Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HELLO CLEVELAND!!!! My own personal Spinal Tap moments in bands

This will be a kind of short one, but here we go...Here are some stories about my onstage mishaps over my life.

My first show was in 9th grade with my first band, Epidemic. We were horrible, but we thought we were awesome. We were legends in our own minds. There was a video tape of it, and I saw it a couple years later, and thought that if anyone else saw it, my reaction would be something like this:

Luckily, I don't think the tape exists anymore...I hope. We did get better, and even good.

Same band, 2 years later, the drummer had constructed a drum cage out of PVC pipe for his drum set. It collapsed during a show, and took out a $1200 Ovation acoustic guitar.

Same band, we had a show at a park during a local event. We were the headliner, and we played our first set. After that set, we took a break, and the cops showed up. Not to shut us down, but to give a K9 display. They literally did it for 45 minutes, and by the time they were done, there were maybe 10 people left in the audience.

I have had 2 experiences that came straight from 'This Is Spinal Tap.' I have had radio transmissions get picked up on a wireless. Also, in a 5 piece band, with me on vocals, we had a guitarist who didn't show up to practices and missed the learning of a new song. He assured us that he knew the song after one practice, right before a show the next night.  He didn't.  During the song, he lost his place, and got lost in the song. He took off his guitar, threw it down, and walked off stage. We finished the show as a 4 piece.

I have fallen off a stage before.

But, I think the most embarrassing Spinal Tap moment was in Nashville, TN.  I was singer/guitarist in a band, and the guitarist talked me into wearing fake leather vinyl pants on stage. I had worn them once before, and they were hot as hell, and I was sweating bullets down there,  so I decided to free ball for this particular show. (Free ball means wearing no underwear) During a guitar solo, I dropped to my knees, and leaned backward. The crotch of the pleather pants ripped, and I was airing out for all to see. I didn't realize it right away either. A group of ladies did though, and that wound out being a good thing for me later on, but I was still very embarrassed. 

Moments like this happen to every musician. If you have any tell us about yours!

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