Monday, February 24, 2014

Think NFL Refs Were Bad Before?

Just wait until they can throw a flag for a 15 yard penalty for using the N word. That is exactly what the NFL (Goodell) is considering. Hasn't this schmuck ruined the league enough? This comes a week after the Ted Wells report came out about Richie Incognito and bullying? Incognito was doing nothing worse than anything else going on in college or even high school. Listen to my take on Incognito on the Will and Thunder Show <Caching!>, during the first 20 minutes or so.

The NFL is rapidly becoming a joke. Roger Goodell won't be satisfied until they are playing flag football or 2 hand touch. But, throwing the flag for the N word is worse than anything Goodell has put out there. First of all, how can a ref determine who said it? They can't even call a game correctly when something happens right in front of their EYES. Now, we are going to entrust their EARS to get things right? Their ears in a stadium full of thousands of screaming people?

Yeah. That's gonna work.

Every fan claims that the refs screw their team. However, as a Dolphins fan, I can give you several examples on how Miami was screwed. For example, against Pittsburgh, Miami had the lead. Pittsburgh had the ball first and goal from the 5. First, second, and third down, Miami's defense stopped them. On 4th down, Ben Rothlisberger kept the ball and tried to run it in. He fumbled, and Miami recovered. Ref, Gene Steratore gave the ball to the Steelers, first and goal at the one. In an "unrelated" story, Gene Steratore is a life long Steelers fan. I've got more, but it isn't necessary.

Now, the refs who are already horrible can really impact the outcome of the game. Gene Steratore can now  accuse a Steelers opponent's player of using the N word if the Steelers need a first down, or if the opponent has a good drive going.

I'm not a fan of the N word, but is it really necessary to ban it and penalize it? Seriously, in the heat of
adrenaline, you can say anything. But, I really want to know what the harm is. First of all, it is used predominately by black people to other black people these days. White people rarely use it anymore. Plus, this has been going on for years. Want to eliminate it? Have parents and teachers penalize kids for it, and in a generation or two, it will go away.

I know. I won't hold my breath either. But, why penalize real people? What I mean is that nobody has a problem with movies and music using that word left and right. NFL players are real people in a dangerous and stressful setting, so its only natural for emotions to fly.

Now, why just the N word? Why Shit, Fuck, G-d dammit, the C word, or even other racist words like Cracker, Kraut, Lymie, or others? Does the NFL want players to become tattletales? Once this rule gets set in, you could easily have players on a losing team trying to exploit this rule.

Another question I have is where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? If you think about it, this isn't the NAACP demanding this rule. It isn't the black players, that's for sure. Its the rich elite white liberals and Ted Wells types and the commissioner of the NFL telling black people what they can and can't say...Suppressing their speech! And, the race pimps are silent.

I have said this before, and I will keep saying it. Freedom of speech means ALL speech, whether you agree with said speech or not. You can't pick and choose. Its all or none. Like I said, I don't like hearing people black or white using the N word, but if they choose to, more power to them. In fact, the context that black people use it in isn't even derogatory anymore. In fact, after the video below was released, the N word should have become about as offensive as the word 'cuddly.'

The people who are behind this rule are of the same mindset as the people who are trying to get the Redskins name banned. Miserable morons who have made everyone else's business their business. You know, the people who are tolerant of everything, as long as it perfectly mirrors what they believe. This is nothing more than a kneejerk reaction to the Ted Wells report about the bullying in the Miami Dolphins locker room. Verbal bullying. Nothing physical. I was bullied in junior high. I got my ass kicked several times for no reason. THAT is bullying. Punking a guy out verbally is not bullying.

Yes we are. Grow a SPINE PLEASE!!!
UPDATE: 2-27-14 They are now adding the word 'FAG' to the list of naughty words. Why can't you talk about the Film Actors Guild on an NFL field? 

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