Thursday, January 23, 2014

Earth to Roger Goodell: It SNOWS in New York in February!!

Roger Goodell, are you an IDIOT? Don't answer that. The Super Bowl is February 2, 2014, in NEW JERSEY, at the Met Life Stadium. An OPEN AIR stadium. The chance of a blizzard in the beginning of February in New York/New Jersey? Better than the chance of rain in Miami.

So, can somebody PLEASE tell me what the hell Roger Goodell was thinking when they scheduled the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey??? It seems that ol' Roger is surprised that they might have snow. There are plans to reschedule it to Saturday or even a weekday if it snows. Really? You're gonna piss off lots of fans, Rog. Especially if they have to miss the Super Bowl because its on a Monday during working hours.

I swear I had no idea it snowed in New York/New Jersey!
Lets recap, shall we? What Northern states have hosted Super Bowls? Has Chicago? No. Has Green Bay? No. Has New England? No. Has Pittsburgh? No. Has Philadelphia? No. Has Buffalo? Stop me if you've heard this, but No. What do all those stadiums have in common? Lets see...Open air stadiums, and a very good possibility of SNOW! Now, you may have noticed I left out Indianapolis, Minnesota and Detroit. Now, what do those 3 cities have in common? Lets see...DOMES!!!! Those cities have DOMES!

DOMES, as in buildings with roofs to keep the weather OUTSIDE so that people don't get too hot, too cold, wet, etc. I promise I'm not insulting your intelligence by spelling it out like this. I know that my readers are smart enough to know what I am getting at. But, apparently there are people in the upper echelons of the NFL who can't figure out the fact that there is a VERY good chance of snow in Northern New Jersey in February, so we have to spell it out, and talk very slowly. Its for the NFL suits benefit, not my readers.

Roger, this is a stadium with a retractable roof. Metlife
does not have one. That means that it is not shielded
from the weather.
Now, lets take a look at a total contradiction in reasoning from Roger Goodell. In the 2006/2007 Super Bowl in Miami between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, it rained for the
entire game. This was the first time that had ever happened. But, the people who paid for those ridiculously high priced tickets were complaining about it. (Bears fans were actually demanding their money back. BEARS fans who SHOULD be used to watching football in crappy weather.) Then, Roger Goodell ruled that Miami would not be able to host a Super Bowl again until they spent millions of dollars to put a roof on Sun Life Stadium. Its ridiculous, and it seemed more like a mafia style muscling considering that Tampa hosts Super Bowls frequently, and there is no roof on that
stadium, and nobody said they had to build one. (And there shouldn't be either.) Putting a roof on Sun Life Stadium would do two things. 1, It would rob Miami of their home field advantage. 2, Make fans want to vomit because the proposed designs are hideous.
This is hideous. And, what happens if a category
4 hurricane comes through? 

Basically, telling Miami that they (and not Tampa or Jacksonville) have to build a roof is nothing more than hypocritical. But, after doing that, giving New Jersey a Super Bowl was a slap in the face to Miami, and a blatant example of favoritism by Goodell and the league.

No roof in Tampa as it should be.

Roger Goodell is to the the NFL what Barack 0bama is to the United States. A joke, and a wrecking ball. If the NFL survives Goodell's regime without becoming flag football in domes, it will be a miracle. Do the football fans a favor, Roger and FIRE yourself!

Its football right? Don't be a wuss and play the game in whatever weather
there is on Feb 2, and deal with it. Then, don't be such an idiot when scheduling
the venue for the Super Bowl. 

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