Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Do I Love Football?

The Face of Boe is a Dolphins fan?
I was going to use this post as an entry into the NFL's contest to win tickets to the Super Bowl, but changed my mind after reading the contest rules. They state that I do not have permission to use my own writing for any purpose other than submitting it to the NFL. I intended to post it here, as well as submitting it to them. But, I don't want to get disqualified or sued for using my own intellectual property.

That would make me NOT love football anymore. Its sad too because this will be a great post. Its their loss though...I'd rather use this post to make my blog better than to have a one in a gazillion shot at Super Bowl tickets.

So, why do I love football? There are many reasons, but the most important reason is that I am a part of a huge family of like minded fans. Football transcends every man made barrier and prejudice.  For example, I am a metalhead, and many times, I have hung out with people who enjoy rap, country, or even Justin Beiber. I generally wouldn't be hanging out at a bar with these people or at a large event with them for the simple fact that the bars they go to would be playing music that I can't stand. But, I can go watch a game at a sports bar or in person with these same people, and have a great time. Regardless of who the other people are a fan of. Football brings people together like nothing else can.
35 years of waiting till next year
Another reason I love football is because unlike relationships with friends or girlfriends, etc, I can put 100% of my emotion into my team, and I know what the outcome will be. My team will either win, or lose. I'm going to be happy or bummed. In relationships, you never know what will happen. I've been a fan of the Miami Dolphins fan for 35 years. That's 29 years longer than my longest relationship with a woman, (my wife) and about 10 years longer than my relationship with my best friend...However, the 2 of us have lost contact for several years a couple times, so does that really count? And even though the Phins have disappointed, I stick with them. I stuck with them in 2007 when they went 1-15. I still wore my jersey with pride at sports bars, and other fans gave me major props for being the only person at the bar wearing Dolphins gear. Even though the last time they won a Super Bowl was the year I was born, I am still a fan. I know that once they do win another one, I will probably be sobbing like a baby. So, what other relationship can you give that much of yourself, and know exactly what you will be getting in return?

Another reason is because the game is more exciting than any other sport. Each play has 100 different possibilities and scenarios that could happen. Its like a chess match. Unlike baseball, where a player is either going to hit the ball or miss. Or basketball, soccer, and hockey where the rules are very similar. Just go up and down the court, and score. Nothing against the other sports at all. All I am saying is that football has much more strategy than the others.

In football, each move is carefully thought out by both teams, and the play is either successful, or it is stopped by the defense. To completely understand football is a feat that will never be accomplished by anyone, which is why the game will continue to get better and better as the years go by.
Bob Griese, Ryan Tannehill, Dan Marino.
3 generations of Dolphins Quarterbacks
Another reason I love football is that it transcends generations. The older players are still very much involved with the teams. They love their team for the most part, and will do anything for them, even if they have been retired for many years. And, the fans still remember and love the old players. Younger fans love hearing stories of great plays by the players of the past. I have told many stories of great shoot outs and comebacks byDan Marino or Joe Montana, John Elway, or punishing hits by Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Ronnie Lott and the late, great Derrick Thomas, the phenomenal running of Barry Sanders, and the 'sweetness' of Walter Payton. Great wide receivers like Jerry Rice and Chris Carter. The list goes on and on. The young fans I tell them to listen to me as they would their father telling them about 'back in the day.'
Still waiting for the next Barry
Yet another reason I love football is the camaraderie between players. Even the players in the most heated rivalries have a deep respect for each other. Players coming to each other's aid when they are down. If a player is badly hurt, the players from both teams will huddle up together to pray for their injured teammate/opponent. A very recent example of professional camaraderie happened today. We all know the story of Minnesota Vikings runningback, Adrian Peterson's son being tragically killed. The first game the Vikings played after this atrocity was vs the Carolina Panthers. Panthers QB, Cam Newton took a moment to console Peterson.

Cam Newton: Class act.

I could go on and on, but the last main reason I can think of about why I love football is the TAILGATE, and seeing a game live! There is no other experience like tailgating before going into a game. I have done it both in Miami, and in several other cities where I saw the Dolphins play the home team. There is also a camaraderie there with fans. Like I mentioned before, they are all there for the same reason. The tailgate in my opinion is more fun than a backyard cookout by a long shot. The smell of great food fills the air. Cheers of fans all over the place. Ice cold beer. Its a backyard cookout with 50,000 of your best friends and neighbors. Nothing beats it.

Why do I love football? Simply put, it is my passion. My blood craves it.

So, do you think I should send this to the NFL contest, and take my chances on being disqualified? Let me know. And....

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