Thursday, January 9, 2014

21st Century Fugitives: Bean Town's Prodigy

When I first looked these guys over, I thought to myself  "Ok, a high school punk band. How good can it be?" After I listened, I thought to myself "These guys blow your high school efforts out of the water. And even some of your adult efforts." I was humbled. I admit it. They have the talent and skill that some signed 'national bands'  lack. So, here I am, reviewing them.

21st Century Fugitives hail from Boston Massachusetts.

The Lineup Is: 

                                        John Lucas/ Vocals
                                        Jimmy Bezreh/ Guitar
                                        Jaden Mendola/ Bass
                                        Jackson Kehoe/ Keyboards
                                        Gavin Burke/ Drummer

These guys (Out of genuine respect for this band's talent, I am not going to call them kids.) are all very
talented musicians, and will go far. Even this 40 year old metalhead knows talent when he sees it. In fact, if guitarist Jimmy Bezreh sticks with it, he could have the title 'Guitar God' attached to him by the time he is 25.

Their upcoming EP called Regret Nothing, available on Itunes, is positively nothing to regret, that's for sure.

They bill themselves as an alternative band with the driving energy of punk. That is accurate, but it sells them short. Their music is definitely rock, and songs like Hurricane have a groove reminiscent of the arena rock bands of the 80's. I can see this band with the ability to rule a crowd with the energy of their songs. The songs are catchy and have great melodies. Their song, Epic Fail has some incredible guitar work that brings back memories of Guns N Roses in their heyday. Its all mind blowing how good this music is, considering how young the band is. The song Down has a very deep sounding metal groove to it.

I mentioned that the term 'alternative punk' while accurate is selling them short. The reason is that most bands that fit that description just use 4 chord progressions. An intro that is the chorus progression, into the verse, into the chorus, etc. Very basic stuff. 21st Century Fugitives music is anything but basic. Even the songs that have a definitive punk groove like 'Let Me Go' and Spy Master are are not even basic. Advanced is more like it. The music is that of seasoned musicians. I can't stop saying this, but I'm blown away.

I said 'High School band' but looking through their photos on their Facebook page, there are some that show them playing at a middle school. I keep telling myself that these guys are light years ahead of where I was in high school when my crappy band decided to play our first show, and thought we were rock stars.

This photo of Jimmy Bezreh (Future
Guitar God) is SO epic.
Photo by Leah Astore
Definitely, go check them out. My favorites are Epic Fail and Down. They have a Reverbnation page, a Soundcloud page , and make sure you follow them on Twitter.  But most importantly, buy their album!!!

Record companies, take notice. Bands this young, and this good don't come around very often. And, a word of advice to the band...When the record labels come, and they will come, go with the smaller labels like Century Media, Rat Pak, or something like that. You want a label that wants you for YOUR music, the way YOU wrote it. The large record labels with all the pop crap on the radio will sign you, make you sound like every other crappy band on the radio, then toss you aside once they have milked every last penny they can from you. The smaller labels are where you want to be.

Very cool!
One last thing, guys..You're doing great. Keep it up, and don't let all the praise and accolades you're getting go to your heads. You're going to go far. Now, get in there and practice ya little punks!!!

Seriously, 21st Century Fugitives have gained a new fan, and you'll become one too. And, be looking for them to be touring soon! As good as they are, I'm sure they will be the easiest 'Fugitives' to find.

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