Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Which Iconic Sci-Fi Space Travel Device Would You Prefer?

Ok, I'm going to go geek on you all here, because there is a question that needs to be answered. Which Iconic Sci-Fi Space Travel Device Would You Prefer? Why does it need to be answered? Just because. But, there is a process we have to go through to determine which is the most desirable.

I can think of 3 drastically different types. Here they are: The Tardis from Doctor Who, The USS Enterprise from Star Trek, and the Stargate from Stargate. Now, before you go asking me why I didn't include Star Wars ships, let me tell you. Nothing about Star Wars ships compares to those in Star Trek. The Millenium Falcon made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, and it is generally accepted that hyperspace is faster than warp drive, there is nothing else that the Star Wars ships has over the Star Trek ships.

So, lets compare them, shall we?

USS Enterprise: ProsTravels at warp speed, heavily armed, and shielded. Has holodecks, a bar, all the comforts of home, the transporter to decide exactly where you want to go.  Cons: You're there with hundreds of other people, you aren't allowed to drink alcohol or eat real meat, and the shields rarely hold if fired upon, can only travel in the Milky Galaxy. Its HUGE, and has a gazillion things that could go wrong...and do go wrong.

NCC 1701 A. The BEST version

The Tardis: Pros: Small, although bigger inside than it looks outside, easy to hide, it appears wherever you want it to, time travel is possible, you can go anywhere you want, you can go alone if you want, but can also have other people if you choose to, fixes itself in some cases. Easy to fix in others, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Also much faster than the Stargate and Enterprise. Can go anywhere in the universe. Cons:  Not very cozy, no privacy if you were traveling with someone and wanted it, Would have to go to a planet for just about every meal. A really bumpy ride.

The Stargate: Pros: You aren't confined to a ship. Cons: You are limited to the one galaxy unless you get a whole bunch of gates and string them between galaxy to galaxy. You have no say in where you go or come out. You simply go where the gate is, or you don't go. That could be dangerous either coming or going.

Now, lets put out some scenarios here to see which device would have the advantage in each scenario:

You are on another planet, and suddenly, you are ambushed by hostiles who want to kill you..or worse, eat you. You would have to run to the Stargate, and the Tardis. With the Enterprise, you could just beam up. Advantage, Enterprise.

You need to make a stealth entrance to a planet, grab something, and get out unnoticed. Clearly, the advantage goes to the Enterprise once again with the transporter, but you could also go unnoticed with the Tardis as long as you could find a place to hide it.

You need to get somewhere fast, but your destination is on the other side of the galaxy...or farther. Advantage, Tardis or Stargate if your destination is in this galaxy. It would take the Enterprise 75 years to get from one side or the other with warp drive, as we found out in Voyager.

You don't play well in large crowds, and simply want to be left alone, but still want to get out and see everything. Advantage. Tardis. You could give an advantage to the Stargate, but its best to travel in teams with it.

You are traveling, but wake up hungry in the middle of the night, and can't stop. Advantage, Enterprise.

So, in my opinion the Tardis would work the best for me. The reasons are the fact that I can literally go anywhere, and I can get there as fast or slow as I want. I can choose whether or not I want to be alone or with someone, and I can easily out run anybody, and leave no type of trail that an enemy can follow.

So, vote in the poll, and explain your answer in the comments! (preferably the comments section here on the blog!)

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  1. Enterprise. You don't have to pay for hotel rooms.

    Besides, I doubt most planets have a breathable atmosphere, survivable temperatures, and protection from stellar radiation. So, Stargate or Tardis (I don't watch Dr. Who, so probably talking out of my ass in this respect), requires an all purpose space-suit and some sort of habitat on the other end.

    Next rationale, there are lots more interesting things to see in the universe than planet surfaces. Maybe I want to go check out a neutron star or nebula or whatever. Need a Starship for this.

    And, like pulling the steam whistle on an old coal train, I really want to straighten my shirt, sit in the big chair, and say "make it so, number one."

  2. How about the space-winnebago from Space Balls?

  3. You can watch nebulas and such from the Tardis. You simply open the door, and a force field protects you. And, how can you need a suit with Tardis and Stargate, but not need one with the Enterprise?

  4. I meant that with Stargate, you may be walking through into a planet like Venus or something. With Enterprise, you fly there and scan the place and then maybe don a space suit and beam down.

    Also, with Enterprise, all aliens are humanoids who speak unaccented English.

  5. The Enterprise D is more luxury cruise ship than military inspired- with all those amenities AND private quarters, do you really care if you are confined to one galaxy? I barely eat real meat or drink real booze anyway, so sign me up for Starfleet.