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Five of the Best and Five of the Worst Halloween Costumes...

Happy 50'th blog post to me!
...That I've seen! ...well, that I've seen pictures of. Come on now, you really didn't think I've been taking Maybe I was. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!
pictures of the good and bad costumes over the years, and saving them for a blog that I would officially start in early 2013 did you?

And, the way, this is my 50'th blog post on this blog. YAY! WOO HOO! CLICK HERE!!! Ok, so, I've written 50 blog posts now, and I guess its pretty cool that the big 5-0 comes to us on Halloween. Of course, that also means that it will take a little while longer to get this one viewed and read by my loyal readers since you will all be out with the kids trick or treating, or dressing up in super revealing scary or silly costumes, and going out to the bar to get completely obliterated, and go to work tomorrow completely hung over, with spirit gum in your hair! Or, maybe you'll be the one yelling at kids telling them that they are all going to hell for glorifying the devil. Ok, I got a little carried away there. Me? I'll be at home watching my Miami Dolphins lose their fifth game in a row to the Bengals. Anyway, enough of my filibuster. Enjoy this, my 50'th blog post!

Show some freaking creativity!
We'll start with the best. I have a brief criteria on Halloween costumes to be considered for either the best or worst. Its simple. They have to be homemade. None of these kit costumes that you buy from a costume show that are made from the cheapest material, and look fake as hell. That's my criteria. And, keep in mind that my worst costume that I list here will be 10 times better than any costume you buy from a store. I have more respect for something that someone put effort into that didn't turn out that great than I do someone that looks great in a store bought costume. So, here we go.

In no particular order, I give you...The 5 Best Halloween Costumes! 

Number 5: This might be the best. Look at the detail. Someone spent alot of time on this masterpiece. This would terrify any kid, and maybe even some adults too. This is everything that a Halloween costume should be. The origins of the costumes were to blend in with the evil spirits in order to stay safe. This costume would accomplish that, and it may even scare some of the REAL evil spirits! You think those 2 morons in the picture above would scare anybody? Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, but that's about it. So, whoever this is, BRAVO!  By the way, this was home made. It was not made in a movie studio.

Number 4: So, maybe you don't have the money, time or skill to do something like this badass above, but you still want to look scary. No problem. You can be the best looking zombie at your Halloween party. All it takes is a little time and creativity. There are instructions on Youtube for doing petty much any FX makeup job you want. Find them, and you can look like this. Although, be careful. If Daryl sees you, he might be tempted to give you a lobotomy with an arrow from his crossbow. 

Don't blink!
Number 3: So, maybe gruesome or scary demon monster isn't your thing. You can still pull off a great costume with a little paint or Rit Dye, some styrofoam, some cloth, and some cotton or ruffles. Even though this costume is very plain, it is also very detailed. This person put just as much effort into the costume as our zombie hottie above put into hers. Believe it or not, there is a culture of people 'WHO' would find this costume VERY scary. If you don't know 'WHO' I'm talking about, do a little bit of Googling. Hint: I am not talking about Pete Townsend or Roger Daltrey, and I am not talking about Abbot and Costello fans.

Number 2: Maybe you're on a budget. You want to look good, and don't want to be a statue. You can still easily make yourself into a number of very recognizable movie icons. Ok, sure. Not everyone is a muscle head like this guy, but you get my point. He looks better than any crappy Hulk costume that you could buy. And if you're one of my female readers, and you're thinking I'm not much help because you're a woman and Hulk is a man? Well, click here. (I promise it isn't another Kool and the Gang video)
Number 1: Cosplay! (you have NO idea how hard it was to find a completely  homemade cosplay example that would fall into the 'best homemade' category. But I finally found one. Its the gorgeous redhead love slave, Zev Bellringer from the cult Sci Fi series, Lexx, played by the lovely Xenia Seeberg. This is not a picture of Seeberg. The costume is homemade. Its made from layers of snake skin fabric. Click here to see a photo of Seeberg in her Zev outfit and all her beauty. 

Those were freaking awesome weren't they? 

And NOW, I give you the BAD ones!!

Keep in mind, I said that the worst bad homemade costume is better than the 
best store bought costume.

Number 5: I know its just a kid, but come on. A pizza? Really? That's almost as scary as the wind in the 'The Happening.' That kid's parents obviously put alot of work into that. So, why not come up with something cool? A for effort, F for effect.

And, that's another thing. Costumes should never be something that gets eaten unless its a character in a movie that gets eaten by a monster. Like this guy. Hey, it works. It takes slightly more thought than a freaking pizza!

Number 4: This might just be the worst one. Thankfully, I am out of college, and I don't have to worry about seeing this type of costume. Homemade? Yes. Clever? No. Stupid? Yes. Scary? No. Fail? You betcha! And, I am not going to give the walking box of tampons a view here, but it is the same thing.

Really, people! When I was looking for these pictures, I saw some pretty creative stuff that people did with boxes. Like this guy.

Number 3: Cosplay! Yes, cosplay makes yet another appearance. Scantily clad sexy woman with a mask on. They win some contests too from time to time, usually beating out something cool that someone worked really hard on. And, usually the contests they win are attended by people like the ones in photo number 4. Its Halloween. Not Spring Break. A mask on top of a bikini does not make a good costume. Sexy, yes. Good, no. And, look at the woman behind and to the right of our Spring Break Stormtrooper. Jealous much? Geez! I can feel the scorn coming right off the picture!

Number 2: The zero effort guy. Here is the exception to my rule about a homemade costume being better than a store bought one. A store bought Iron Man costume would be MUCH better than this. Here are a couple things he didn't take into consideration: 1, he is a walking fire hazard. 2, A tree died so he could have a costume. 3, his costume will later in the party fall victim to a guy needing a piece of paper to get a girl's phone number. At least try, dude!

BOOOOO!!!! No, not "BOO!" I am BOOING you.
As in YOU SUCK!!
Number 1: Ghosts. Need I say more? Its slightly better than the knucklehead above, but not much.

It isn't hard to whip up costumes from movie characters, as numbers 1 and 2 in the good costume category
show. All I am saying here is that you only get one day a year to dress up. Would you rather put effort into it, or just go buy a costume. Either way, you're only going to wear it once, and you buy your clothes from a store. Why not put effort into it, and make a costume that people will remember, rather than buying cheap clothes that vaguely resemble something from a movie? If you make it, it will look 10 times better than those cheap costumes. 

Gotta have an honorable mention for something that is as much bad as it is awesome!

I know I'm a little late with this post for this year, but, I put effort into it. If you read it, you WILL remember it next year, and you'll likely look into making your own costume. So, be creative! Have fun! And above all,


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