Monday, September 30, 2013

Listen to the Will and Thunder Show!

Tuesday nights* from 10PM to Midnight Eastern time. 

Click here to go to the official website of the Will and Thunder Show

We have weekly guests mostly from the music world! Check out the William Telltale Facebook Page for the show schedules.

About the show:

We are a newer show, that centers around giving bands exposure, whether they are unsigned or signed. But, we are not the typical 'phone in' interview with the same old boring list of prewritten questions. There is a need for that, but there is also a need for something different and fun. The Will and Thunder Show is unscripted and more like sitting at a bar and talking about the band with your buddies. Will and Thunder are both veterans of music scenes, with years experience in Florida, the Carolinas, and Tennessee. We both love rock and metal, and want to see the music scene go back to what it was across the country in the 80's and early 90's, where it was not uncommon to see the local opening act for a national band blow the national band off the stage because of such a diehard following for the local talent. So, while we are a talk show, we want it to be entertaining for our guests, listeners, and of course, us. Our goal is to become a national talk show that focuses primarily on the unsigned and newly signed bands. The majority of people we have had on say that they had a blast, and would love to come back. Several have made second appearances.  

The show starts at 10PM Eastern on Tuesday nights, and runs till midnight. The first half hour is called the 'Shenanigans Segment' where we open the show, and talk a little bit about the news, or whatever. Around 10:25, our guest usually calls in, and at 10:30, we will take a break, and play the first song that the guest sent. After the song, we bring the guest in. The next song gets played 30-45 minutes later, and the last song gets played towards the end or at the end of the show. HOWEVER, it is completely up to the guest how long they would like to be on. All we ask is that the guests let us know how long they plan on being on before the show so we know how to plan it.


Call the show at (646) 716-6135. Click the link to listen and chat, or call in. If you just want to listen, simply call, and don't press 1, and you will be able to listen without going into call cue.

You can listen on the phone, and if you want to talk, just press 1. However, it sounds better listening from the computer.

To call in, or to listen on the phone, dial (646) 716-6135. Press 1 to talk to us, or to listen, don't press anything.

The show archive can also be found here: YOUTUBE  There, you'll find shows as well as other vids done by me.

Scheduled guests: The call in number is 646-716-6135. Press one to join the cue. I will make a Facebook event page for the show like this one.  We use that to advertise the show, and you can too. You will have access to that and the show link after the show is over. You can use it for whatever you might need it for in the future. Basically, it doesn't go away after the show is over.

If you are in an unsigned band, and would like your music to be reviewed by William Telltale, and/or you would like to be a guest on the Will and Thunder Show,  Email a brief press kit containing 2 or 3 MP3s and a bio to Please say if you want to be on the show, reviewed, or both.

Follow us on Twitter.  @williamtelltale

For info on advertising on the blog or show, email

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