good guitar. However, unless you are also an amazing singer, I would recommend lip syncing this one. Take my word on this. But, this song is a guaranteed winner for Valentine's Day.

Number 1 is Always by Bon Jovi. Great song for extremely devoted couples, and for the man who is trying to land the woman of his dreams. Play this in the candlelight, and pull her close. Nothing bad can come from playing this song. Its a guarantee. Jon Bon Jovi has the gift of the rose petaled tongue. You really can't go wrong for any of your romantic needs with Bon Jovi. Speaking of roses, his song Bed of Roses deserves an honorable mention.

So, there you go. The top 5 rocl/metal power ballads for Valentines Day. Hope they work for you, and more importantly, I hope they work for me. ;) So, Cuddle up, CRANK EM' UP!!!

EDIT: I may not be the best at captioning these videos with sappy comments, but I CAN do sappy if its original. Here's a song I wrote to a really hot chick who was playing hard to get. It worked. ;) Its called Feel, and I did everything on the song. Funny thing is that the guitar solo is very basic. But, its probably my favorite solo.

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