Saturday, January 18, 2014

Terrorism: Alive, Well, and Livin' in America!

The MAIN job of the president
I had just started a blog post a little while ago, but I lost my inspiration just as quickly as I gained it. Its been almost 2 weeks since I made a blog post, but I also did seven in the first nine days of January. But then, I saw this story. This story, combined with 2 others I've seen recently are enough to send a chill down down your spine.

I'm going to recap the 3 stories, but this post is about the reality and ramification of these stories, which I will get to one by one. The story I saw today was a Muslim man stuck in a water pipe at a New Jersey water facility. The next story is that al-Qaeda has retaken control of Fallujah, Iraq. And the third story is that 0bama is working to secure 30,000 Syrians amnesty in the US. 

The sheer incompetence of the 0bama administration is staggering, and the fact that the media, knowing EVERYTHING that is going on, continues to bury stories, and report that everything is great as long as the great ruler, King 0bama is on the job. Stories like these three I just linked.

This is to keep you safe. GO RED SOX!
I have one more story to share with you. Seems that in May of 2013, in Boston, a month after the Boston SEVEN Muslims were found trespassing at a Boston water supply...and were not charged with anything other than trespassing. Seems to do so would cause a dangerous ripple effect into Muslim relations.
Marathon bombings,

Let me tell you what this means for you in the Northeast, since the media and government won't. You are under attack. And, while 0bama beats his chest, swearing that al-Qaeda is not a threat, more and more dry runs are happening in the US, and they are doing nothing about it. The Boston Marathon bombing happened, and they pinned it on 2 people, and that was it...meanwhile, locking down an entire city at gunpoint...Talk about a dry run.

Welcome to the Super Bowl! We're here to keep YOU safe!
I'm just a blogger, but I can tell that the Northeast is more and more a target every day. They just found this guy messing with the water in New Jersey. Anybody know what is happening in New Jersey in about 2 weeks? The Super Bowl. You can bet that the Super Bowl will be a testing ground for everything the NSA wants to get away with in the future. A former NSA top official has said that the US has become a police state. Just wait for the stories to come out after the Super Bowl. Stories that will be on blogs and social media because the media won't dare report on them. Stories about illegal search and seizure, and likely even detainment with no charges being filed. You think I'm crazy, but you just watch. They are coming.

I find it funny that the left in this country were all up in arms talking about what could happen as a result of the Patriot Act and our rights. Now, everything they were afraid of IS happening, and worse than they could imagine, and it is being ordered by Barack Hussein 0bama himself. THEY are the ones saying "Well, if you're not a terrorist, you have nothing to worry about." For the record, I was against the Patriot Act when it was passed, and I am against it AND the NSA now.

Mission Accomplished!
I am not a huge fan of George W Bush, but I would take him in a heartbeat over 0bama or Hilary. I find it VERY funny that the same people who were trashing Bush over the Mission Accomplished sign (Which was a ceremony for the completion of THAT PARTICULAR SHIP's mission) are silent over 0bama's speech where he said that al-Qaeda is on the run. Since then, we've had the Boston bombing, Benghazi, al-Qaeda taking Fallujah (which those of us with a brain knew would happen if we left Iraq) Where are you people now? Oh. You're out there justifying everything this idiot is doing, and throwing your backs out bending over to come up with excuses for him.

Now, I brought up the Muslims doing dry runs in the Northeast. Here's the connection. The 0bama administration will act on them, but they will act in a way to punish the American people by stripping more and more rights away. This administration doesn't see Muslim terrorism as a threat. They see it as an opportunity to seize even more power. THAT is why he is considering moving all those Syrians into the country. Sure, alot of them are peace loving people who just want to be left alone (like me) but there is also enough of them to be able to set up cells in the US. Does 0bama want Americans killed? No. But, he will live with it if it means more power to him. And it is guaranteed to happen. These people won't be screened. And, even if they are, to quote Hilary Clinton, What difference does it make??? Somebody screened the Boston bombers, and they were still allowed in the country. Ask yourself this question...Why would someone who cares about the Americans and their families bring in an even larger chunk of people at taxpayer expense in a time where 1 in 3 Americans are unemployed? He doesn't want us dead, because we pay taxes. But if he gave a damn about us, he would not be bringing in more people who will need jobs, and will ultimately wind up on welfare, food stamps, etc.

Rahm Emanuel: Former 0bama cabinet member,
current mayor of Chicago
The end game of this president is takeover. Anyone who is paying attention, and knows history knows that he is getting people used to being controlled, and being ok with the idea. It all revolves around crisis. With each new crisis, expect a new set of regulations, and less freedom. And, expect more and more new crisis to come up. 0bama doesn't have to worry about reelection now. He can and will do whatever he wants, to the cheers of the dumb masses.

So, get ready people. The consequences of electing Barack Hussein 0bama president are closer than ever before. More terrorism, more unemployment, more taxes, less freedom. And, all of you who voted for him are responsible. You were all warned, and you called everyone who warned you racist morons, and blamed Bush. Keep watching reality shows and posting pictures of food and puppies on Facebook. We'll keep fighting for YOUR rights to call us idiots. And, we don't expect any thanks from you. We're not doing this for you drones. We're doing it for our country, ourselves, and our families.

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