Friday, October 25, 2013

I Hate my Mother In Law...Now, Lets Have a Reality Show!

I guess its time to get the root of the matter about my 5 gift ideas post. Lets face it...My mother in law is an evil, rotten person. I made this post on a Facebook page called 'I Hate My Mother in Law!'
I had a good job in a different state, and my MIL started guilting my wife about how she missed my daughter. After months of arguing, I finally caved in, and we moved here. I couldn't find a job here, and we had to stay with her for a few months. She went out of her way to make sure everyone under the roof was miserable, and had the audacity to say that if we wanted to move here, we should have made sure I had a job. I reminded her that I was dragged here kicking and screaming, and didn't want to move here, and that the only reason we came was because she made my wife feel bad. She smoked pot in front of my daughter inside the house, but bitched when I came inside from smoking a cigarette. I put my foot down once we got the hell out of there, and said that once we save enough money, we are leaving this town. My wife told the MIL, and she tried to guilt her again. I told my wife that I would never keep my daughter away from her grandmother, and that the MIL would be more than welcome to come visit...on HER dime, and she would have to pay for a hotel, or pay for ME to go to a hotel. That pretty much sealed the deal. The bitch doesn't drive, and lives on disability, so once we leave, I will not have to worry about her presence ever again. lol
That's pretty self explanatory right? I mean after reading that, is there any doubt in your mind about what my feelings were about her, and how often I would like to see her? I mean, I think that I am pretty good at painting a picture with words; Don't you??

Apparently not!

There was a reply on that post from a Hollywood casting director, telling me that she could help, and asked me to send her a message if I would like to be on a reality show about bad mother in laws. Oh boy! Its my shot to be a big movie star! My 15 minutes of fame! My chance to be as big as those awesome Jersey Shore actors! Where's the phone?? WHERE'S THE DAMN PHONE???


So, not only did I reply back saying that I was not interested, I included something like this (paraphrasing) "Why in the hell would you even try to get people from this page onto your stupid reality show? I mean if someone truly hates their mother in law like I do, what makes you think that I would want to be around her with a camera crew recording me making an ass out of myself for a national television audience? I mean really...If anyone who says they hate their mother in law, then goes on your crappy show, then they don't really hate their mother in law!"

He kinda looks like John McCain
Well, the casting person took her post down, but not before several people 'liked' my post. Seriously. Think about it...I posted that before we moved away. Later on the page, I posted that we had moved 2 hours away, and she was out of my life for good. This casting person knew this because she 'liked' that post. Then, she sent the other message. So, let me get this straight...I've moved away, but she wants me to move back for this stupid show??? Uhh, let me think abo-NO! Not even for -------------------------------------------------------->

So, can somebody tell me why people so desperately want their 15 minutes of fame that they are willing to make complete and total asses of themselves in front of millions of people?  It doesn't make sense. This is the second blog post I've made about reality shows. The first was about Teen Mom and how these girls are basically rewarded for being sluts.  I really do not understand it. Honestly. I think that anyone who goes on these shows should be ridiculed for it. First of all, most of it is staged. Teen Mom is for example. Second, the shows are so freaking boring, I would rather perform a vasectomy on myself with no novocaine, using a rusty butter knife than sit through an hour of that crap.

Sure, I don't understand it, and I never will. But until the dumb masses in this country figure out that Hollywood is out of ideas for TV shows, the reality shows will keep coming...And, they pay these reality numbskulls a hell of alot less than real actors. So basically, never. They are here to stay, and we as a nation are the worse for it. Please, people...Stop watching reality shows, and stop making stupid people famous. Seriously, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardassian are famous because they screwed someone on camera. They have done NOTHING of note or value, and are worthless people.

Attention, America...I say again...STOP IT PLEASE!!!

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