Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kraptor: Real Thrash Metal is Alive and Well!

....At least in Venezuela. I recently discovered San Cristobal, Venezuela's own 'Kraptor.'  This awesome band is a throwback to the great thrash bands of the 80's and early 90's such as Slayer, early Megadeth, Testament, Metal Church, etc.

I listened to the songs they sent me in their press kit, and on their Soundcloud page. To my surprise, it was technical, fast, loud, and heavy, and the guitars were tuned to E, which is rare these days for the heavier bands. Blistering lightning fast leads, thundering bass and drums, with emphasis on the machine gun double bass, all with a singer who would fit in well with Slayer's Tom Araya. In fact, the guitar lines would too, although the band has their own definitive style.

Their current album
Their EP
Their attitude matches the heaviness of their music. With song titles like and Kill Disgusting People, they are not shy about what they want to say. And, being the masters of thrash that they are, they have something they want to say to you, and want to serenade you with: Thrash is Back. Keep It Thrashing or Die in a Violent Mosh.
Civil Disobedience, F*cking Liar,

The band was founded in 2007 by vocalist/ guitarist, Phil Alvarez and drummer, Jessy James. Once they added guitarist, Angel Moreno and bassist, Edward Canizares, they established themselves as one of the top bands in Venezuela.

Kraptor was selected to open the 2010 Monsters of Rock concert in Maracay City, Venezuela. In 2011, they released a 6 song EP called F**king Liar that was well received by bloggers and got good reviews world wide. That got them signed by Cadaver Productions in Mexico, and they released their debut album,  Night of the Living Dead in 2012.

They have toured all over South and Central America, but they need to hitch up with a tour and bring their brand of genuine thrash metal to the United States. 

Click here to purchase their awesome material on Amazon. Or, here for Google Play.

Follow them on Twitter @kraptorband and on Facebook. 

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